How To Sell Your Screenplay

Learn the most effective steps and techniques for selling screenplays from a movie industry insider—a producer or development executive.

You’ve spent months, maybe years, sweating and swearing over a screenplay. Why not spend just a little time learning how to maximize your chance of selling the script? There is no sure path or magic formula for making the sale, but there are definite Do’s and Don’t’s and there are time-tested steps to follow. We won’t tell you it’s impossible and we won’t tell you it’s easy. We will give you a realistic understanding of the movie industry and a wealth of things you can do to help launch a career as a screenwriter.

Among the topics covered: overview of the market, script presentation, how to create great pitches,  how to research and target agents and producers, effective ways to make contact, how to send your materials, deciphering rejections, understanding contracts, making connections, managing your screenwriting as a business.

You will get hands-on practice crafting the all-important pitch plus time for questions. Whether you’re writing for the indie or mainstream market, you will gain a realistic understanding of how to get a movie deal.

It's one thing to be writing a script, but quite another to sell it. This course is an excellent lesson in marketability.
Deborah Porter Taylor