Check Out Our Newest Event: Inside Writing

Since our NYC Friday Night Write-Ins are on hold, we will be offering free Zoom Write-Ins on Fridays. They will be 75 minutes long. We won’t be able to serve refreshments, but it’s a nice chance to write and mingle. And…it’s free. We’ll put new Write-In sessions on the schedule every week. Please only sign up for one Write-In on a given day.

The Zoom Write-Ins fill up quickly. The best way to get “in the door” is to be on our mailing list, so you’re notified as soon as new Write-Ins are posted.

Already registered? Join your Zoom class in the Gotham Student Center.

Do you wish there was a place you could go for writing inspiration and practice? Where you could hang out with other writers? Without needing to make a long-term commitment or spend a lot of money? With food and drink involved?

Gotham Write-Ins are that place.

Here’s what happens. The teacher gives an interesting writing prompt. Everyone writes for a while. Then volunteers may read their work aloud. You take a break and socialize over refreshments. Then you go through the process one more time. Then you socialize a little more. It’s two hours of writer’s heaven.

No pressure, no critiquing, no angst...

Just untamed creativity.

No matter what type of writing you favor, this class is sure to shake up some fresh ideas.

The Write-Ins are only in New York City, but we love when out-of-town people come for a visit.

You can sign up in advance or you can just drop in.

Each session costs $20. Or you can buy a pass for three sessions for $45.


For walk-in registrations, we only accept cash.

If you arrive more than 15 minutes late, you may be turned away. If you have pre-enrolled, you will be given credit for another session.

When you purchase a three-session pass, you must designate specific dates for your three sessions. If you wish to change any date, you must do so before that session begins. Call Gotham and arrange to have your date changed.

Write-In Credit & Refund Policy

If you withdraw from a Write-In two hours or more before it begins, you’re welcome to a full Gotham credit toward another Write-In. No refunds are available.

All Gotham credits are good for one year.

The Write-In is a great way to break through writer's block. It is a laid back environment where you can get away from everything, put pen to paper, and meet some nice people.
Will Ferraro
speech writer


75-minute Zoom Write-In

Place & Price

  • Zoom: real-time videoconference  info
    tuition: free
We take enrollments for the free Zoom Friday Write-In
on Thursdays starting at 1pm Eastern Time.
Not offered online.


2-hour NYC Write-In

Place & Price

  • NYC: in-person, on hold now
    tuition: $20
We take enrollments for the free Zoom Friday Write-In
on Thursdays starting at 1pm Eastern Time.
Not offered online. Check NYC listings.