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Student Quotes
"The course breaks down the anatomy of what makes a good story. By the end of the class you have the basic framework for developing a full bodied article. "
- Rafael Roy
"Learning from an accomplished writer and editor provides a behind-the-scenes look at the world of media."
- Sarah Ellen Rindsberg
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Article Writing Resource List This list includes recommended books, periodicals, works, and web sites. You may wish to bookmark this page so you can easily return to it.

Articles and Books
Feature Collections
The Best American Magazine Writing
The Best Newspaper Writing
The New Gilded Age
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Profile Collections
Life Stories
Baum, Dan. Nine Lives
Dawidoff, Nicholas. In the Country of Country
Demick, Barbara. Nothing to Envy
Lahr, John. Show and Tell
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Noteworthy Nonfiction Books
Agee, James. Let Us Now Praise Famous Men
Angell, Roger. Five Seasons
Angier, Natalie. Woman
Berendt, John. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
Bernstein, Carl and Woodward, Bob. All the President’s Men
Bissinger, H.G.. Friday Night Lights
Bowden, Mark. Black Hawk Down
Bryson, Bill. A Short History of Nearly Everything
Burrough, Bryan and Helyar, John. Barbarians at the Gate
Capote, Truman. In Cold Blood
Churchill, Winston. The Gathering Storm
Conover, Ted. Newjack
Diamond, Jared. Guns, Germs and Steel
Didion, Joan. Salvador
Dillard, Annie. Pilgrim at Tinker's Creek
Estes, Clarissa Pinkola. Women Who Run With Wolves
Fink, Sheri. Five Days at Memorial
Fisher, M.F.K.
Friedman, Thomas
Gladwell, Malcolm
Gould, Stephen Jay
Gourevitch, Philip
Halberstam, David
Harr, Jonathan. A Civil Action
Harris-Perry, Melissa. Sister Citizen
Hersey, John. Hiroshima
Hillenbrand, Laura
Junger, Sebastian. The Perfect Storm
Kahn, Roger. The Boys of Summer
Kidder, Tracy
Krakauer, Jon
Leblanc, Adrian Nicole. Random Family
Levitt, Steven D. and Dubner, Stephen J.. Freakonomics
Lewis, Michael
Lopez, Barry
Lukas, Anthony. Common Ground
Mailer, Norman. The Executioner’s Song
Malcolm, Janet. The Journalist and the Murderer
Marcus, Greil
Marquez, Gabriel Garcia. The Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor
McCullough, David
McPhee, John
Mitchell, Joseph. Up in the Old Hotel
Morris, Edmund
Orlean, Susan
Pollan, Michael
Prejean, Helen. Dead Man Walking
Remnick, David. Lenin's Tomb
Roach, Mary
Ross, Alex. The Rest is Noise
Sacks, Oliver
Schama, Simon
Schlosser, Eric. Fast Food Nation
Steward, Alison. First Class
Talese, Gay. Honor Thy Father
Terkel, Studs. Working
Thompson, Hunter S.
Tuchman, Barbara. The Guns of August
Wilkerson, Isabel. The Warmth of Other Suns
Winchester, Simon
Wolfe, Tom
Wright, Lawrence
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Noteworthy General Interest Features
Pulitzer Prizes for Features
Bhatia, Aatish. Empirical Zeal
Breslin, Jimmy. A Death in Emergency Room One
Didion, Joan. Holy Water
Gates Jr, Henry Louis. Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Black Man
Gish, Jen. A Short History of the Chinese Restaurant
Jacobs, Jane. Downtown is for People
Jones, Alden. Lard is Good for You
Khatchadourian, Raffi. The Stolen Forests
Laskas, Jeanne Marie. Underworld
Orlean, Susan. Lifelike
Smith, Zadie. Generation Why
Sullivan, John Jeremiah. Leaving Reality
Wolfe, Tom. The Tinkerings of Robert Noyce
Yang, Wesley. Paper Tigers
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Noteworthy Profiles
Breslin, Jimmy. Digging JFK Grave Was His Honor
Orlean, Susan. The Bullfighter Checks Her Makeup
Talese, Gay. Frank Sinatra Has a Cold
Wilkerson, Isabel. First Born, Fast Grown
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Noteworthy Service Articles
PC World Staff. You Are For Sale
Stains, Laurence Roy. I Want My Prostate Back
Venkatesh, Rao. Top Ten Things to Do with Your Own Drone
Williams, Paige. The 60-Day Makeover
Wired Staff. New Rules For Highly Evolved Humans
Yeager, Selene. Project Jeremy
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Magazine/Website - General Interest
National Review
New Republic
New Yorker
The Atlantic
The Nation
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Magazine/Website - Specialty
Architectural Digest
Black Book
Conde Nast Traveler
Entertainment Weekly
Good Housekeeping
Marie Claire
Men's Health
Men's Journal
Mother Jones
National Geographic
National Geographic Traveler
New York
Reader's Digest
Real Simple
Rolling Stone
Runner's World
Sports Illustrated
Teen Vogue
Texas Monthly
The Millions
Travel + Leisure
Vanity Fair
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Magazine/Website - Literary Scene
Mr. Magazine
The Writer
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Chicago Tribune
Los Angeles Times
New York Times
Pro Publica
The Daily Telegraph
The Guardian
The Independent
The Times
USA Today
Wall Street Journal
Washington Post
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ASJA Guide to Freelance Writing
Telling True Stories
Angelotti, Ellyn and Winburn, Jan. Secrets of Prize-Winning Journalism
Blundell, William. The Art and Craft of Feature Writing
Clark, Roy Peter. Help For Writers
Flaherty, Francis. Elements of Story
Freedman, Samuel G.. Letters to a Young Journalist
Grobel, Lawrence. Art of the Interview
Lamott, Anne. Bird by Bird
McBride, Kelly and Rosenstiel, Tom. The New Ethics of Journalism
Stewart, James B.. Follow the Story
Zinsser, William. On Writing Well
Zobel, Louise Purwin. Travel Writer's Handbook
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Agent Query
Editor & Publisher Yearbook
Jeff Herman's Guide to Book Editors, Publishers, and Literary Agents
Literary Marketplace
Writer's Market
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American Press Institute
American Society of Journalists and Authors
American Society of Magazine Editors
Association of Authors' Representatives
National Press Foundation
National Writer's Union
Society of American Travel Writers
Society of Professional Journalists
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Columbia Journalism Review
Excellence in Journalism
Journalist's Toolbox
National Magazine Awards
New Pages
Source Sleuth
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Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory
U.S. Government, Background Notes
U.S. Government, Country Studies
U.S. State Department
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General Resources
Link List
Gotham Reading/Resources Lists
New York Times Navigator
Ref Desk
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Encyclopedia Britannica
First Chapters
Google Earth
Google Maps
Library of Congress
National Geographic Atlas
Poets & Writers Tools for Writers
US Copyright Office
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American Heritage Dictionary
Associated Press Stylebook
Chicago Manual of Style
Merriam-Webster Dictionary/Thesaurus (online)
Oxford English Dictionary (2 volume)
Oxford English Dictionary (20 volume)
Oxford English Dictionary (online)
Purdue Online Writing Lab
Roget's II Thesaurus (alphabetized)
Roget's International Thesaurus (categorized)
Bryson, Bill. Bryson's Dictionary for Writers and Editors
Fogarty, Mignon. Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing
Strunk and White. Elements of Style
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