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Student Quotes
"When emerging from the bubble of creating stories, it is really helpful to know what to do, what approach to take. The course has given me confidence that I can get my work out there and hopefully someone will like it enough to represent it and/or publish it."
- Catherine Cookson
 college professor
"This is now my third class at Gotham and every teacher has been top notch."
- Paula Heaphy
 illustrator/textile designer
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MFA Application Assistance
MFA Application Assistance
MFA Application Assistance

A Master of Fine Arts degree in a field of creative writing is attractive to serious writers for a variety of reasons: the chance to focus on writing for a concentrated period of time, working with talented peers and teachers, making contacts, increasing prestige, obtaining a terminal degree that makes one more employable as a teacher.  

However, applying to MFA programs is a daunting process. There are hundreds of schools to choose from, with varying degrees of quality, content, financial assistance, and teaching opportunities. And then choices must be made between old and new programs, fulltime or low-residency programs, local or far-off schools. And, if you wish to compete against a crowd of talented applicants, you must submit excellent writing samples and a compelling admission essay.  

Gotham does not offer MFA degrees, but we can help those who are seeking them. We have a variety of courses and individualized programs to assist with every step of the MFA application process. And we have a roster of talented teachers who have earned MFA’s in a variety of fields. Indeed, quite a few Gotham students have gone on to obtain MFA’s.

Gotham can assist people seeking MFA’s in the following types of writing: fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, children’s books, film, television, playwriting. (We can also help people seeking M.A. or Ph.D. degrees, or advanced degrees in journalism.)  

The application process for MFA program entails these key elements:  

  • Creating a portfolio of writing samples in the appropriate field. (Requirements vary depending on school.)
  • Writing one or two essays—a personal statement reflecting your personality and purpose, and, perhaps, a critical analysis of a specific work. (Requirements vary depending on school.)
  • Compiling a list of schools to target and, eventually, selecting which school to attend.

In addition, schools require transcripts, recommendations, completed forms, and, sometimes, GRE testing.

Here’s how Gotham can help:

To assist with the writing samples:

Take a Gotham class: course listing 

Hire a “doctor” for a specific project: book/story doctor or script doctor. 

Study individually with a Gotham teacher through one of our private instruction programs: private class/mentorship

To assist with writing the essays: Hire a coach for admission essays: essay coach

To assist with the entire process: Hire a mentor: mentorship

A mentorship program provides you with a personal mentor who can assist with all aspects of the MFA application process—writing samples, admission essay, sorting through the selection of schools, and offering insight and advice on whatever questions arise. A mentor will be supplied who has completed an MFA in the appropriate field.

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