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Take a look at what past and present students of Gotham Writers' Workshop have to say:

"The teaching is some of the very best I have ever experienced. Far superior to much of what was given to me in graduate school or seminary. The teacher is gifted, gracious, patient, perceptive, and makes the craft accessible and doable."
-Thomas Farrington
"Every aspect of each class was a learning experience. The instructor made the minutiae as fascinating as the major subjects. It was extraordinarily well taught. I learned much more than I anticipated."
-Graham Fuller
 Executive Editor
 Interview Magazine
"The combination of writing exercises and group feedback gave me the direction I never experienced in any other writing class. This class and instructor inspired me to finally do what I’d dreamed about doing for years."
-Gabriella Contestabile
 Training Director
"The instructor is great! I did not look up at the clock at all. The lectures and exercises were so enjoyable, I did not even think seven hours had passed."
-Mark Pochaw
"If you want to write and receive interesting new approaches to writing, go! I learned more in the first two weeks than I did in all of college, and that cost $8,000 a semester!"
-Gwendolyn Armitage
"This is the best writing class I’ve taken. The quality of instruction was superb, and the small class size allowed a lot of feedback."
-David Marino
"Most business writing courses are dull and uninteresting. This class brought an entirely new perspective to this topic. I learned how to improve the quality, readability, and impact of my pieces."
-Abigail Harper
 Associate Director
"I had finished my MFA in fiction writing and I wanted a way to continue writing in a serious atmosphere, both honest and generous. The Gotham class was fabulous. I was able to develop a character for a novel I had been working on, which is now due for publication in August."
-Roxann King-Feuerman
"This course taught me how to structure my inspired rambling into a coherent, potent piece of writing. I got a lot of information and great inspiration to continue some past projects and begin new ones."
-Mark Hayes
"The class exceeded my expectations. It was extremely helpful and informative in ALL areas, and I learned a great deal from the instructor on Children's Literature in general."
-Chris Lombardi
 Mortgage Broker
"This is the fullest, most challenging introductory course I've ever taken. The instructor seems to know everything there is to know about poets, and he shares this information with the class in the most creative ways."
-Barbara Janes
 Public Relations
"The instructor had an almost uncanny ability to spot the key elements necessary to make a good story great."
-Robert Watson
 Environmental Advocate
"The instructor was knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and able to give insightful, tactful, and supportive critiques of our writing. I am always impressed by the quality of your teachers."
-Emily Goodman
 ESL Teacher
"Before the course, I had many ideas on screenwriting that I had acquired from reading books and attending lectures, but they remained more or less abstract notions. This course was invaluable in helping me attain a more concrete and illuminating understanding of the craft. It feels like someone has flipped the light switch on."
-Raj Mahtani
"The teacher is amazing. My work with her has led to several publishing credits and a much greater understanding and mastery of the craft."
-Randall Brown
 English Teacher
"I love every aspect of the online classes as you present them. This is my second one and I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of content, scope of topics, and with the high quality of instruction. The classes even allow for interaction with other class members via the weekly chats and email networking. This is an excellent educational experience. I plan to continue with other classes in the near future. Bravo!"
-Rosemarie Ferrara
 High School Principal
"I've never encountered such a giving instructor who can give 150% all the time. She went the extra mile, and I do mean mile, to give us a clear understanding of the genre. She was GREAT."
-Nancy Fields
"I could not have expected more from an instructor. She was not only skilled and knowledgeable in the subject matter, but she paid a level of attention to the needs of each student that is seldom found in an instructor in any venue."
-Ben Tilley
"The teacher was absolutely fantastic! His feedback was detailed, constructive, and encouraging. His lessons were informative, easy to follow, and so very entertaining. Finally, his sense of humor is priceless. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for him."
-Karen Savin
"One of the best writing class experiences I've ever had."
-Nina-Marie Gardner
"Thank you! This has been a life-changing course."
-Dianna Garrigan
"Everything in this class was organized and structured to perfection."
-Lilia Todd
"This was one of the most enjoyable and expertly directed classes I have ever taken. I look forward to being in one of this instructor's classes again."
-Sebastian Mondrone
"The teacher is stellar!"
-Lana Campbell
"This is by far the best writing course that I have ever taken."
-Linda Gask
"I thoroughly enjoyed learning about romance novels and was surprised to find them to be such a structured piece of art. The instructor illuminated the distinctions and difficulties inherent in romance writing. She also provided us with the resources to work on our craft and tips to avoid pitfalls that many writers fall into, especially the traps that come with this particular style of writing."
-Ryan Migge
"I have taken many writing courses over the past few years, but this is the first that has ever inspired me to write every single day. This course helped me to stretch my writing muscles beyond anywhere they'd ever been before."
-Lisa Benwitz
 Owner, Court Reporting Firm
"This is the best course I have ever taken, and since I have a master's degree, I have taken hundreds of courses."
-Heather Stone
 VP of Marketing and Sales
"This course really cleared up the maze of agents, production companies, managers, etc. out there."
-Mark Lambert
 VP, Operations Int'l Logistics
"This course gives information straight from the trenches."
-Mel Melcer
 English Teacher
"I was surprised at how everything worked exactly as it was supposed to. Too often there are frustrating gliches in technology-oriented things—none with Gotham Writers' Workshop!"
-Renee Domogauer
 ESOL Teacher
"I gained a very good grasp of the basics of writing fiction as well as a new perspective. Even before the course was half over, I found myself thinking about writing in a different way."
-Anthony James
 Cell Manufacturing Leader
"Enlightening...a truly life-enriching experience. I can't praise the teacher enough. He opened my eyes to aspects of novel writing that would never have occurred to me if I hadn't enrolled in the course. I consider it a privilege to have been a member of his class."
-Julian Desser
 Journalist & Copywriter
"I just elevated my craft in poetry to a new level."
-Leah Odze Epstein
"I learned the ins and outs of the publisher's/agent's pysche, what they're looking for, and how to present material to them."
-John Andrulis
"The instructor left me with a hopeful feeling at the end that inspires me to persevere."
-Mary Langham
"I had no knowledge of this subject before taking this class...I now know how to format a scipt correctly and what is needed to produce an effective TV script."
-AnneMarie Jones
 Trademark Administrator
"I knew nothing about feature writing, and this class helped me to be published in a magazine."
-Kristin Willis Halabi
 Freelance Writer
"This course has been the X factor that I have been looking for to get me jump-started."
-Georgia Mansur
 Artist (Painter)
"I was apprehensive at first about taking an online class since I am not a computer expert, and also because I wondered about a class with no face-to-face interaction. However, taking this class on the computer was so simple, I never felt intimidated. I also felt like I came to know both the instructor and the other students through their comments and class discussion."
-Julia Gentile
 Retired Attorney
"This class was a wonderful mix of lecture, assignments, exchanges, and critiques. I've learned so much. My technique has improved, and I will continue to refer to the lectures as I write my memoir."
-Deborah Lehman
 Freelance Journalist
"Gotham Writers' Workshop takes full advantage of the strengths online learning has to offer. The Web site works beautifully, the structure is well thought out, and the content is outstanding."
-Joanne Hus
 Illustrator & Graphic Designer
"I loved the course. It was one of the best investments of time, money, effort I've made in a very long time."
-Fernando Veranes
"I took Fiction I, then Fiction II twice. The Fiction Master Class brought what I learned during those courses together and gave the whys and hows of writing in detail."
-Eugene Galassini
"Quite simply, this course and the instructor have changed my life. I went from wanting to write to actively, obsessively, constantly writing—and certainly better than I ever have before. My gratitude to GWW is infinite."
-Mary Lynn Reed
"I learned myriad of techniques to infuse humor into my writing."
-Keisha Barrow
 Law Student
"This course increased my knowledge of the principles on which humor is based and gave me a host of resources from which to learn more."
-Alana Peters
"I liked the instructor's ability to speak from the agent's perspective and to teach us what the business of publishing is all about. Invaluable!"
-Margaret Nitka
 Business Owner/Freelance Writer
"This course gave me an excellent introduction into what it takes to get published; it is packed full of instruction, information, and ideas on not only “How to Get Published” but also how to approach writing as a business."
-Katherine Getto
 Technical Consultant
"The course gave me a wonderful overview of a variety of styles. I learned the difference between a memoir and a personal essay, between feature journalism and hard news, how to profile someone, and how to format news articles."
-Helen Aki
"The instructor's knowledge of the subject seemed to be endless."
-Will Upjohn
 Speech-Language Pathologist
"I've taken a few other online writing classes, and this one stands out as the best by far. This course was worth every penny. Bravo!"
-Laura Curvin
 Web Editor
"I didn't know much going in and now I feel ready to tackle the daunting task of writing a screenplay."
-Michele Weber
"This instructor is the best I have ever had, including all of my professors in both undergraduate and medical school."
-Gigi Gabrielle
 Psychiatrist and Painter
"My writing skills have improved dramatically; I’ve learned to THINK about and SEE screenwriting in a whole new light."
-Anne Lower
"The instructor's clarity of criticism had to open the minds of everyone in the course."
-Phillip Dibble
"So many of the nuances and difficulties of weaving through the publishing world were explained in a straightforward manner. This course is a must."
-Robert Glider
"We learned the ins and outs of publishing that you just can't get from a book. I've just started submitting material and realize how little I knew about the process, especially those all-important query letters. Now I know so much more."
-Jean Medeiros
"This is an almost perfect forum for a writing class. The logistics and design exceeded my expectations by a factor of thousands."
-Adrienne Bresler
 Social Worker
"I learned the nuts and bolts of memoir. Specifically, I got connected to the process of writing, and the course took it out of the theoretical and made it real for me."
-Drew Hastings
 Performing Artist/Writer
"Our instructor was accomplished and masterful in the subject."
-Sylvia Roeloffs
 Master Gardener/Retired Office Mgr.
"The course offers sound fundamental instruction for any poet, from the beginner to the poet seeking to refine his or her voice and skills."
-Renee DeHoll
"This course has completely revitalized me as a writer, giving me tremendous new perspectives. I feel that I'm now equipped to do great things."
-Roger Bonner
 Writer/ English Teacher
"Our instructor was one of the most patient, thorough, and articulate teachers I've ever had. The amount of work she tackled—and the way she tackled it—was astounding. True grace under pressure."
-Robert McGuill
"The content and elements of this course certainly gave me the jump I needed, and I'm definitely eager to dive more deeply into the elements presented in this course."
-Vicki Campbell
 Marketing Specialist
"The processes taught in the course serve as an invaluable framework for thinking about the story to be told."
-Nicholas Hayes
 Business Executive
"I wanted to relax my writing, find a more creative style, and expand my focus to the broader story surrounding the spot news. This class definitely helped me to practice that."
-Tanalee Smith
"A fine overview of what speculative fiction is all about."
-Wana Perry
 Retired Executive
"I've learned how to dig deeper into the dynamics and mechanics of film and make more meaningful connections between theme, character, and narrative."
-Angelo Crespo
"I learned everything there is to know concerning TV writing."
