Article Writing II — Syllabus

New York City/Zoom classes

The syllabus varies from teacher to teacher, term to term. But many of the topics will be similar to those covered in the Online classes.

Online classes

The Well-Tempered Article: Concept. Reporting. Structure. The human factor. Professionalism.

Idea Machine: Infinite angles. Timeliness. Idea stimulators. Be systematic.

Reporting for Gold: Homework. Interviewing. Hanging around. Facts and human factor. Using what you have.

Focus: Calibrating the angle. Finding the theme. Focusing on angle and theme.

Story Elements: Scene. Characters. Emotion. Humor.

Story Structure: Classic storytelling. Chronology. Blocks. Suspense. Unconventional structure.

Point of View: First person. Second person. Third person.

Branching Out: Saleables—advice, roundup, really short, front of book. Personal takes—opinion, memoir, personal essay, reviews, columns, blogs. Bonus features—graphics, charts, graphs, sidebars. Books.

Pitch Like a Pro: Fundamentals—a great idea, match the publication, pitching. Insider stuff—know people, be the one, time-sensitive stories, dexterity.

Read Me: Clarity. Concreteness. Nouns and verbs. Rhythm. Flair.

Note: Content may vary among individual classes.