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Here we take you inside the world of writing and publishing from right inside your home.

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Inside Writing is a Zoom talk show happening every Wednesday afternoon from 1-2 pm, Eastern Time—where three fascinating people (host, agent, writer) discuss the inside scoop on publishing and writing.

The host is Josh Sippie, the maestro of the Gotham Writers Conference. The guest agent and writer will be ever-changing, each episode focusing on a particular genre—memoir, novel, YA, SFF, etc.

Audience members will be able to ask questions.

And after each show, if you have a book project in the week’s genre, we invite you to pitch it in on Twitter, with the hashtag #PitGotham. We’ll choose our favorites and pass them on to the week’s agent for feedback, which will also be posted on Twitter.

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It's like one of those really informative, inspiring industry coffee dates we used to be allowed to have all the time. Great people generously sharing what they know in response to honest questions.
Tyler Spicer
director/producer for theatre and film

Inside Writing

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