Essay & Opinion Writing II — Syllabus

Reading Like a Writer: Reading widely. The essayist’s eye.

The Essay Market : Literary vs. commercial outlets. Finding the right approach. Query letter clinic.

Better Op-Eds: Capitalizing on the Rule of Three. Avoiding logical fallacies. Persuasion vs. ranting.

Reviews and Criticism: The nuances of mutual regard. Structuring long-form reviews. Was this review helpful to you?

The Art of the Personal Narrative: Hybrid forms. Alternative structures. News pegs.

Video Essays: Marrying visuals and story. Structure. Choosing your look.

Best Beginnings: Introducing your beginning to your ending. Locating the heart. Alternative approaches

Scenes in Essays: Weaving scenes into narrative and criticism. Reconstructing dialogue. Status details in stage direction.

Magical Thinking: Imagination in essay writing. Make the most of speculation. Magic realism in nonfiction.

Artful Revision: An essay’s evolution. Revising on deadline. Omitting needless words.

Note: Content may vary among individual classes.