Memoir Writing II - Book — Syllabus

This course is for writers working on book-length memoirs. (All Level II students should start with Memoir II-a. Then, if you are writing a book and wish to continue with your study, you would follow it with Memoir II-Book. Offered only online.)

Online classes

Who Cares?:
How to make readers care about your story. Finding the right focus. Ways to entice—literary finesse, time/place, wisdom, humor. Finding the universality.

The Journey: Finding the journey of the protagonist (you). Protagonist's desire. The arc of the protagonist. The climax.

Designing Your Life: Structuring the book. Chronological structure. Collage structure. Organizing principle structure. How to find the right design.

Playing With Time: Finding the right time frame. Flashbacks. Flash-forwards. Fluidity.

The Narrator: Importance of the narrator. Exploration of voice. The youthful voice. Action and reflection. Non-first person strategies. Tense. Eccentricities.

The Cast: Choosing the cast (who will appear). Bringing characters to life. Relationships. The tribute memoir.

Family Memoir: Exploration of the family memoir. Bringing broad appeal. The role of family. The role of you. Strategies for structuring the family memoir.

Tributaries: Subplots. Background information. Specialized information. Managing the tributaries.

Plumbing the Depths: Delving into memories. Delving into pain. Dealing with the issue of hurting people in your memoir.

Publishing a Book: When you need a book proposal. Basics of the book proposal. Soliciting agents and publishing house. Tips for maximizing your chance of publishing a book.

Note: Content may vary among individual classes.