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Inside Writing is a Zoom talk show happening every Wednesday afternoon from 1-2 pm, Eastern Time—where the host and guests (writers, agents, editors) discuss the inside scoop on publishing and writing.

The host is Josh Sippie, the maestro of the Gotham Writers Conference. The guests will be ever-changing, each episode focusing on a particular genre or aspect of writing.

Audience members will be able to ask questions.

Inside Writing Season 4 “The Professionals,” starts August 4th. One-on-one interviews with people who have carved out creative careers for themselves.

Inside Writing Seasons 1, 2 and 3 have concluded. Season 1 dealt with publishing books, Season 2 with publishing short pieces, and Season 3 with the writing life. All seasons can be found on YouTube, or on any major podcast platform.

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I like how honest and straightforward both guest speakers were about the publishing industry. They were transparent and helpful in finding neat ways to build a platform and stand out to a potential agent or publishing company!
Claire Taylor
vocal performer/composer

Inside Writing

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Upcoming shows:

Inside Writing—Shawn Alexander Allen

Wednesday December 1, 1–2 pm et

Shawn Alexander Allen is an artist, writer, designer, organizer, and critic.  He is the initial founder of NuChallenger, a games company focused on creating dope art and culture. Shawn has spent 14+ years in games as game designer, artist, animator, writer, trailer editor, producer, and music publisher. Liker of tweets, obsessed with action movies, poetry, sneakers, Black history, and Hip-Hop culture.

Inside Writing—Eric Smith

Wednesday December 8, 1–2 pm et

Eric Smith is a Young Adult author of such books as Don't Read The CommentsThe Geek's Guide To Dating, and the forthcoming You Can Go Your Own Way. He is also a literary agent at PS Literary.


Inside Writing—Shawn Alexander Allen
Wed, Dec 1, 1–2 pm et
Zoom Conference

Inside Writing—Eric Smith
Wed, Dec 8, 1–2 pm et
Zoom Conference