-Erica Lake
"I cannot believe how much taking this course has improved my writing. When I look back and compare the things I wrote previously with what I am writing now, the difference is striking."
-Carole Ann Moleti
"I understand now that to be taken seriously I must perfect all business communications and edit, edit, edit."
-Colleen Steele
 Assistant Corporate Secretary
"I left this course better equipped to pursue my publishing goals."
-Maureen Dolbeare
"The amount of information I received about the publishing business is staggering. If I fail in my attempt to publish a book or magazine articles, it won't be for lack of knowledge of how to go about it."
-Dominique Caillat
"The agent/publishing world is like Mars to me. My approach to the people in those fields will be considerably different now than it would have been without this information."
-John Swain
"Having so many humor principles and techniques laid out in front of me gave me a broad palette I could play around with."
-Jodi Lustig
"This was a fantastic class. I always thought that great writers were born that way. This course taught me that practice, practice, and more practice contribute just as much to great writing."
-Jennifer Lund
 Managing Director
"This course was a superb resource for concise how-to knowledge with a practical punch. I especially enjoyed how the class material is spiced with personal tips and insider perspectives."
-Erin Brown Conroy
 Univ. Prof./Writer/Speaker/Mom of 13
"I had a story in mind but didn't even know how to begin. Now my first book is underway and the process has been fun and adventurous."
-Elizabeth Baker
 Senior Programmer Analyst
"For an introductory course on writing, the content was perfect."
-Lana Potocnjak
 Registered Nurse
"An excellent intro to writing, a perfect means of getting my feet wet after years of not writing. No pressure, no painful assignments. Just a laid-back, supportive, and fun atmosphere."
-Andrea Shiffman
 Math Teacher
"This course simply took me further along on the endless journey of writing. It's the little things along the way—the images, the control, the fine-tuning: the artistry of the word—that demand mastery. That's what I am learning."
-Glenys Loewen-Thomas
 Writing & Literature Instructor
"I learned how to think like a mystery writer."
-Fiona Kirk
"Our instructor found immensely interesting and varied poems to stretch our minds and help develop our own poetry muscles."
-violet samir
 Social Work Organization Director
"I am a professional writer by trade, but I learned so such about character development, the elements and structure of writing memoir, and the more nuanced, subtle ingredients of story writing."
-Janet Davenport
 Communications VP
"This course got me completing up to 75 pages of new work for my book, as well as giving me clearer ideas about what to do with chapters that needed work."
-Rania Zada
"I was able to look at humor writing from several different angles that I had not thought of previously."
-Alexandra Hartley-Leonard
"I was intimidated by starting a mystery novel even though I really wanted to write one. Now I'm not afraid of it."
-Wanda Craig
 Management Consultant
"Through the course, I have become more aware as a reader. I can still enjoy a good story, yet my attention is now more focused on exactly what is making something work."
-Blair Kraft
 MIS Administrator
"Enough pieces of information per week to build a comedy writing arsenal."
-Christie Scanlan
 Graphic Designer
"Before starting the course, I could not come up with a good plot, and had not written in a long time. After writing a few assignments, the ideas started coming fast and furious."
-Pat Comley
 IT Management
"I went from being a reader to being a writer…in six short weeks!"
-Dorothy Cameron
"The instructor truly wants you to succeed. Her course is a great invitation to step into your inner spotlight."
-Chris Olejniczak
 Press Assistant
"This has been a wonderful experience. I learned far more than I could have hoped and have had a great time doing it. The instructor packs an amazing amount of information into each week's lesson."
-Sue Mendive
 Dental Office Manager
"This course took me step-by-step into the writer's world, and I discovered that I was at home there."
-Patti Ackermann
"I regained my confidence as a writer and remembered how much I enjoy writing creatively."
-Alicia Hempen
 Martial Arts School Owner
"I found that simply taking this course has improved my attitude about my job and my life in general because I finally feel like I'm doing something I want to do...something that makes me happy."
-Jennifer Rome
 Research Consultant
"I entered this course having no idea how to write a children's book, or what was involved with the process. This class gave me the knowledge I was looking for, and pointed me in the right direction."
-Kelley Diekman
"The entire experience was so worthwhile that I have signed up for another course."
-Harold Leib

"Whether you want to write professionally or you need to polish your skills for school or your job, this course will help you."
-William Moss
 purchasing manager
"A fantastic way to dip your toes into the world of writing. This was really the best money I've spent in a long time and I plan to take another course next session."
-Joy Victory
 Health Editor
"This was a great way for me to get my toes wet in the writing process."
-Stacy Phillips
 Preschool Resource Teacher
"It's a cross between a mind womb, an online kick-ass creativity party, and a playground for the kid stuck inside your soul."
-Jack Seemar
"A great way to gain confidence as a comedian and as a writer in general. And you get to perform in two NYC comedy clubs!"
-Jonathan Carver
"A wonderful introduction to the art of writing children's books."
-Virginia Dunphy
 elementary teacher
"The course introduced the skill of writing for children in a very comprehensible and exciting way. Almost a must if you're serious about children's writing."
-John Dahlgren
"I feel like I've made my story so much better in just a few short months. Thank you!"
-Colleen Craig
 Marketing Research Director
"Creative Writing 101 was one of the highlights of my week. The three hours flew by and it was a wonderful way to dip back into the pool of writing in a comfortable and fun atmosphere."
-Kathleen Admirand-Dimmler
 Social Work Assistant Director
"I absolutely loved every minute of this course."
-Jennifer Jamieson
 Market Research
"Creative Writing 101 is a great way to dive into your creative side, even if you don't think you have much of one!"
-Christina Haviland
 Environmental Scientist
"It's a great course to get you up and writing. The exercises are short enough so you can get them done if you're busy, and deep enough for you to learn the principle being taught."
-Brenda Noonan
 Technical Writer
"Take it--you'll love it! Your scope of observation will increase immensely and you'll never read written material in the same manner again."
-Wendy Fuentes
"A great introduction to writing, since it never felt intimidating. A course that gives you a small collection of writing that you can expand after the course is over."
-Rebecca Mitsuse
"This course has been a terrific way to provide me some discipline (goals, deadlines, focus), encouragement (lessons that give practical tips, positive feedback from a real-live person) and a community of like-minded yet unique individuals with similar needs and goals."
-Ruth Louden
 Career Counsellor
"A great first step to the writing experience, to get the creative juices flowing."
-Viv Garcia
"The Gotham way is fun!"
-Malou Hansson
"The way the website works is brilliant and the technical people are the best I have ever worked with. It is something worth looking at for someone like me in a foreign country or someone who doesn't have the time to commit to going to class at a specific time and day."
-Jeralynn Benoit
 English Trainer
"You will walk away with helpful information and a better knowledge of the English language than you previously had."
-Sheila Fiffie
 Liaison Officer
"This course was more than a writing class--it was a writing circle--a place where writers who care deeply about their craft come together to practice and refine it."
-Bonnie Walker
"An eye-opener."
-Lydia Hoffman
 Freelance Journalist
"A great way to see your work through your readers' eyes."
-Crystal Walker
"A semester's worth of grammar in a one-day class. You can't beat it!"
-Mark Renner
 Public Speaker
"The day was a wonderful introduction to writing a memoir with topics covered thoroughly and interspersed with excellent exercises."
-Pamela Markham
 Visual Artist
"The instructor gave a complete and thorough class that hit upon the entire process of memoir writing. With almost every point she had an example that clearly illustrated the topic. The writing exercises were perfect and helped communicate the points even more."
-Britta Larsen
"A fantabulous way to spend an evening -- some of the best live comedy in town -- and a most entertaining way to learn"
-Martina Clark
 Humanitarian Worker
"I hadn't written for ages and was really stuck when I tried to start anything. Add to that the external pressures of parenting and my job, and I was beginning to think I would never get around to writing anything at all. This course really focused me and energized me. I now have a story to work on and I feel like writing is finally part of my life again!"
-Siobhan Wilde
 EFL teacher
"Having never written anything other than required for work or school, I was apprehensive about the process and, frankly, somewhat intimidated. This course appealed equally well to anyone who wants to write-- from the novice to the experienced. I am taking two more!"
-Linda McDowell
"No nonsense, no sugar coating, step by step teaching."
-Julie Baer
 Advertising Executive
"I've never had writing presented this way to me before. My instructor's expertise really showed in her lectures and her extremely helpful critiques. She did an exceptional job at demystifying the writing process. I would recommend Gotham to anyone wanting to pursue writing in any capacity."
-Irish Baldwin
 Full-time Mom
"A bucketload of fun. I really enjoyed my experience with this humor writing course."
-Shan Sandhu
 Company Director
"A great way to amp up your writing. The time I spent online in my Gotham class was the greatest "me" time I've had in years--and my writing has improved exponentially!"
-Katherine Mills-Hernandez
"A very effective way to transition from a wannabe to a professional writer."
-Abbe Andersen
 artist, photographer
"Realistic in terms of the world of freelancing with its pitfalls and opportunities."
-Catherine McArdle
"The instructor and my classmates made the experience one I will not forget."
-Debra Evans
 Arts Education Consultant
"Great introduction to the nuts and bolts of creative writing, and leaves you wanting more (in a good way)."
-Michelle Rodak
 editorial assistant
"An excellent course to take if you want an overview of the field."
-Rochelle Leal
"I feel like I can now confidently send a query to a major publication, and have a strong chance of getting a positive response."
-Kathleen Barlow
 Internet Marketing Manager
"If you're the least bit interested in writing articles, take this course."
-Del-Mia Strickland
"There is no pressure, and keeping that in mind allows you to be expressive without worrying about your grade or what others are going to think."
-Lori Martucci
 Sales Coordinator
"I was wary of signing up blindly to something on the Internet, but this is a real class that was far better than most I took in college and grad school. It was the creative writing class I always wanted to take but was too scared to show up for in person!"
-Lisa Bloom
 broadcast journalist
"Take it, take it, take it. It is lots of fun - you meet people of all ages, all walks of life from all over the world. The course is rich not only because of the excellent instructors but because of the fellow students!"
-Kay Berryman
"One of the best decisions I've ever made. Improved my writing incredibly."
-Linda Burgess
"By the end of this course I had the tools to write a well structured and organized article that I sold to my local newspaper. Now, the newspaper wants me to write an additional piece!"
-Angela Timpone
 Figure Skating Coach
"If you're looking to expand or explore your talent for writing, this course will do both. Take the course and enjoy the ride"
-Bill Elliott
 Project Manager
"The instructor brought his years of experience to us, and writers seldom get that without already having an agent."
-Deirdre Sinnott
 Writer & Literary Critic
"Magazines and books about writing are fine, but this course provides vital contact with the real world of fiction writing."
-Tom Mooney
"I came home and told my daughter it was one of the best experiences of my life...truly."
-Christine Passarella
"At the end of class, I left with a head chock-full of ideas that I couldn't wait to use once I got home!"
