Evaluation Agents

Available either in NYC or long distance.

Here's a list of agents available to do Agent Evaluation Quickies. We are always adding more.

Amy Bishop is a literary agent at Dystel, Goderich & Bourret. She is interested in upmarket/literary fiction, bookclub fiction, literary suspense. In terms of nonfiction, she’s interested in history (with a special place for untold or overlooked stories about women or people of color), science, current affairs, cultural criticism, investigative deep dives, and prescriptive work for a millennial audience. Prior to joining Dystel, Goderich & Bourret, she had a brief stint as the subsidiary/financials assistant, then transitioned into assisting Jane Dystel and serving as the office manager. She holds her BA in Creative Writing from SUNY Geneseo.

Jon Darga is a literary agent at Aevitas, where he represents both fiction and nonfiction. Prior to Aevitas, he worked as an editor at Crown, a division within Penguin Random House. He attended the Columbia University Publishing Course and holds a BA in English and Creative Writing from the University of Michigan.

Naomi Davis is a literary agent at BookEnds Literary Agency. Naomi seeks dynamic, character-driven adult and young adult titles in fantasy, sci-fi, and romance. LGBTQ+ elements and diversity in all fiction are a particular plus. Naomi is particularly passionate about finding new fantasy and sci-fi settings with unique magical structures that surprise the reader and change the rules readers associate with those worlds.

Samantha Fabien is a literary agent at Root Literary. She previously interned and worked part-time at three agencies: Ayesha Pande Literary, Writers House, and Chalberg & Sussman prior to working as a literary agent and international rights manager at the Laura Dail Literary agency. Samantha also works with events and organizations like DVcon and The New York Writing Room among others. She graduated from the Columbia Publishing Course in 2016 and holds a BA in Public Relations and Journalism from Seton Hall University.

Claire Friedman is a literary agent at Inkwell Management, where she represents fiction with a commercial hook, narrative nonfiction, and young adult and children’s books. Prior to joining InkWell, Claire spent three years working for her local indie bookstore, The King’s English before interning at Don Congdon Associates. She holds a BA in English and History from Columbia University.

Sharon Pelletier is a senior agent at Dystel, Goderich & Bouret. She is especially seeking upmarket fiction, including unexpected suspense fiction; smart, complex women’s fiction; and hearty, unforgettable book club fiction. On the nonfiction side Sharon is eager for compelling, fierce narrative nonfiction by journalists and experts, and emerging voices with a growing platform who can speak to pop culture, feminism, crime, social justice, and/or religion. Prior to joining Dystel, Goderich & Bourret, she worked for Europa Editions, Vantage Press, and Barnes & Noble.

Dani Segelbaum is a literary agent at Carol Mann Agency. She hopes to work with authors from diverse backgrounds to tell stories that are important to them. Her typical preferences include narrative nonfiction, contemporary fiction, memoir, women’s fiction, popular culture, and lifestyle. Prior to New Leaf, she was an editorial assistant at HarperCollins Publishers. She holds a BA in Journalism and Political Science from Boston University's College of Communication.

J. L. Stermer is an agent at New Leaf Literary & Media, where she represents both fiction and nonfiction projects. She was previously a part of the literary team at UTA, and prior to that served as an agent/contracts director at the Donald Maass Literary Agency.