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Student Quotes
"The amount of information the teacher gave was amazing."
- Ericka Mitton
 retail management exec
"The in-depth presentation of building a character was beyond what I had expected. My characters are more detailed and round; no longer do they appear as flat as the page they are written on. "
- Linda Gray
 retired nurse
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How much can you learn in one day? Plenty. As you will discover in one of our One-Day Intensives in New York City.

The One-Day Intensives are seven-hour crash courses. You are immersed in a topic through a mixture of brief lectures that hit the high-points and writing exercises that let you immediately try your hand at what you’ve just learned.

The Intensives provide an excellent overview of their fields, ideal for both the beginner and someone wanting a quick refresher course. Arrive in the morning with a desire to learn. By the end of the day, you’ll be a more knowledgeable and skilled writer.

Students come from all over the world for our One-Day Intensives. You're likely to be sitting near NYC locals as well as people from such far-flung places as Texas, Egypt, and Japan. (NYC Hotel Information.)

Intensives are open for writers of any level.

We offer an online version of an Intensive, a three-week Character course.

We also offers two and four-week seminars, including: How to Get Published, Hit Send: Publishing Short Nonfiction, How to Blog, and Nonfiction Book Proposal.

Students may reschedule a One-Day Intensive one time.

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Essay & Opinion Writing

Do you enjoy sharing your thoughts and opinions and viewpoints with the world? If so, there are many places to do it—magazines, newspapers, websites, blogs, books. And there are many literary forms to be utilized. This course covers the following types of essay and opinion writing: 

Personal Essay – using a slice of your life to make a point about a larger subject. (This is similar to memoir, but memoir is a story from the life of the writer; personal essay is a hybrid, blending the writer’s life with the larger subject.)

Other Essays – there is a spectrum of essays, ranging from the old-fashioned persuasive essay to the poetic musings of a lyrical essay.

Review – an informed assessment of any product—restaurants, books, movies, computers, cars, vacuum cleaners, etc.

Op-ed – an opinion on any topic.

Blog musings – this can include any of the above types, as well as something much more casual.

(Each of these types of writing are typically short-form, the length of an essay or article.)

This course will show you the various types of essay and opinion writing and show you the fundamental tools to execute them well: structure, voice, how to write with purpose and meaning. You will also learn how and where to market your work. 

Whatever you have to say, we’ll show you how to say it effectively and entertainingly.
What to Expect at an Intensive

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