-Dawn Campbell
"A perfect teacher. He was witty, and genuine, and smart, and brought odd things to his lectures to delight and challenge, to expand our sense of the possible in fiction."
-Rhonda Shary
 Adjunct Professor of English
"Very focused, practical and realistic advice on selling screenplays. Excellent instructor."
-Nancy Young

"Definitely useful for those who want to learn important, effective writing techniques and tips."
-Inez Brown
 College Administrator
"The teacher sparked parts of my imagination that I didn't know were there."
-Michelle Pimentel
"A great way to get your writing juices flowing!"
-Aleta Lafargue
"The instructor sparked my creativity and helped me focus on what my work as a writer should be. His advice guides much of what I write."
-Nicholas Troilo
 newspaper columnist
"In several hours I learned all of the preliminary steps from developing a topic to writing a query letter to writing the proposal."
-Joseph Schippa
"The instructor has gone through the process herself and was able to explain things from "the front lines.""
-Suzanne Steinbaum
"A great head start in a very competitive race"
-Anita Diggs
 Book Editor
"I have received my writing kick start and I am off to further writing adventures."
-Ray Richard
 contract administrator
"This was the best online course that I had found, after researching consumer reports, etc. Loved it so much, I immediately signed up for the next online class that fit my needs."
-Kathy Conrad
 Retired V.P. of R.E. Lending
"If you want an insider's view on the publishing jungle, take this class!"
-Jacquline Hopson
 Nuclear Chemist
"The instructor created a sense of possibility in a business rife with rejections."
-Joaquin Terceno
"Tons of practical advice."
-Maria Rosas
"Excellent! I highly recommend all professionals take the course."
-Kimberly Jarrett
 Account Executive
"It's a course everyone should take even if it's just to refresh their fundamental writing skills."
-Gina Tovar
 Fashion Marketing
"I learned valuable lessons that will help me achieve my goal of furthering my career."
-Nada Polanco
 Grant Writer
"What I liked most was how "real" the class and the instructor were--no cyberspace feeling. Communication was responsive, there was lots of interaction between instructor and students. I thought the whole thing was great."
-Susan Jordan
 Attorney at law
"While most online courses out there seem to be pretty ineffective, I was very surprised by the quality of the instructor and the amount of positive and realistic criticism I received in the course. Worth every penny."
-Richard Cheatham
 Law Case Assistant
"Script Analysis should be everyone's complementary course to any screenwriting class. The films and screenplays are perfectly selected to match the week's discussion."
-Irene Quisenberry
"If you need to know anything pertaining to the business, this is the course you need to take."
-Kathleen Stalford
 Production Program Manager
"Finally, I completed a short story!"
-Paula Nixon
"As a must-take if one is at all interested in fiction writing."
-Barry Gold
 Scientist & consultant
"A wonderful forum to share and workshop humor writing."
-Stefanie Forman
 Public Relations/Public Affair
"If you've ever considered doing stand up comedy, then theres no doubt in my mind that you should take this course."
-Max Thomas
 Advertising Agency
"You'll learn, you'll laugh, you'll grow...and best of all, you'll get to put your newly acquired wit to the test when you perform on two of New York's infamous comedy stages!"
-Jody Young
"If you are ready to try your hand at getting a piece published, this could be the perfect intro."
-Scott Barton
 Executive Chef
"I’ve taken many writing workshops since the age of 20, and this was the best I ever participated in."
-Erin Dow
 Public interest lawyer
"A must for a serious screenwriter"
-Curtis Easley
"I left class every day feeling inspired and by the end of the 10 week course I had already started playing open mic nights."
-Adam Ramsey
"I rode the train home scribbling ideas in a notebook. The next morning I got up and wrote another chapter of an easy-reader book I'm experimenting with. As I wrote, I thought about all I'd learned in class about character development, believable dialogue, confict and resolution, and making the whole thing interesting to a youngster. I can't think of a better investment of my time than to spend a Saturday in this class!"
-Linda Post
 Corporate communications
"It's very useful for writers who know when sentences 'sound right' but want a better understanding of why they are, in fact, grammatically correct."
-Michelle Robinson
"A fantastic way to improve your writing, whether you're new to the craft or brushing up on old skills."
-Karen McMillen
"The course and the instructor have awakened in me a passion for writing I didn’t know I had."
-Sandra Feria
 Office Assistant
"The class really makes me want to jump right into the process!"
-Anne Hinsman
"A must for any screenwriter."
-Matthew Blankenship
"A great course for the writer who has completed one or more scripts and is wondering what to do next."
-Kathryn Kyker
 ER Social Work Manager
"Fascinating for a newcomer to the world of freelance."
-Sue Scaff
 professor of humanities
"One of the hardest things with sending queries out is the lack of feedback, so it was wonderful to have a professional point out what worked and what didn't."
-Robin Fitch
"A wonderful course that teaches how to watch movies in a new way and is also instructive if you want to begin writing screenplays yourself."
-Emunah Herzog
 Registered Nurse
"Hands down, the most valuable learning experience I could have hoped for as an aspiring writer."
-Lara Mitchell
 Police and Fire Dispatcher
"This has been the most stimulating and worthwhile educational experience of my adult life."
-L. Sauda Underwood-Smith
 College Administrator
"Learn how to write a script in 10 weeks and also how to market yourself and your script for the industry."
-Dan Noble
"A great place to begin if you've ever asked yourself the question, "What kind of writer do I want to be?""
-Zarak Jan
 United Nations Staff member
"An excellent investment in your freelance career!"
-Carla Curtsinger
 Communications Consultant
"It's all about discussing the craft and workshopping a piece that you want to see in stellar form."
-Kimberly Wisneski
 Creative Writing Tutor
"If you want to write romances, start here."
-Alice Gunther
"A great introductory course to writing speculative fiction."
-Coryn Hayman
 Emergency Physician
"This was an excellent introduction to speculative fiction writing and a great course for someone who has never read a book on writing craft or attempted to write before."
-Steven Howell
 US Army Officer
"Just what I was looking for to expose myself to new ideas, new people and a whole new way of viewing the craft of writing."
-Jaclyn Hoesch
 Associate Product Manager
"A whirlwind of a course, covering many different aspects of creative writing."
-Dinsdale Raddatz
"I never imagined that I could so thoroughly enjoy a course."
-Lynn Rogers
"It's a very effective way of learning how to write screenplays—by reading, watching, and discussing other people's produced work."
-Antonio Cardoso
 Graduate Student
"Eye-opening and worthwhile if you ever plan to try to get published."
-John Nevola
"If someone wanted to start a blog this is a great way to get the basics."
-Jessica Alberti
 Independent Writer/Photographer
"I took this course unsure about the whole writing process, and this course served to awaken my excitement for reading and writing fiction. I have signed up for Fiction I, and I can't wait!"
-Hope Teyler
"The Gotham Fiction II class provides a precise distillation of the mechanics of craft, drilling down into concepts taught in Fiction I."
-Gina Kim
"I've gone so often to the threshhold and yet never stepped over. This teacher enabled me to take that 'giant leap,' for which I'm very grateful."
-Joan Pyke
"A realistic, informative look into the freelance lifestyle."
-Amie Santoleri
 Advertising Executive
"A fantastic overview into the world of freelancing that goes beyond simply writing query letters; it deals with the actual process of making contact as well as business considerations."
-Shari Romar
 Technical Writer
"It delivered practical, in-the- trenches information by a seasoned writer and editor."
-Lisa Talley
 Marketing Consultant
-Catherine Stewart
 Freelance Writer
"A very informative course that will get you blogging from zero to fifty in only four weeks."
-Aimee Swift
 Pizza Delivery Driver
"Great way to overcome blog/technophobia!!"
-Elia Guldan
"How to Blog I offers a hands-on approach to blogging. It takes the mystery out of the blogosphere and gets you on track to create the blog of your dreams!"
-Cynthia Pike-Fuentes
 Public Relations Executive
"Incredibly worth it."
-Lisette Johnson
 Senior Editor, NYT Almanac
"The best playwriting course I have ever taken. If I had another life to live, I would spend it as playwright. Yes, I was that inspired!"
-Judith Liberman
"Great intro course to article writing. I can honestly say that I now look at an article in a newspaper or magazine in a completely different light!"
-Rupina Meer
 Freelance Corporate Writer
"Effective and helpful like you can't imagine."
-Cristine Richmond
 Theatrical/TV Wardrobe Asst.
"Truly inspirational!"
-Alexis Foxx
 Lab Tech
"I've taken writing courses in college, adult education classes and a couple of writing workshops. Fiction Writing I at Gotham has been by far the most rewarding."
-John Daley
 Cable Television Advertising
"Enjoyable, inspirational and a great way to "unlock" the poetry within!"
-Debbie Hall
"Take this course and you'll be amazed at the incredible tools you can use to give your writing experience a great start."
-Marco RodrĂ­guez
 Creative Consultant
"An amazing learning environment."
-Jeff Vande Zande
 Community College Professor
"I am walking away from this course with much more than I would have imagined and a hunger to continue travel writing."
-M'Daya Meliani
 Television Editor
"The class gave a clear and concise instruction on the basics of freelancing. It provided me with many tips and straight information that are of great use. Well worth the price."
-Ben Davol
 Medical Sales
"An informative class that gives you real-life examples of how to go out and sell an article. A good place to learn the framework of article-writing. By the end of this class, I had a professional pitch and the beginnings of an article that was timely, relevant, and sellable!"
-J. L. Stermer
 Literary Agent
"This is an intensive, extremely smart four-week master plan for creating the perfect nonfiction proposal."
-Tim Hall
"I wanted to start a blog for over a year but didn't know how to do it. I cannot believe I got one up and running in about two weeks. Better yet, I feel like I understand what I'm doing."
-Charlene Watler
 HR Consultant
"Very informative and useful for all memoir writers."
-Chak Koonapareddy
"For those who are timid or unsure of the power of blogging, this class is perfect for them."
-Octavia Randall
 Nuclear Medicine Technologist
"A must if you are seriously considering blogging."
-Kathleen Miscioscio
 Marketing Consultant
"If the memories inside your head are as cluttered and chaotic as all those photos you still haven't put into albums, this course is a good way to start imposing some structure on them."
-Suzanne La Muniere
 IT Purchasing Coordinator
"Very positive introduction to the basics of mystery novel writing."
-Noreen Connell
"It opened my eyes, guided my concentration, and trained my hand."
-Georgia Murray
 freelance writer & playwright
"I tell my friends (and anyone who will listen) that GWW is such a powerful way to improve and deepen writing skills."
-Laura Cook
 Video Editor
"If you want to understand publishing and if you want to learn how to write an effective query letter, this course is worth the investment."
-Namrata Patel
 Marketing Consultant
"By the last two classes you actually stand in front with a mic and the lights shining at you just like a club. You can do a routine in a real club with your other classmates (but only if you want to) and in my class everyone did it and enjoyed it."
-Larry DeCato
"If you're serious about getting a blog up and going, this is the class for you!"
