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"A great introduction to the craft and genre of romance writing. "
- Alison Cho
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"An exceptionally well-structured course taught by an expert tutor. "
- Nathalie Grignard
"I've learned that there's a lot more to romance writing than meets the eye."
- Francisco Silva
 Writer and College Instructor
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Creative Writing Classes in NYC and Online with Professional Writing Instructors
Creative Writing Classes in NYC and Online with Professional Writing Instructors
Romance What is more addictive than romance? Perhaps romance novels. Romance novels account for more than half of all fiction paperback sales in America, and more than 55 million readers worldwide experience the thrills and heartbreaks of the 2,000+ romance novels published each year. For the aspiring writer, there is ample opportunity to publish in this field.

To write successful romance novels, you must marry the skills of a fiction writer with a thorough understanding of the genre. In our courses, you will learn about the various types of romance novels and their special requirements. With an accomplished romance author as your guide, you will also learn essential fiction craft elements and where to market your work.

Whether you seek to write historical or contemporary, sassy or suspenseful, we'll show you how to write romance novels readers will fall in love with.

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Level I
Romance Writing | 10-week Workshop
Using a balance of lecture, exercise, and feedback on work from the instructor and classmates, this course gives students a firm grounding in all the basics of romance writing. Everything is presented in a clear, accessible manner.
  • Begin a romance novel
  • Lectures on basics of fiction and romance craft
  • Writing exercises
  • Present work for critique (two times)

Romance I is for beginners or anyone who wants to brush up on the fundamentals.

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There are no Romance Writing I Online classes scheduled at this time.
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Romance Writing | 10-week Workshop
Focusing on developing projects and receiving feedback from the instructor and classmates, this course helps students sharpen their skills and work toward completion of publishable work. 
  • Begin or work toward completion of a novel
  • Lectures that expand on basics of fiction and romance craft
  • Present work for in-depth critique (three times)

Prerequisite: Romance Writing I or the equivalent.

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