Blog Basics — Syllabus

The Blogosphere (and You): The spectrum of blogs. Types of blogs—diary, opinion, news/updates, reviews/advice, other. Reasons to blog—money, platform, express/share/be heard. Blog concept. Finding your concept. Blog names.

Setting Up Your Blog: Hosted platforms. Self-hosted platforms—software, web hosts, domain registration. Names—blog, domain, platform. Design. Posts. About page. Widgets/plug-ins. Labeling—categories, tags, favorites, recents, permalinks, archives. Links—internal and external, pingbacks, cited sources. Blogroll. Images,video, audio. Comments. Subscriptions—email, RSS.

Creating Content: Frequency. Length. Focus. Good blog writing. Ideas. Voice. Snark. Spicing up your posts. Mixing it up—images/video/audio/cited sources. Professionalism. Legal issues. Dangers of blogging.

Connecting to the World: Search engines. Keywords and tags. Links—direct, internal, from other blogs, enticements. Tracking traffic. Interacting with visitors. Social media—networks, microblogs, bookmarking, sharing sites. Making money—advertisements, merchandising, contributions. Freelance blogging.

Note: Content may vary among individual classes.