-Robyn Lazara
 Executive Assistant
"This course lives up to its description. It covers a wide range of writing topics and practices and really opens your eyes to the options of creative writing. "
-Marjorie Lim
 customer service
"Awesome. A life changer!"
-Trish Katz
 massage therapist
"An inspiring, fire-in-my-heart-starting, enjoyable, memorable class."
-Eva Rychtarikova
 hospital administrator
"You will leave a much more confident writer than when you began."
-Edward McNamara
"I would recommend Gotham to anyone that is interested in testing the proverbial waters of writing."
-Chad Brinkman
 adjunct faculty, NYU
"If you'd like to hone your skills as a songwriter and learn the main tools that are needed to create solid songs while being entertained and entertaining others too...this is the class for you."
-Jennifer Vazquez
"It helps you distinguish between the various types of nonfiction writing to determine where you are on the spectrum and what to study next."
-Brian Shannon
"The students were inspirational, from different age groups with different back grounds. The class atmosphere was open and welcome for anyone to express their opinions."
-Takako Sato
 real estate broker
"The instructor makes the class material very fun and interesting with real world scenarios."
-Peggy Lee
 music teacher
"A great course that will help you in all areas of your working environment."
-Tracy Martin
 public relations
"This course will boost your writing confidence and give you the tools to be a better writer when writing essays or opinion pieces."
-Cheryl Roshak
 transition and career coach
"Every class was something new. I was never bored."
-Shirley Thomas
 administrative coordinator
"The most fun three hours of my week, every week. In just a couple of months, I learned an incredible amount about the craft of fiction, and laughed heartily while doing it."
-Dodd Ellsworth
 software developer
"This course has changed my perspective on fiction."
-Lauren Korrol
"It's a great way to improve your pieces, experiment with style, and determine what readers enjoy."
-Isobel Scott
 editorial assistant
"My experience of Gotham instructors is very positive. They are unfailingly encouraging and at the same time, provide actual, beneficial criticism."
-Mary-Ann Arlt
"This is a terrific opportunity to get in there and write in a supportive, engaging, constructive environment. "
-Margaret Morth
 freelance copy editor
"[The Instructor] is a joyful and energetic raconteur who entertains, educates and always encourages. He is the Big Bang of ideas."
-Michael Bennett
 Michael Bennett, Rehabilitation Physician
"Best thing I've done for my writing career."
-Jen Hill
"An excellent way to fall in love with writing again."
-Chloe Sehr
 freelance writer
"The best writing class I've ever taken. Sign up now, like right now, before it fills up and you get wait listed."
-Edward McNamara
"Heady, exciting, and extremely beneficial. Our classes always had a perfect balance of critique, praise, and instruction. "
-Chad Brinkman
 guest teaching artist, NYU
"The course helped to re-ignite my passion for my book. I'm excited enough to register early for Memoir II."
-Tracey Hughes
 public relations
"The teacher has inspired to me to such an extent that I feel like I can actually complete my novel now."
-Linda Johnson
 high school English teacher
"This was the best class I have ever taken period. "
-Karen Bacon
 technology consultant
"It's a great motivating tool when you have a screenplay in your head that you need to write. This class will pull that story out of you and put it on a page."
-Sarah Coker
 advertising writer
"This class was amazing. I learned so much and to my suprise, started writing songs after the first class."
-Sari Kessler
 jazz singer
"I was exhausted from work when I came into the room, but the writing and the socializing re-energized me. Nice way to meet new people and also the excellent Gotham instructors."
-David Paulson
 IT project manager
"The Write-In is a great way to break through writer's block. It is a laid back environment where you can get away from everything, put pen to paper, and meet some nice people."
-Will Ferraro
 speech writer
"What a great way to start off my weekend! Writing, getting positive feedback, meeting new people and eating cheese is an awesome combination."
-Eva Bilick
 administrative assistant
"I drove one and half hours each way for this course and I can't wait to do it again!"
-Jamal Stroman
 technical support
"This class taught me so much about the craft of writing children's books. It grew my love of books even more!"
-Maria Hanley
 early childhood dance educator
"A fun, challenging experience that helped me figure out what I want out of life."
-Adrienne Morain
"I have recommended Gotham to all my friends (and one cousin) who are interested in writing."
-Brenda Coven
"We had an instructor who was interesting, but also interested herself -- in the students and their writing. "
-Lucas Dedrick
 registered nurse
"Fiction II is for anyone who wants to delve into the elements of fiction more deeply, and for those who are seeking a community of writers with which to share their work."
-Dara Kell
"This program will give you increased confidence in your business writing ability. You will learn how to craft your messages to cause your intended impact, and discover your own personal, yet professional, style."
-Ellyn Stein
 executive development trainer
"An absolute necessity if you wish to become a children's books author."
-Dino Bianchinotti
"I believe everyone has a writer inside of them, and this class is a great place to learn how to let him/her out."
-David Black
 advertising creative
"The course was like a mouthwatering piece of chocolate cake, each bite better than the last and when it's all gone, you cant help but miss it."
-Noverlee Howell
 college counselor
"An inspirational, once in a life time opportunity to overcome any fear and anxiety of your personal writing skills."
-Timothy Kirkpatrick
 HR director
"Probably the smartest thing I have done with my spare time in many years."
-Phil Fryberger
 financial consultant
"Worth every minute of your time, and much, much, much more than what you paid for it."
-Nicholas Fuller Googins
"A fantastic journey into yourself."
-Jennifer French
"A full house of all the things a writer needs to be a better writer."
-Darrin Pruitt
 public health preparedness
"You don't need to know anything going into the course and you can still come out feeling like you're ready to try performing at some open mics."
-Tiffany Peon
 project manager
"It was a tremendous experience, one that I will never forget. I recommend the class for anyone even the slightest bit curious about what it's like to be a stand-up comedian. "
-Calvin Henderson
 IT technician
"You don't need to know anything going into the course and you can still come out feeling like you're ready to try performing at some open mics."
-Tiffany Peon
 project manager
"I recommend the class for anyone even the slightest bit curious about what it's like to be a stand-up comedian."
-Calvin Henderson
 IT technician
"A real-world look at the business of writing for television that gave me the tools and motivation to write my first spec script. I'm confident that I can use what I learned to break into the industry."
-Chris Neyman
 commercial music composer
"A great opportunity to explore your creativity, learn about the craft, and meet a whole bunch of very intersting people that you would probably never encounter in your daily life."
-Shelley Nagar
"The course explores how to tap into your most creative self for writing. How to create ritual, but also find ways to free yourself up from rigidities that inhibit creativity."
-Linda Lucero
 life coach
"Fun, engaging, stimulating. I can definitely see how incorporating these techniques into my "writing life" will help me a lot."
-Lisa Thompson
"This one-day intensive was nothing short of a most incredible experience."
-Lori Cohen
"A Gotham class will introduce you to a highly-motivated group of writers, led by a perceptive instructor, all of whom will help you look at your work in a new light."
-Daniel Brody
 broadcast engineer
"This is less of a course, more of a life experience: an opportunity to perform in a real stand-up comedy show."
-Kerry Weinstein
"If you are looking for real information in order to get your foot into the TV writing industry, this is a great class."
-David Levy
"A must if you're thinking of writing your own pilot."
-Roxy McCarroll
 site director
"The course heightens the awareness of the ambient (internal/external) space that influences what we put on paper. "
-Ruth Eichacker
 language teacher
"This course was nothing short of an incredible experience. Different than anything I've ever experienced."
-Lori Cohen
"I couldn't believe the way it helped me write."
-Jean Prendergast
"Very helpful in making one's writing more colorful and interesting."
-David Paulson
 IT manager
"An encouraging forum for those who are new to writing or just coming back to it."
-Michael Foley
 art dealer
"The class truly helped me unlock an imaginative part of myself that I didn't know was there, as well as dismantle some fears and reservations about creative writing. "
-Kelly Griego
 marketing professional
"Exactly what I needed to get my script on track. I can't imagine having done it without the support from this class."
-Allie Scully
"Challenging, motivating, inspiring."
-Allen Wahl
"An incredibly helpful course to get yourself writing and thinking about important concepts that you will explore for the rest of your writing life."
-Deenah Shutzer
"An outstanding class that I would highly recommend to anyone with an interest in any type of humor writing. "
-Kristen Williams
 art director
"I am writing more now than I have in years and I look forward to taking another class soon."
-Lisa Goris
 production manager
"Incredibly insightful if you are interested in learning what the reality of TV writing looks like."
-Scott San Emeterio
 investment banking
"Perfect introduction to the creative writing process."
-Jeffrey Davis
"A fun course that teaches the essential elements of effective writing for business."
-Kent Woolridge
 office manager
"This course will build up your confidence as a writer. "
-Adriana Walker
 billing coordinator/paralegal
"A respite from "9 to 5." A stimulating, creative, engaging, non-pressured environment that allows for creative growth and fun! "
-Sarah Lewen
 marketing manager
"The amount of information the teacher gave was amazing."
-Ericka Mitton
 retail management exec
"By the end of the day, you'll have a working definition of what a personal essay is and how to write one. "
-Ruth Eichacker
"Valuable, motivating and relevant. It gives a very clear outline of what personal essays should be."
-Alicia Bridges
"If you want to understand how to write your own personal narrative, and gain some insight into essay writing as a whole, this is a great place to start. Tips on publishing an extra plus!"
-Evelyn Nunlee
 personal trainer
"The instructor skillfully combined technique, process and personal experience to create an engaging full-day experience. "
-Michele Keenan
  superintendent of schools
-Danielle Tezcan
"Plenty of opportunity for wide-ranging creativity in a safe place."
-Jacqueline McKeon
 retired social worker
"This course was a gem! Five hours of straight writing from prompts with gentle feedback. Perfect for those, like myself, who wish to simply write to gather new materials. "
-Roselyn Leibowitz
"This course was a gem! Five hours of straight writing from prompts with gentle feedback. Perfect for those, like myself, who wish to simply write to gather new materials. "
-Roselyn Leibowitz
"This course was a gem! Five hours of straight writing from prompts with gentle feedback. Perfect for those, like myself, who wish to simply write to gather new materials. "
-Roselyn Leibowitz
"You meet so many amazing people from different backgrounds and writing styles, so in addition to learning from the teacher, you learn from your peers. "
-Meghan Imiola
"The course breaks down the anatomy of what makes a good story. By the end of the class you have the basic framework for developing a full-bodied article. "
-Rafael Roy
"An excellent introduction to children's books, even for those well-versed in other styles of writing. "
-Rose McAdoo
 event coordinator
"This was a truly exceptional experience."
-John Furth
 management consultant
"This course was a game-changer in the beginning of this life chapter for me as a writer."
-Wendy Timmons
"I came away from this class with a clear sense of my own process, strengths, and best practices as a collaborating songwriter."
-Cristina Nocerino
 data manager, publishing
"This class gives you an excellent foundation in stand-up comedy writing, plus great performance tips so you will be killing audiences in no time."
