Chapter 8 - Plot II

Assignment 1 - My Best Friend’s Wedding

We see that Julianne is a powerful food critic by the way a chef hustles to serve her a perfect meal. 

We see that Julianne is highly discriminating by the way she samples the food. We sense she is also discriminating with her men, so much so they never last long.

We learn that Michael is a close friend with whom Julianne once had a brief fling. She says they’re just friends, but the way she says it indicates there are deep feelings there.

We see that Julianne is not overly emotional by her confession that she doesn’t cry much. 

We learn that Julianne and Michael made a pact to marry each other if they’re both still single at 28, and we learn that Julianne is almost 28. 

We see Julianne’s easy rapport with Michael by the way she talks with him on the phone.

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