Feature Article Writing I — Syllabus

Introduction to Feature Article Writing: Feature articles defined. You are not the story. Facts and fairness. Journalism today. Types of features. Ideas. Angles.

Anatomy of a Feature Article: Structure—lead, nut graph, body, kicker, outlines. Narrative thread and theme. Moving parts—facts, quotes, people, scene. Point of view. Hed/dek.

Reporting: Good reporting. Sources. Interviewing. Using quotes. Accuracy.

The Process: Rundown on the process of writing a feature—idea, pitch, reporting, making sense of research, lead/nut graph, outline, quotes, writing.

Profiles: Choosing a subject. Anatomy of a profile. Profile interviews. Capture a person.

Description/Voice: Description techniques—sensory, specificity, creativity, the best words. An eye for details. What is voice? Publication voice. Voice of the lead. Finding your voice.

Branching Out: Hard news. Roundups. Service articles.

Tricks of the Trade: A collection of insider advice: The Human Factor. Suspense. Writing tight. Transitions. Attribution with quotes. Something special.

Pitching: Selling articles. The publication landscape. Homing in. Query letters. Sending out/hearing back.

The Working Journalist: Working with an editor. Building a career—money, relationships, self-promotion, blogs. Finding your specialty and specialized talents.

Note: Content may vary among individual classes.