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Student Quotes
"This class blew away the anxiety connected to writing and perfection."
- Mindy Jones
 content developer
"The most fun three hours of my week, every week. In just a couple of months, I learned an incredible amount about the craft of fiction, and laughed heartily while doing it."
- Dodd Ellsworth
 software developer
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Film Analysis If you're eager to break into the world of script writing, Gotham Writers’ Workshop can point you in the right direction. We have courses in:

Screenwriting: writing scripts for feature-length films
TV Writing: writing scripts for episodic TV dramas and comedies
Playwriting: writing scripts for stage plays

Though there are many similarities between these forms, there are also significant differences. If you’re hoping to write something and see it produced (somewhere, even in a small theatre) in a relatively short time, you have the best chance by writing a play.  Breaking into the professional world of screenwriting and TV writing is usually a long haul.

To further enhance your study of script writing, we have courses in:

How to Sell Your Screenplay: marketing feature-length film scripts

Film Analysis: analyzing produced films from a screenwriter’s point of view
Writing Dialogue: a one-day workshop on the art of writing dialogue (NYC only)


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TV Writing

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Script Analysis

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