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"A great opportunity to explore your creativity, learn about the craft, and meet a whole bunch of very intersting people that you would probably never encounter in your daily life."
- Shelley Nagar
"A must for newbie bloggers."
- Jacquline Hopson
 nuclear chemist
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Our Mission is to Demystify the Writing Process
Our Mission is to Demystify the Writing Process

You sit down to write. You have an image, a character, an idea for a story, or just a sense of where it begins.  Now all you have to do is write it. 

Easier said than done. 

Our aim is to demystify the writing process.

Our Proven Method
In teaching creative writing to tens of thousands of students, we’ve developed a method that works, which may explain why we’ve grown to become the leading creative writing school in New York City and online.

We believe anyone can write.  Writing is a craft, like carpentry, that can be taught, learned, and mastered.  At Gotham, we teach you how to use the elements of writing, such as structure, character, description, and voice.  We foster your creativity in a positive atmosphere and show you how to free up your imagination. We respect your writing, we treat you like a professional, and we get you writing.

We get you started
We show you how to generate ideas.  We teach you how to create compelling characters.  We explain how structure really works. We help you beat writer’s block.

So now you’re writing.  Your classmates and teacher read your work.  That’s just the beginning.

The goal is to improve your writing, develop your style, and make sure your material is as good as it can be.  To that end, we have developed a process that accentuates the positive and provides thorough feedback.

The Gotham® Booth
We call this process “The Booth.” The writer listens to comments before responding.  Each classmate begins with a positive comment about your writing.  The idea is to identify what works and help you build upon your strengths.  Then we move on to specific suggestions regarding what can be improved.  Next, the teacher gives an extensive analysis of your writing.  Finally, you exit the metaphoric “Booth” with the opportunity to ask questions.  The process leads to a structured dialogue, concrete suggestions, and a better understanding of your work.

As we help each other write better, we become better writers ourselves. 

You become a writer
Now you’ve finished your first draft.  It’s a great feeling.  In this supportive atmosphere, everyone understands that when someone produces good work the entire group benefits from being part of the process.

Writing.  Writing well.  Finishing.  There’s no greater feeling.  That’s what we believe at Gotham, and we’re dedicated to getting you there.

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