Novel Writing

A novel is a world into which a reader disappears for hours or days at a time, navigating through time and space and human psychology. We live with the characters, be they a glamorous bootlegger living the high life, or a mixed-up teenager on hiatus from prep school, or a neurotic woman trying to lose weight and land a man.
Writing a novel is a long haul—a steep climb over hundreds of pages that must work as a unified and engrossing whole. Here you will learn the specialized techniques of novel writing and how to market your work.
If you’re up for the challenge, we’ll show you how to write a novel to remember.


Fiction I encompasses short stories and novels. After Level I, students have a choice of Fiction II/III (focusing on short stories), or Novel II/III (focusing on novels).
If you are working on “genre” fiction, you may take either a Fiction/Novel course or one of our genre courses: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Romance, Mystery.
If you are working on a YA novel, you may take a Fiction/Novel or “genre” course, or you may take a Children’s Book course, where the full spectrum of children’s books will be covered.

This course helped me have a major writing breakthrough. Very exciting!
Maggie Tsavaris
law professor

Novel Writing I

There is no Novel Writing I.

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Novel Writing | Level II

10-week Workshop

NYC info, tuition: $425 (returning students: $395)
Online info, tuition: $399 (returning students: $369)
Registration fee $25, paid once per term

One-on-One tuition: $1745 Request consultation

This course helps you sharpen your skills at novel writing and work toward completion of a novel. Writers often repeat Novel II to continue their projects. Course components:

  • Lectures
  • Workshopping of student projects (each student presenting work three times)

Prerequisite: Fiction Writing I (10-week), or the equivalent. Students must be 18 years or older.

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