Article Writing I — Syllabus

Introduction to Feature Article Writing: Feature articles defined. Types of features. Timeliness. Angles. How to find ideas. Targeting an audience. Tips on becoming a journalist.

Anatomy of an Article: Basic article structure-lead, nut graf, body, kicker. Theme. Working parts—factual summary, people, quotes, scene. Point of view. Titles.

Reporting: Tenets of good reporting. Exploration of various research resources. Research through people and “hanging out." How to conduct an interview. Using quotes. Accuracy.

Profiles: Choosing subjects. Basic profile structure—lead, nut graf, body, kicker. Tips for interviewing profile subjects. How to “capture" a person in print.

Leads, Nut Grafs, Kickers: Tips for writing effective leads, nut grafs, and kickers.

Body Structure: Techniques for crafting an effective body structure.

Description: Using the senses. Specificity. Techniques for creativity. Finding the right words. An eye for details. Writing tight. Subjective vs. Objective.

Voice: Voice defined. Exploration of the various types of voice. Understanding style-syntax, diction, and paragraph length. Tips for finding your voice.

Pitching: Query letters. Clip files. How to target editors and publications. Contracts.

The Process: Exploration of the various stages of the writing process.

Note: Content may vary among individual classes.