Class Location: 520 8th Ave., 3rd Floor

Between 37th & 36th Streets

Directions by Subwayb_shad.jped_shad.jpem_shad.jpef_shad.jpe to 34th St.-Herald Sq.
n_shad.jpeq_shad.jper_shad.jpe to 34th St.-Herald Sq.
1_shad.jpe2_shad.jpe3_shad.jpe to 34th St.
a_shad.jpec_shad.jpee_shad.jpe to 34th St.
Directions by BusM10, M11, M16 or M20 to 36 St.
M34 to 8 Ave.
Handicapped AccessibleYes
Map It!520 8th Ave., 3rd Floor