Chapter 7 - Subplots

The Ring

The only true subplot involves Rachel’s relationship with Noah, her ex boyfriend, and their son, Aidan. Rachel comes to be a better mother, and Noah begins to commit himself to Rachel and Aidan.

Character – Rachel takes care of her son, but is not overly involved in his deeper life. As she explores the mystery of the videotape, she learns to listen to her son more closely.

Plot – Noah, a video expert, examines the video for Rachel, and when Aidan watches the video, Rachel and Noah take on the full responsibility of parents, doing everything in their power to save the life of their son.

Theme – It seems that the movie is exploring the repercussions of not hearing a child’s needs, and this subplot echoes that theme. Turns out, however, that this isn’t really the theme. (For clarification, see the theme question.)

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