-Alejandro Borrero
" I look at my creative writing after just 10 weeks and am amazed at what I can do and how proud I feel about my writing. "
-John Furth
 Management Consultant
"The kick in the butt you need to get your screenplay out of your head and on to the page!"
-Olubukola Elegbede
 assistant production manager CBS
"A good and necessary overview of the television writing process."
-Brittny Krone-West
 post-production manager
"This course lifted me up, introduced me to some incredibly talented people, and gave me a forum to do what I love. It was an inspiration."
-Joanna Pellecchia
 financial industry
"The course breaks down the anatomy of what makes a good story. By the end of the class you have the basic framework for developing a full bodied article. "
-Rafael Roy
"This course, taught by an industry professional, allows you to get your feet wet going through the process of creating your own comic, by sketching out ideas, writing part of the script, and pitching it to your peers. "
-Sarah Raven
 elementary school teacher
"If you want to write speculative fiction, take this class!"
-Sean Viall
 IT professional
"If you want to learn basic tv show structure and how to write a spec script, this class is for you."
-Susannah Bohlke
"A perfect guide to writing a spec script (even if you've written one before)."
-Chris Beier
 digital video producer
"An incredibly helpful kick in the butt to get writing seriously."
-Sarah Nannery
 fundraising manager
"It amplified the joy I feel in writing!"
-Noelle Williams
"Learned a lot about writing while laughing very hard. "
-Dodd Ellsworth
 computer programmer
"My writing has improved more than 100%, and I can hardly wait to take another course."
-Diane Calvert
  visual artist
"Taking classes at Gotham is one of the best decisions I have ever made."
-Warren Shaw
"A classroom full of insight."
-Martin Brown
"It was empowering to hear what my fellow students, who were all smart and thoughtful, liked, and it turned out to be not scary to hear what they thought could be improved or made clearer."
-Judy Wailes
 economics analyst
"We were given clear, concrete tools. The course did a great job demystifying the art of fiction writing and fostering confidence. The instructor brought complex concepts down to earth. I will miss coming here every week."
-Miguel Ferrer
"Writing was something I always thought was an unreachable talent. Now I've learned to do it, not dream about it."
-elizabeth connaughton
 Art Director
"This course organized my imagination! I went into class with abstractions galore and emerged with a concrete script. The instructor's enthusiasm was instrumental in driving me onward, as was the enthusiasm of the class as a whole."
-Russ Rock
"I stopped thinking about writing and simply wrote. I've gained a sense of fearlessness."
-Scott Barrow
 Assistant Production Manager
"I finished a first draft of a play which I've wanted to write for a very long time. I couldn't have done it without this class."
-Roslyn Yee
"You can only learn to write by writing. Gotham Writers' Workshop allows you to do that in a supportive environment. It's everything a writer could ask for."
-Sandy Hausler
"I've been a Gotham student for a year now, and I'm amazed at how much my story writing has improved. My instructor has been a very important part of that improvement. I've matured as a writer, and that inspires me to write more."
-Pete Grella
"Since taking Stand-Up Comedy with Gotham, I have been performing in and out of New York City. My payoff came when I accepted a position at ABC radio to write comedy for the morning shows for over 200 affiliates. I owe thanks to Gotham."
-Drew Weisholtz
 ABC Radio
"I learned how to write with clarity and continuity and with a reader in mind. I learned that writing is a continual learning process, constantly evolving as we develop ideas and master techniques."
-Marcy Roberts
 Customer Service Manager
"It's exciting for me to be back in touch with my creative impulse. The course was very inspiring and extremely enjoyable. The instructor is very enthusiastic and seems to care a great deal about his students. It makes me want to continue what I've started. I'm looking forward to the next class."
-Debra Flieg
 Real Estate Leasing Manager
"I learned a great deal. I came into this class with an extremely limited knowledge of the business of selling a screenplay. I now have enough information to approach this aspect of writing with confidence."
-Dan Emmerson
 Graphic Artist
"The instructor did a good job being specific and concrete about a very difficult topic. He addressed issues I have been struggling with for years. I definitely grew as a writer in terms of my knowledge of craft."
-Jacqueline Hardy
"Very few courses that I've taken gave me everything I expected. This one did. The instructor made a difficult and scary experiment turn into a lifelong hobby."
-Ken Shea
 Systems Analyst
"This course is incredible. The instructor loves his material and his students. He is extraordinarily dedicated, always getting work back on time and encouraging us to write more. He is so eager to impart and gain knowledge. Take a class at Gotham. Take it, take it, take it!"
-Erin Bekowies
 Book Publishing Production Associate
 Random House
"I thoroughly enjoyed the course, instructor, and students. This is really the best experience with a course I've had. I thought the instructor's comments were very helpful, not sugarcoated, and were always very insightful and incisive."
-Veronica Hackethal
 Financial Analyst
"Gotham Writers’ Workshop gave me a reason to write, the jump start I needed. It helped me overcome the insecurities about my writing that had kept me silent for years."
-Andrew Oliver
 Manager, Client Accounting
"The instructor made me really want to write every day, an amazing feat considering I spend up to 12 hours a day working as a television news producer. Thanks to this course, I actually lost sleep because I was busy writing. And I was happy about it!"
-Jill Tate
 Network News Producer
"Excellent course. No regrets. It was the springboard I was looking for. I rediscovered my desire to write."
-Judith Rubin
"Gotham gave me my first glimpse into the world of screenwriting. Armed with that knowledge, I packed up and headed for Hollywood. In less than two years, I went from a student in the Screenwriting I class to staff writer on the highest-rated syndicated action hour of the season."
-George Strayton
 Staff Writer
 Xena: Warrior Princess
"Before enrolling in this course, I had been blocked up for years, and what little I was able to write I had great difficulty bringing to completion. I came to Gotham Writers’ Workshop and wrote more in the first five weeks of the term than I had throughout the previous five years combined! If I had realized how inspiring the course was going to be, I’d have enrolled in it years earlier."
-Ed Askinazi
 Film Editor
"The instructor took the mystery out of writing, but not the magic."
-Karin Hogan
 Marketing Consultant
"I loved this class. I learned to enjoy the script I’m working on, and I actually look forward to working on it, instead of dreading it—a considerable accomplishment for me! This is the third writing class I’ve taken in two years and by far my favorite of all three."
-Robin Hoffman
 Pipeline Communications
"The instructor was extremely insightful and offered meaningful, individualized commentary designed to allow for the tremendous growth of each and every potential writer."
-Susan Avery
"This is my third Gotham Writers’ Workshop class. I never wrote a short story before the first. Now I’m hooked and can feel myself improving."
-Colleen Murphy
 Marketing Communications
"I'm writing! That's what I wanted most, and that’s what I got."
-Toi Mooty
"I love that the teacher is in the business herself, so you saw how a song originated from idea to HIT! And when she needed to, she'd pick up her guitar and explain musically."
-Eric Sanchez
"I’ve taken quite a few writing workshops in college and beyond. This is by far the best."
-David Maj
"I learned the power of starting. The schedule of submissions made me start, and wow—I finished two short stories in ten weeks."
-Suzanne O'Donnell
"It was a great course. I learned a lot about myself as a writer, and I felt my work tighten up noticeably. I was able to focus on writing and not fear it."
-Stacey E Scott
 Investment Banking
"If this instructor had been my professor in college, I probably would have chosen writing as a career. He really got me past my shyness and helped me discover abilities I didn’t know I had."
-Muriel Haber
 President & CEO, Management Real Estate Co.
"Every time I've come to class, I've felt as though I'm going to learn something new that I can instantly apply to my work. I've never been wrong."
-Craig Green
 Computer Consultant
"Presentation is simple and engaging. I preferred this to other intensive courses I’ve taken. It was shorter, less expensive, and easier to grasp."
-Ron Herzig
 Senior Copywriter
"I've taken writing classes in half a dozen universities and none have been as comprehensive and informative."
-Mark Alpert
 Graphic Designer
"I really learned the basics—plot, character development, voice, tone…. Everything that was promised was delivered."
-Elese Sullivan
 Freelance Business Writer
"You offer the best writing classes in New York City. Gotham guided me through my apprenticeship and made me a journeyman writer."
-Gilbert Sprague
 Children's Book Author
"The course got me totally back on track as a writer. I feel like a creative artist again."
-Lori White
"The class was truly inspiring. I spent most of the week thinking about our next writing assignment—the class was the high point of my week."
-Leah Frankel
 Computer Programmer/Analyst
"Thanks to Gotham Writers' Workshop I stopped talking and started writing."
-Marjorie Borell
 Results Only Communications
"While I've taken a number of writing courses in the past, this one was the most useful! The instructor conveyed both the core elements and the nuances of business writing."
-Anya Maria Mayans
 Technology Coordinator
"This was a great way to break down the barriers to writing, and get that pen scribbling on paper. Good confidence builder!"
-Agathe Blanchon-Ehrsam
 Management Consultant
"The instructor was one of the most professional and prepared teachers I’ve ever had."
-Mario Gonzalez
 Web Developer
"I learned exactly what I wanted to know: "How to get started"…what to look for, work on, and how to get organized."
-Tracey Brant
 Executive Secretary
"The teacher is clearly passionate and dedicated to the subject matter. Her years of experience provided insights I could not have gained elsewhere."
-Jackie Gibbs
 Social Worker
"The course brought me to a higher consciousness in my ability to read as a 'reader' but more importantly as a writer. The enthusiasm the instructor showed for his writing as well as his enjoyment of teaching were extremely encouraging."
-CJ Carpenter
 Music Production
"FUN! We had lots of laughs, and the instructor made a very comfortable learning environment."
-Kristen Barton
 Account Executive
"The instructor took me in new directions with her unexpected candor, high expectations, and thorough preparations."
-Kathleen Watt
 Graphic Arts
"The instructor was extraordinary. Funny, quick, positive, and very clear. She made the material live, in the sense that her exercises and lectures helped me experience firsthand the joys and challenges of screenwriting."
-Barbara Morris
 Tour Manager
"It was a great intro class to inspire you to write. The teacher's dynamic personality made the seven hours fly by. I got much more than I expected!"
-Sean Patrick
"Unlike many college writing courses, this class gave concrete technique and structure to look at and work toward. It was great to have instincts put into words."
-Heidi Hansen-Young
 Graduate Student
"I definitely learned the hidden secrets of selling something to Hollywood."
-Tom D'Angelo
 Avid Editor/ ScreenWriter
"The instructor did an extraordinary job illuminating this tangled web of the publishing industry."
-Lauren Finley
"I am 51 years old, and this is my first fiction writing course. It was great. It covered all the fundamentals, such as plot, setting, characterization, description, and dialogue, in a clear and comprehensive manner. I am already enrolled in the next Fiction Writing II class."
-Gregg Carter
"I learned a great deal about the craft of writing, and particularly about the complexities involved in science fiction and fantasy writing."
-Briana Tillman
 US Army Captain
"Everything covered in the course is something I will need sooner or later in my career."
-Lucy DeJesus
"I learned everything I wanted to know and was afraid to ask about film and filmmaking. Script Analysis was invaluable to me, especially on the heels of my Screenwriting I class."
