Blog Boost

Available either in NYC or long distance.

You have a blog that you’re proud of. You’re posting content on a regular basis. Now you want to reach a wider audience, beyond family and friends.

How do you acquire more visitors—hundreds or thousands a month? How do you earn money off your blog? How do you become a real player in the blogosphere?

Blog Boost will show you the path to success.

The service is available at a Beginning or Advanced level (both customized for each student).

Beginning – The right choice if you have little idea how to grow an audience for your blog. You will learn about networking, social media presence, and branding. The aim is to establish your blog as a go-to place in its field, whether you’re blogging about babies, business, or biotech.

Advanced – The right choice if you’re somewhat savvy about promoting your blog, but you need help expanding your audience and (perhaps) monetizing your blog. You will learn to monitor your audience with Google Analytics, as well as learn about aggregators, advertising, and social media marketing. (For this level, we recommend using the Premium or Business version of Wordpress.)

If you’re not sure which level is right with you, we can help you decide.

Tuition: $450

Blog Boost is offered in-person in New York City or long-distance.

It’s a five-hour package that includes three, separate, hour-long meetings with your Blog Boost expert and an additional two hours between sessions for your expert to research the blog’s subject matter and adjust the developmental process to your individual needs and goals.

The first session will be a discussion of your goals with introductory material, while the second and third session will be individualized growth strategy for your blog. You will be given homework after each meeting and your expert will be available for questions between sessions via email.

NYC Version
You meet for a total of three hours at the Gotham Headquarters with your Blog Boost expert.

Long-Distance Version
You meet with your Blog Boost expert for a total of three hours either over the phone or via Zoom.

(For an overview of all elements of blogging, try our Blog Basics course. To focus on writing, try our Blog Writing course. To set up a blog, try our One-on-One Blog Launch.)

For a free consultation, please complete the form below. If you have questions, call 212-974-8377.

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