Blog Writing — Syllabus

Concept: What is blog writing? Types of blog posts—personal experience, opinion, reviews, advice, news/updates. Focusing your blog—concept, audience, uniqueness, posts. Company blogs.

Point: The importance of a point to each post. Finding a fresh or interesting point. Ways to make your point. Creating effective headlines.

Structure: Types of structure—inverted pyramid, feature article, list, story, other options. Creating effective openings. Planning a post.

Voice: Defining and achieving voice. Exploring various voices. Stylistic tips—rhythm, verbs, interesting words, senses, emphasis. Smartness and sarcasm.

Credibility: The difference between subjective and objective obligations. Reliability—accuracy, provability, specificity. Using revision to achieve professionalism. Making your case on the About page. Transparency about payments.

Aside From Writing: Visuals—graphics and site design. Commitment—planning and sticking to it. Audience—spreading the word and interacting with your audience. Money—ways to make money with a blog

Note: Content may vary among individual classes.