-Kiva Wolfe
"I cannot speak highly enough about the resource that Gotham is for writers. We are no longer on that journey alone. We can work at our craft all of the time with qualified, experienced, knowledgeable instructors. Thank you Gotham."
-Pene Patrick
"This is probably the most productive, well-organized class I've ever taken. My intimidations quickly vanished and I really learned."
-Kimberly Haynes-Peterson
"We learned information in one day that it takes years to learn in the writing world."
-Lori Allen
 Freelance Writer
"This course has really helped me to get started writing stories for children. Since taking the course, I have already submitted a story. I could not have gotten to this point without the instructor's help or the class' comments."
-Karen Jones
"In just one day I learned the basics of writing a children's story."
-Alyson Shatsky
"This course expanded my knowledge of all the different types of nonfiction writing, also giving me many useful insider tips."
-Lisa Caputo
"The course is perfect for someone with little or no knowledge of the different types of nonfiction. It gives you a concise, basic understanding of each genre and the basics of how to write in that genre."
-Shelley Belgard
 Textbook Editor
"The instructor created a nurturing and caring environment where it felt safe to open up."
-Deidre Johnson-Cane
 Physical Therapist
"I felt like I was back in the third grade with my favorite teacher, who never judged...only nurtured, supported, and gave me the wings to fly."
-Allyson Slater
"The instructor's presentations were inspiring and her critiques of my writing were dead-on."
-Mary Tahan
 Literary Agent
"The course really taught me and opened my eyes to the world of writing. So much more goes into it that I imagined."
-Missy Posner
"The structure of the course is very well defined and effective. I hated to miss class."
-Fred Rose
"The instructor created an atmosphere so dynamic... each student opened the door to his or her writing potential."
-Sheldon Rifkin
"The instructor's skills as a writer and experience as a theater professional greatly contributed to the success of the course; in addition to advice on craftsmanship, he illuminated the position of theater when considering the production of a new work. This insight is invaluable to a greener playwright aspiring to have a first piece produced."
-Kalle Macrides
 Teaching Artist/Educator
"The instructor had an incredible ability to see where we wanted to take our pieces and to move us in that direction—seemingly of our own volition."
-Jim Fuchs
"The instructor was able to see where you want to go musically and lyrically...he helps you get there."
-Neil Fishman
"The instructor is one of the best I've ever had."
-David Andrews
 Photographer/Web Developer
"The instructor brings a clarity and personal approach to a subject the seemed mysterious and foreboding."
-Alain Espourteille
"This course changed reading for me and made it more relevant."
-Nora Gold
"The best teaching technique I have encountered since I came to America."
-Ekaterina Svetova
 Graphic Designer
"I learned what is needed in a memoir to make it interesting to the reader."
-Agnes Montgomery
"This course was one of the best things I've done for myself to jumpstart my own work."
-Adam Ward
"I've taught music composition for 20 years or more, so I feel I'm well qualified to evaluate the teacher, and he is superb."
-Conrad Cummings
"The one-day intensive workshop was excellent. It allowed me to test the waters, and then I registered for the 10-week session."
-Tsahi Alexander
 Travel Coordinator
"We all read our query letters and that was the highlight of a thoroughly fascinating four hours!"
-Caroline Grist
 Freelance Producer
"The course cleared up quite a few problems for me, and helped with a lot of my grammatical errors."
-Sandra Nixon
 Law Enforcement
"The instructor was incredibly supportive and encouraging. The group was wonderful. What an experience!"
-Susan Oliver
"I learned the essential components of writing children's literature."
-Shirley Disu
 Child Care Director
"Through this course, I was able to better structure, outline, and simplify my memos and documents."
-Karen Russell
"I learned how to harness my sense of humor and translate it into the art of stand-up comedy."
-Adam Mutterperl
"The instructor was well prepared, concise, informative, and—of course—funny!"
-Anne Diamond
"I did not have a lot of background in poetry—and I got some great exposure to different styles/forms and fine examples of each."
-Kalyani Robbins
"The instructor was organized, spirited, humble, involved, and knowledgeable."
-Manav Sachdeva
"I never wrote poetry before, and after this class I feel it's something I will continue to do. It has increased my love of the genre and given me a sense of accomplishment. Thanks for empowering me."
-Sandy Gannon
"I learned all of the basics of children's book writing, from plot to description to characterization to targeting. I feel that I understand the whole enterprise better."
-Kathy Esson
 Social Researcher
"A great course to get one's hands dirty and learn the craft of screenwriting."
-Mandy Sayle
"The instructor was knowledgeable and realistic about all aspects of screenwriting."
-Sheilagh Casey
"The instructor was able to provide constructive and well-meant criticism no matter what the author's style and approach."
-Noah Walley
 Venture Capitalist
"The instructor is one of those teachers that immediately makes you feel you are in the right place. Not only does she have strong command of the material, she delivers it with enthusiasm and the desire to make sure the students really understand."
-Joshua Kornreich
 Investment Analyst
"The instructor cut to the heart of screenwriting. For the novice, he established clear parameters that will enable me to take my idea and write a better screenplay."
-Jeffrey Fox
 Sales Management
"This course taught me the intricacies and hidden details of making a film."
-Jeremy Rice
 Sales Representative
"I learned how to see screenplays and movies with X-ray vision."
-Jon Mangion
"I've taken this class multiple times and continue to get new learning from it."
-Pamela Skillings
 Marketing Executive
"Thanks for this course. I no longer fear an empty page, I attack it."
-Daniel Kahn
"I was introduced to many wonderful books and short stories that I would probably never had read on my own. The reading list was wonderful."
-Francine Caldora
 Legal Secretary
"I can't say enough about what this course has given me. The instructor was incredibly informative and articulate. I’m disappointed it's over."
-Sabrina Cohen
 Interior Designer
"The instructor not only explained what to do, she also explained what not to do."
-Stephen Healey
 Retired Psychotherapist
"The instructor is dedicated to his work, has mastery of his subject, and gives great attention toward helping his students realize their stories."
-Ela Rudolph
 Branch Manager
"The instructor has given me the much-needed kick start, the motivation, and the desire to follow through and finish my writing goals, one line at a time."
-Aaron Mindel
"The course has helped me flesh out where I want to go as a fledgling writer."
-Angela Billings
 Health and Fitness
"I really felt the instructor knew the industry and provided us with the information we needed to develop our scripts."
-Stephanie Sila
 Entertainment & Marketing
"The course is both pragmatic and imaginative. The instructor's analysis of memoir as a separate genre with its own conventions is a real help."
-William Spiegler
 Retired Journalist
"The best writing class I've ever taken."
-Laura Appelman
"The instructor covered the material in a way that was a complete road map for how to write well and get published."
-Priscilla Dunne
 Real Estate Broker
"I learned more in this class than in any of my writing courses in college. It was extremely thorough and applicable."
-Amanda Scott
"I enjoyed all seven hours and the class has really got me excited about enrolling in the ten week course. It was a great experience."
-Michael Sabatino
"Getting published will be a difficult endeavor; however, the process is no longer a mystery. I have a valuable resource and, most importantly, I have two query letters that are almost ready for public consumption."
-Trina Bailey
"The most valuable lesson for me was how to screen potential agents. I have been signed by an agency in the past, only to find out that nothing was being done. Had I taken the course first, this wouldn't have happened, because I would have known what to look for. I also learned that my earlier attempts to contact publishers were likely rejected out of hand due to improper set up and formatting."
-Liane Shaw
"I basically learned the rules of the game. It's not enough to want to write a book...one must know what to do with it afterward, and this course definitely illuminated that for me."
-Alexia Maria Di Fabio
"I was introduced into a world that I knew almost nothing about."
-Raemi Eagle
 Real Esate Sales
"The information was invaluable. It was a great experience."
-Marion Langley
 Retired Educator
"The teacher's real-world experience made her advice very credible."
-Carrie Black
"I further honed my memoir writing abilities and deepened my understanding of the issues unique to memoir."
-Sarah Johnson
"This course has been the greatest resource I've found for furthering my writing education. There are so many elements to study that I intend to take the class again."
-Allyson Finkel
"This was a great introduction to writing poetry. It was very comprehensive, and included useful and informed selections of poetry, poetic forms, and meter."
-Jack Dodd
"I learned a great deal about the art of poetry."
-Tom Connor
" I now have a much greater sense of how and why my poems need revision and considerable motivation to get down to it."
-Sheilah Solomon
 Retired Senior Director
"I have a much deeper appreciation for the work of writing romance novels than I did before starting the course."
-Kristine Nichols
"I think the course is a very good primer for a novice writer, but being a writer with a lot of experience, I was impressed with how the course sharpened my abilities."
-Bob Bowersox
"I found myself able to let go. I did terrible in school when I was younger...a traditional classroom is the last place on Earth I belong. But I'm a totally different person in an online classroom. It was great for me. If high school had been online I would have graduated at the top of my class."
-Rachel Crain
 Health Spa Manager
"Even though the class is online, the teacher is able to transcend the medium, creating an active, committed, effective learning environment."
-sandi behrens
 Instructional Designer
"The course gave me the means to make my writing sharper, better paced, and more persuasive."
-David Goldman
"Having taken and liked a few live Gotham classes, I wanted something truly convenient. The online medium means no time spent waiting for trains, more time to focus on the class material and, ultimately, on writing."
-Nancy Festinger
"It was the best writing experience I've ever had...and I'm 62 years old."
-Margaret Levine
"I learned how to read mysteries with the eye of a writer and how to apply those principles to my own work."
-Fran Levy
 Magazine Writer
"I learned the mechanical aspects of writing a mystery. And I never realized how many categories of mysteries there were. Depending on your writing style, there is a niche out there for you. Without this course I would have remained Don Quixote tilting at windmills."
-Sam Reardon
"This course has given me the boost of self-confidence that I desperately needed."
-Joni Shavlik
 Personal Trainer/Aerobic Instructor
"I equate this class to learning to read music after I've learned to play a few chords. It brought some meaning and clear understanding of some things I was already doing in my writing, and helped me understand how to evolve those fundamentals further."
-John Doherty
"This course permits those of us stuck in the hinterland to get a glimpse of the real world of writing. Short of moving to New York City, the course could not be much better. Forbes was right!"
-Marvin Wilson
"I learned the real dirt on travel writing, such as the myths and inside information you don't see in general travel writing books. Travel writing books I've gotten at the library tend to blue-sky the occupation, and it was gratifying to know the reality behind this profession."
-Gail Overstreet
 Instructional Designer
"From this course, I learned everything that is essential to being a travel writer, whether one wants to pursue travel writing as a career, sideline, or hobby."
-Heidi Theis
"I learned about the ins and outs of travel writing. I also picked up helpful ideas, refined my editing skills, and learned a great deal about other people's interests as readers of travel literature."
-Heather Sulzen
 Graphic Designer
"This course provided much-needed inside information from a person who obviously has been in the business long enough to know."
