Playwriting II — Syllabus

Conflict: Protagonist and antagonist. Rising conflict. Demonstrating vs. dramatizing. Making it a fair fight.

Character Arc: Premise and character. Transitions. Seeds of change.

Objectives: Making objectives specific and potent. Linking objectives to image. Objectives from an actor's point of view.

Scene Structure and Beats: Progression of beats. Progression of scenes. Progression of play.

Dialogue as Action: Uses of dialogue—objective, distortion, presentation. Subtext. Tone. Argument and exposition.

Subtext and Context: Surface motivations. Subconscious motivations.

Setting and Sets: How time and place affect the action and tone. Setting and style. How many setting and sets? Type of theatricality.

Theme and Image: Understanding theme. Dramatizing theme. Translating theme into image.

The Climactic Event: The moment of decision. The final showdown. Problems to look for. Group structure. Using the climactic event to keep you on track.

Collaboration: Readings. Full productions. Choosing a Director. Casting. Speaking Up. Too Many Cooks. Embrace Your Oddities and Imperfections.

Note: Content may vary among individual classes.