Chapter 8 - Plot II

Assignment 1 - Igby Goes Down

We see Igby and his brother trying to kill their mother and discussing it rather dispassionately. We don’t know why, but we know Igby is not a normal kid and this is not a normal family.

In flashback, we see Igby catching on to his father’s depression. 

In flashback, at a family dinner, we see that Igby’s mother is a controlling monster and his father is teetering on the brink of insanity, none of which is lost on Igby. 

In flashback, we see Igby hiding in a closet until all his birthday guests go home, signaling the kid is messed up. 

We see the headmaster of a prep school tell Igby’s mother that Igby has flunked out, after which his mother berates and beats him in the hallway. She mostly mad at how it reflects on her. This gives a good glimpse of both Igby’s home and school life. 

We see Igby getting high at military school, then covering up the evidence in cunning ways; he’s not a model student. 

We see Igby being terrorized by older kids at military school; he’s not a class president type.

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