Writing Scripts 101

Do you dream of seeing your work performed, up there, somewhere? A spellbinding movie. An addictive TV show. A gripping play. The thrill of dramatic writing is that, if you’re lucky, you get to see your work soar to life once all the elements—the work of directors, designers, cast, crew—are added to the vision of your script.

Here you will gain an introduction to writing for movies, TV, and plays, and you’ll also learn techniques fundamental to all forms of dramatic writing. It’s a sampler platter, with no pressure to work on a specific project or settle on which type of dramatic writing you prefer.

If you’re eager to enter the excitement of writing scripts, the show begins right here.


This course includes screenwriting, TV writing, and playwriting.

The 101 courses do not include workshopping of student projects, but students write and receive feedback on writing exercises and assignments.

This 101 course gave me a good, first foothold as to the type of writer I want to be.
Rodolfo Flores
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Writing Scripts 101 | Level I

6-week Class

Online info, tuition: $309
NYC info, tuition: $325
Registration fee $25, paid once per term

One-on-One tuition: $1095 Request consultation

This course explores types of scriptwriting, and the techniques that go with them. Course components:

  • Lectures
  • Writing exercises

Writing Scripts 101 is for beginners or anyone who wants a refresher. Students must be 18 years or older.

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