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Inside Writing is a Zoom talk show happening every Wednesday afternoon from 1-2 pm, Eastern Time—where three fascinating people (host + two guests: writers, agents, editors) discuss the inside scoop on publishing and writing.

The host is Josh Sippie, the maestro of the Gotham Writers Conference. The guests will be ever-changing, each episode focusing on a particular genre or aspect of writing.

Audience members will be able to ask questions.

Inside Writing Seasons 1 and 2 have concluded. Season 1 dealt with publishing books and Season 2 dealt with publishing short pieces. Both seasons can be found on YouTube, or on any major podcast platform.

Inside Writing Season 3 begins March 10th. Season 3 will cover The Writing Life—social media, writer's block, making money, and many other parts of being a writer outside of just getting the words down on the page.

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The guests were honest, forthright and clear about how they approach their work, their challenges and how they overcome them. Very helpful to an aspiring writer. The moderator asked excellent questions at the end of the session (some from attendees) and provided a sense of completion to the chat.
Maxine Schackman
clinical psychologist

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Upcoming shows:

Inside Social Media

Wednesday March 10, 1-2 PM Eastern Time

featuring agent Eric Smith and writer Malinda Lo.

Inside Writer’s Block

Wednesday March 17, 1-2 PM Eastern Time

featuring writers Athena Dixon and Amy Alkon.

Inside Writing vs. Life

Wednesday March 24, 1-2 PM Eastern Time

featuring writers Sarah McColl and Daniel José Older.

Inside Writing Contests

Wednesday March 31, 1-2 PM Eastern Time

featuring writer Seth Fried and editor Dani Hedlund.


Inside Social Media
Wed, Mar 10, 1–2 pm et
Zoom Conference

Inside Writer’s Block
Wed, Mar 17, 1–2 pm et
Zoom Conference

Inside Writing vs. Life
Wed, Mar 24, 1–2 pm et
Zoom Conference

Inside Writing Contests
Wed, Mar 31, 1–2 pm et
Zoom Conference