Hit Send: Publishing Short Nonfiction — Syllabus

New York City/Zoom classes

The syllabus varies from teacher to teacher, term to term. But many of the topics will be similar to those covered in the Online classes.

Online classes

The Pitching Life: Perks of the pitching life. Setting your goals. What is your expertise and/or platform? Pitching basics.

Who Wants My Writing?: Finding a home for your work. Narrowing the field. Doing reconnaissance. Listening for voice and tone. Moving up the ladder.

Getting The Job (And Getting It Done): Understanding the editor's dilemma. Making contact. Query letter basics. The art of the successful pitch. Query letter FAQs. Before you hit send. Handling it when you hear “No". What to do when it's a “Yes."

The Work of the Working Writer: Getting paid and how much. Contracts, rights, negotiating for more. Should you accept a fee of $0? Conducting research. What it means to deliver the goods. Working with an editor. Getting “killed". Promoting yourself. Making time for the work. Keys to success.

Note: Content may vary among individual classes.