Just Write

Do you find it hard to get yourself in a chair to write for a good stretch of time? If so, you’re not alone.

That’s the beauty of Just Write. You gather with a group of writers once a week for three hours and you…just write. You work on a project of your choosing, which can be any type of writing—novel, script, memoir, stand-up routine, etc.

A teacher is present, offering brief features: words of wisdom, discussion, intentions for the coming week. You can participate or just keep writing.

Whether you’re charging through a rough draft or refining your work, you’ll find this a valuable time to get something done.


This is a cross-genre course, applicable to any kind of writing.

It really made me write. Just having to show up once a week forced me to get down to business. I got more done in the six week period than in the last year.
Wende Persons
retired marketing consultant

Just Write | Level I

6-week Class

NYC info, tuition: $185
     Registration fee $25, paid once per term

Discounts do not apply

This course gives you the time and space to write, on a project of your choosing. It’s not an instructional or critique class. Course components:

  • Writing time
  • Brief features—words of wisdom, discussion, intentions for the coming week

Just Write is for anyone who wants to write. Students must be 18 years or older.


 May 27
Wed, 7–10 pm et
555 8th Ave.
 May 28
Thu, 10 am–1 pm et
555 8th Ave.