-Catherine Ennis
 Editorial Assistant
"Insight into the how, when, and why's of getting published. A wonderful doorway to the publishing world."
-Mary Badalamenti
 Retired Educator
"Despite the fact that we were online, the instructor immediately created an atmosphere of warmth, humor, and acceptance in the class. She made herself enormously available and set a tone for enjoyable and rigorous group learning."
-Anne Morgan
"1. Fabulous nuts-and-bolts tips on how to rewrite a script. 2. Bull's-eye suggestions from the instructor and the class on how to improve my script."
-Ed Stubbing
"Screenwriting II allows each student to discuss and apply screenwriting concepts and techniques to our actual work-in-progress. It is a great way to learn the art of screenwriting!"
-Linda Matthews
 Proposal Consultant
"The instructor had a great ability to explain things. If I found myself not understanding, she elaborated, provided examples and guided me."
-Anne Leary
 Unix Database Administrator
"The instructor had a gift for defining and giving clarity to complex subjects. And she has a wonderfully positive way of critiquing work that encourages you to take risks."
-Marty Stephens
 Computer Programmer
"The instructor was terrific. His examples and explanations were easy to understand and his lectures were outstanding."
-Patricia Mikulec
 Computer Consultant
"I loved the instructor—very informed, very interactive, very thoughtful."
-Julia Hollinger
"The instructor had the expertise, due to her experience."
-Thomas Fournier
 Retired Social Worker
"Instructor had an incredible understanding of dialogue."
-Adam Lawson
 Movie Director/Writer
"The instructor was very clear, very direct, and had excellent interaction with the students."
-Mark Shulman
 Children's Book Writer
"The instructor was down-to-earth, knowledgeable, and accessible for questions."
-Jen Hilt
"The instructor made students aware of the difficulty of breaking into the business of being published without being the least bit negative…I feel a lot more optimistic."
-Trevor Peat
"Very informative. The instructor conveys her knowledge and passion for the travel-writing industry very clearly."
-Anne Fitzpatrick
"This course reinforced all the skills from Fiction I and II in a very concrete way."
-Sean Lapides
"I learned that I did have something to say—that the simplest bit of information could be turned into a story."
-Judy Freni
 Business Manager
"The class was structured very well for someone who was intimidated by sharing their work. The environment was warm and safe, which made the workshop process relatively painless."
-Jenny Spaulding
 Graphic Designer
"I couldn't imagine a more complete course. The instructor brought his years of experience to us in very clear and concise lectures. His ability to constructively critique our writing offered inspiration and guidance."
-Nona Lloyd
"This course is wonderful. As a first-time author I was finding a lot of conflicting information about how to get published. This course cleared things up for me."
-Melinda Finn
"I learned the basics of songwriting, including composition of the song, the importance of rhythm and melody, and the different opportunities available for artistic exposure."
-Daiana Bispo
 Receptionist/Club Worker
"The instructor breaks down the art of writing screenplays into an understandable and tangible process. What feels like an albatross at the beginning becomes a manageable goal throughout the course."
-Amy Kitts
 Administrative Coordinator
"The instructor was excellent! She has real knowledge of the music industry and is truly a songwriter. She does this for a living and supports herself from this. She is very talented and offered us help and encouraged us all along the way. She is fantastic at what she does."
-Devon Sangiovanni
"I am just getting back into writing after being away from it for 25 years. The course helped to refresh my memory and to pinpoint the weak and strong areas in my writing."
-Mary Jones
"This course reignited my passion for fiction and writing. I was looking for a match, and this course lit my fuse."
-William Willard
 Police Dispatcher
"I learned to identify the nuts and bolts of a feature piece, and the practical rules for putting putting a feature together."
-Virginia Clark
 Policy Analyst/Civil Servant
"I learned exactly what you promised—craft. I am a much more intelligent reader now, noticing craft in books that I had simply "read" before."
-Heather Ripmeester
"Every single lesson gave great insight into the craft of screenwriting."
-Ben Smiley, Jr.
 Database Coordinator
"I learned about several problems peculiar to science fiction writing, along with multiple possible solutions to each."
-Joseph Carotenuto
 Telecommunications Engineer
"The teacher was a marvel, really committed and making the most of this forum. Her generosity and consistent interest in the students inspired me."
-Sara Fasy
"This course was the missing link between starting my play and finishing it."
-Gregory Phillips
"Very inspiring; I always started my homework on the bus, immediately after leaving class."
-Victoria Porter
 Medical Editor
"The instructor was very enthusiastic about teaching and bringing out the talent, any talent. I think he even squeezed talent out of us."
-Jenn Mancini
 Business Development
"I felt that there was a concise, thorough overview of all key elements. The instructor was warm, receptive, spontaneous, and kept a very natural, comfortable pace throughout all phases of the material. The time flew by and was invigorating, not at all stressful, boring, or numbing."
-Shelia Spencer
"I loved the spirit, energy, and enthusiasm of the instructor—she's infectious!"
-Vicki Eskenazi
 Special Education Administrator
"Bravo! This class reminded me that I can be, want to be, and kinda am a writer!"
-Colleen Kenny
 Managing Editor
"I had not even a clue on how to start writing a play. Now I think I could start and finish one."
-Corinne Dorso
 Asst. to the Treasurer
"I learned the basics of screenwriting and all the components to a great screenplay. I can't wait to sign up for Screenwriting II and take my learning to the next level. This is a great place for writers!"
-Brenda Berry
"This class was wonderful. I learned techniques for writing fiction that I never knew existed."
-Donna Carpenter
"I loved the experience of taking this class. For someone who wants to write but lacks confidence, this is a wonderful vehicle. The fact that I have already signed up for Fiction II and this is only Week 9 speaks for itself."
-Carllie B. Fox
 Retail Sales
"I received the course as a present, and it is the best present anyone has ever given to me."
-Lauren Hershkowitz
 High School Teacher, CPA, Mother
"There were so many "Oh, I finally get it!" moments for me."
-Sara Snyder
 Public Relations
"I can't believe the difference in my writing from the first assignment to the last!"
-Kimberly Maki
"It's one thing to be writing a script, but quite another to sell it. This course is an excellent lesson in marketability."
-Deborah Porter Taylor
"The teacher's open demeanor and availability for question-answering made it easy to ask anything."
-Tomijean Fernandez
 Organizational Development Consultant
"The teacher had a working knowledge of getting writers published, and his insight was invaluable."
-Jessica Thor
 Advertising Executive
"This was a hands-on course, which helped prepare students to get published."
-James Thompson
 Public Relations
"I became better acquainted with the different types of nonfiction writing, and I learned a great deal about my strengths and weaknesses. It has given me an excellent foundation on which to continue to improve my craft as a writer."
-Patricia Garrison
 Public Relations Executive
"Since I am a feature writer in my current job, I feel that this course has helped me perform my work better."
-Terri Mello
"I learned how to write an engaging memoir, where before I had just scribbles of thoughts in a notebook."
-Margret DellaMaggiora
 Corporate VP
"This course really helped move my understanding one step further."
-Meera Feldberg
 Real Estate Assistant
"This instructor is undoubtedly the most exciting and knowledgeable teacher I've ever had."
-Beverly A. Jackson
"I'm glad you exist."
-Ralph A. Leonart
 Attorney & Writer
"I would recommend this course to anyone who is trying to learn the basics of screenwriting."
-Michelle Mchatton
 Insurance Assistant
"The course was very thorough and taught me so many things I had forgotten over the years."
-Chelena Blount
 Executive Assistant
"I learned a lot about the process of scriptwriting and the business of television writing. I couldn't be more pleased."
-Carolyn Mohr
 Stay-at-Home Mom/Lawyer
"This course and the instructor gave me the push and the skills that I needed to work toward completing my first book."
-Dorothy Sims
 Public Relations Director
"This is my third GWW course, and I love them! The instructors are dynamic and experienced, the assignments and booth are useful and motivating, and the other students provide a great, full-bodied experience."
-Laurie Stuart
 ESL Instructor
"The instructor is a great facilitator, guide, and mentor. What a gem!"
-Nitza Agam
"I live in Hong Kong, and I found it fabulously easy to participate in my own time zone and not feel any different."
-Jennifer Chen
 Domestic Engineer
"Gotham really changed my mind about online classes. I'm now about to start my third Gotham class!"
-Jason Shaffner
"This course was undoubtedly the best creative writing workshop I have ever taken."
-Leisel Angwin
 Communications Project Manager
"It was refreshing to hear an insider's perspective."
-Roberta Wood
 Children's Author
"My only writing experience has been police reports and search warrants, so this was a little scary for me. But I really embraced the assignments and the critiques."
-Cynthia Caterson
 Police Officer
"The instructor enjoys poetry so much that his enthusiasm for it automatically infuses you with the same enthusiasm."
-Marne Chadderton
 Retired Legal Secretary
"I've learned that there's a lot more to romance writing than meets the eye."
-Francisco Silva
 Writer and College Instructor
"I learned the mechanics of writing SF, and what makes it SF."
-Geoff Crooks
 Truck Driver
"I started learning from the very first lecture, and my writing improved right from the get-go."
-Mark Gambol
"I started out as a complete playwright novice. After these ten weeks, I have gained an excellent foundation and understanding of this writing genre."
-Sue Lucrezi
"The instructor was generous with her attention to each of us, and I felt she was personally responsible for some "ah-ha!" breakthroughs in improving a piece of writing (mine and others')."
-Elizabeth Drewry
"I just loved the class."
-Megumi Sasaki
 TV Producer
"This course got in-depth with the elements of craft in a way that I hadn't experienced before. It will really inform my writing."
-Abby Caran
"This course really opened my eyes to new insights about literature."
-Brett Juggassar
"The instructor was invaluable in explaining and illustrating how to structure a dramatic piece."
-Dezur Kenna
"Gotham has huge respect for its students."
-Elaine White
 English Language Teacher
"The course is fantastic!"
-Dionisios Efkarpidis
 Television Graphic Artist
"This course really clarified so many areas in Memoir Writing for me—especially how to structure and organize a book-length manuscript."
-Jeanne McNulty
"The instructor was very unintimidating; she seemed real and down to earth in her interactions with the class."
-Virginia Tubeck-Drozd
 Freelance Writer
"I learned a ton about memoir."
-Nancy Jacobs
 Movie Marketing Executive
"I haven't attempted creative writing to be shared in over 30 years so I was very appreciative of the opportunity to jump in and not drown immediately. I learned a great deal about form as well as some interesting things about my style and voice, which I continue to work with daily."
-Pam Bonter
 Business Owner
"I've been studying the elements of the craft for years, yet the instructor was immensely helpful as I work toward completing my novel."
-Sara Humphries
"For the first time, the different genres of nonfiction defined themselves in my mind."
-Jamieson Haverkampf
 Freelance Writer
"This course filled in a lot of blanks for me."
