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"I learned the mechanical aspects of writing a mystery. And I never realized how many categories of mysteries there were. Depending on your writing style, there is a niche out there for you. Without this course I would have remained Don Quixote tilting at windmills."
- Sam Reardon
"Very positive introduction to the basics of mystery novel writing."
- Noreen Connell
"I learned how to read mysteries with the eye of a writer and how to apply those principles to my own work."
- Fran Levy
 Magazine Writer
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Creative Writing Classes in NYC and Online with Professional Writing Instructors
Creative Writing Classes in NYC and Online with Professional Writing Instructors
Mystery NYC
Nothing quickens the pulse faster than a good mystery, which is why millions of readers surrender themselves to the page-turning exploits of their favorite sleuths.  Mystery is an expansive genre, welcoming amateur detectives, intellectual puzzle-solvers, policemen, private eyes, lawyers, spies, even average folk caught in a web of suspense.  If crime is a central element, consider it a mystery.   

To write riveting mysteries, you must merge the skills of a fiction writer with the clever tricks of the mystery trade. In our courses, you will learn about the various types of mysteries and their special requirements, as well as fundamentals of fiction craft.

Whether you seek to write short stories or novels, classic puzzlers or crime fiction, we’ll show you how to capture readers.

We're sorry, there are no New York City Mystery Writing classes currently scheduled. To inquire about possible future scheduling of this class, please contact [email protected].

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