-Valerie Coyle
 Magazine Editor
"Beginning to understand different forms and structures of poetry really opened up my horizons and made me think in different directions"
-Jessica Jones
"The energy and enthusiasm of the instructor were an inspiration, as was as her seemingly boundless knowledge of the genre and writing in general. She was a real mentor and role model."
-Jennifer Wilkinson
"Each time I take a writing course with Gotham I gain new insights"
-Karen Osborne
 Consultant & Trainer
"The course gave me focus and gave me a clear definition of proper structure and how the TV writing process works."
-Kelly Jo Brick
 Creative Director
"The instructor had real-world experience in the actual buying and developing of a screenplay."
-Joseph Dixon
"I learned many new tips that will be helpful in my writing career."
-Sarah Figura
"I learned a lot of details from someone who knows the inside scoop. Some of these topics I already had a broad understanding of, but the teacher gave me so much more information."
-Elizabeth Collins
 Director of Photography
"I was introduced to TV script writing and finished a spec script."
-Anne-Louise DePalo
"This course expanded my thinking on how to get published. I always knew it would not be easy—years of failed attempts proved that—-but I hadn't realized what I was doing wrong that was making it even harder."
-Deanne Tanksley
 Certified Public Accountant
"My overall writing abilities have improved by leaps and bounds, and I have a new understanding of the Speculative Fiction genre."
-Amelia Lewis
 Marketing Manager
"Overall very eye-opening, filled in lots of info about who the players are and how to get to them."
-Kathy Hribar
 Medical Software Consultant
"I had a fairly good grounding in the mechanics of poetry before this course, but I've read and written more poetry during this class than I had in 62 years before!"
-Dianne Meagher
 Retired Teacher
"It helped tap the mine of creativity in me."
-Jane Clark
"I learned how to move to a higher level of writing."
-Charissa Haines
 Associate Pastor
"This course covers all the basics, which are important to focus on no matter what your level of experience."
-John E Hooker
 Medical Writer
"For the first time, I felt like I was getting in touch with a process for my writing that wasn't random or subject to moods."
-Christine Scott

"All aspects of food writing were covered. I left with no questions, just motivation."
-Michele Messina
"The entire experience was pleasurable."
-Katherine Kolendo
 Dramatic Writer
"My main goal in taking this course was to hone the query letter for my novel. The letter I have now is far superior to the one I started out with, and I have a clearer idea of how to compose a query for future projects."
-Phyllis Smith
 College Instructor
"I learned why my query letter was weak, and received ideas on how to make it stronger."
-Cynthia K Garrett
"A great overview of freelancing in just a few hours."
-Nancy Scola
 Policy Advisor
"This course is the ideal place for aspiring writers who are looking for the basic tools of writing."
-Sarah Clapham
 Assistant Producer
"I feel I am firmly on the road to my first book, and I wouldn't be on this road without you guys."
-Helen Newman
"It was creativity boot camp! All the homework and in-class writing assignments were extremely helpful. I have a portfolio now and material to use for different projects."
-Sarah Maxwell
 Financial Services
"I have taken three or four classes at Gotham and have found each instructor extremely well-qualified and a great person."
-Jo (Ann) LoCicero
"I would recommend this course for everyone who writes regardless of experience. Conventions have changed since many people graduated from school."
-Janice Mehringer
"I learned how to get started and how to be patient with my writing. I also learned that I can learn this new craft, even if I feel I am a little bit behind in the experience department."
-Janie Walker
"The course really has made a difference and helped me to recognize more clearly my strengths as well as my weaknesses."
-Lynne Jamiolkoski
 Judicial Assistant
"An ideal way to fix a script that has problems that you are struggling with."
-Nancy Bilyeau
"I can honestly say that I learned more in these six weeks than in other ten weeks courses combined. It's just a pity that it had to end."
-Michaela Grunig
 Investment Banker
"I gained an in-depth knowledge of film. This class is essential to screenwriting."
-Carrie Kauzlarich
"The instructor was wonderful. His weekly comments and lectures were fresh, astute, and delivered in an amusing, funny, charming manner. He is insightful and knowledgeable and rates a "10" in my book. I'm off to Level II!"
-Joseph Wilford
 Fish Buyer
"I really loved this course! The instructor kept my interest in the class, and his constructive criticism made me want to write more and more. It’s great to have the opportunity to explore something that can be so fulfilling. For the first time in 23 years of academics, I did all my homework."
-Stephanie Burke
"I’ve gained tremendously, both in knowledge and understanding of the craft. My confidence as a writer has soared, and I’ve already completed three drafts of a full-length screenplay. The results speak for themselves—I’ll be back."
-Billy Squier
 Singer and Songwriter
"We got work done! This is exactly what should happen in a workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed it."
-Patrick Harewood
 Associate Producer
"I started writing with the first exercise assigned, and I really enjoyed it. I've been writing every day."
-Andrea Morcone
 Library Assistant
"The course offered very useful behind-the-scenes information."
-Marilyn Valenciano
 Social Worker
"The instructor was very motivational, positive, and easy to follow."
-Lisa Farley
"The class was a good grounding in the basics. It clarified and made writing stories much more approachable—a good springboard."
-Debbie Jenkinson
"I have gained a better understanding of my abilities and where I need to concentrate my efforts. The instructor kept things light and understandable."
-Mark Ferrara
"I have been given excellent tools to help organize and create my memoir."
-Jody Gardner
"For me, the most useful thing was to keep writing something every week."
-Elizabeth Baskin
 Creative Director
"The instructor was entertaining and conveyed ideas well."
-Michael Hall
"The instructor created a warm climate that made me feel comfortable and, I think, really drew out all the students in the class. The class had a really nice vibe."
-Melinda Axel
 Business Analyst
"I was very impressed by the instructor's depth of knowledge and his intelligence."
-Karen Bingham
"It was a good overview of the subject of memoir writing. I learned the basic components and where to start."
-Julie Hanssen
 Social Worker
"A very broad spectrum of information for a one-day course."
-Lara Delle Donne
 Ad Sales Coordinator
"We learned a little of every category related to grammar."
-Roger Morrison
"I learned a great deal about the many forms of poetry and developed a greater understanding and appreciation for reading and writing it. A great class."
-Brian Connaughton
"The course has helped me to see more options to choose from in writing poetry, which also helps me to understand different poetic voices."
-Richard Bornstein
"The instructor gives you the tools necessary for success."
-Kye Giscombe
"The instructor has very good suggestions for all the students on how they can improve their writing and performance."
-Alison Moran
 Project Manager
"It's a fun class, and the instructor always has ways to improve your material."
-David Potashnik
"The instructor was a wealth of information on every topic."
-Kate Hustead
 Financial Analyst
"The instructor really illuminated the ins and outs of children's book writing and also opened my eyes to a whole plethora of kids' books."
-Heather Chaet
"I was initially fearful about exposing my writing to others, but the instructor made me feel safe and comfortable."
-Linda Horton
 Camera Technician
"I established a firm foundation. It is a great beginner's course. The instructor was wonderful—very personable, knowledgeable, and she made everyone feel comfortable."
-Anthony Riche
 Clinical Hypnotherapist/Motivational Speaker
"The course covered every aspect of screenwriting, and the instructor gave me tools that improved my grasp of how to write cinematically."
-Jennifer Sotham
"The instructor was informed, funny, down-to-earth, encouraging, and interesting."
-Kathy Halvorson
"This course offered a great outline of the aspects of screenwriting."
-John Diaz
"The group feedback really helped me to hone my script."
-Melanie Bates
"I learned how to take apart a completed work and see its numerous parts."
-Radu Stancut
 Data Analyst
"This course went beyond what I expected. It was amazing!"
-Doug Goodrich
"A great introduction to the craft of writing fiction."
-Kelly Donahue
"The instructor was very effective and efficient in getting to the heart of the piece."
-Mike Coughlan
 Information Technologies
"It definitely helps having an instructor who earns a living as a full-time writer."
-Kelvin Sparks
 Director of Information Technology
"This course was helpful in explaining the different types of children's books one can write and clarifying what age-group each targets."
-Jennifer Alexander
"Good one-day overview. Great examples that I look forward to studying more. I liked the combination of information, topics, examples, and having us writing as well."
-Eliza Bates
"It was an interesting behind the scenes look at the publishing world."
-Carrie Voorhis
"It was a good overview of the business and craft of travel writing. The instructor covered the realities of the business and the essential elements that go into good travel journalism. The instructor also explored the different types of travel writing and how to adapt one idea to different mediums."
-Rise Mattler
"This course provided a source of insight to some of the secrets behind good writing."
-Kymberli Roberts
"I gained perspective on how a work of fiction is created."
-Lisa Neil
"I love the way the course was taught in an organized form with clear topics each week. It made writing seem achievable!"
-Kathryn Veatch
"I learned how to break down the elements of fiction writing and put them back together in a coherent story."
-Elizabeth Seabrook
 Non-Profit Staff
"I found myself surrounded by others who value good writing as much as I do."
-Louis Anzovino
"This was an all around great experience for me—hearing other writers' stories and having my own critiqued."
-Ginger Kuenzel
 Corp. Communications Manager
"I learned what it takes to develop a believable romance novel."
-Kathy Neff
 Store Clerk
"Even though it was online, the teacher's personality came through; she was very caring and involved with her students."
-Harriet Mckenzie
"I learned how to avoid certain pitfalls when writing science fiction."
-Todd Miller
 Graphic Artist
"The instructor was very supportive and eloquent. She was very knowledgeable in her field."
-Mark Chung
"I learned a great deal of the basics of selling a screenplay, a pitch, a log line, etc., as well as some useful directories for info."
-Richard Aab
"This class was an excellent primer in mystery writing."
-Cassandra Ritas
 Policy Analyst
"The course was very full of great information and exercises. I doubt you could fit more in."
-Mary Power
 Graphic Designer
"Everything was built toward the student feeling like a real writer."
-Colin Morton
 Software Support Consultant
"I had always dreamed about writing short stories. The instuctor helped inspire me and made me realize I could write a good story after all."
-Marilyn Bassano
"I learned that writing is a legitimate craft. Gotham encourages you to take your writing seriously."
-Dan McSweeney
"I developed confidence as a writer. I forgot my hesitations and let my imagination and creativity run wild."
-Suzanne Halbardier
"I learned that I can develop my ideas into an interesting story that has a voice and a point-of-view that people want to read."
-Missy Cohen
 Sound Editor
"I learned the importance of planning during the writing process."
-Julia Shaw
"I had never worked with the idea of children's literature and was nervous about what language to use, how detailed to be, et cetera. Both from the instructor and other students, I learned more about "less is more," and how to describe without adjectives."
-Noreen Napolitano
 Computer Software Support
"The instructor made everyone feel welcome."
-Susan Parker
"I learned what to expect from the publishing industry and how to write an effective query letter."
-Dave Mele
"We got lots of nuts and bolts about how to cope with things specific to mystery writing, as distinct from other fiction genres."
-Annie Shaver-Crandell
"My understanding of writing has grown tremendously, as has my desire to write meaningful and entertaining books for children."
-Erica Farr
 Mother & Homemaker

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