Romance Writing I — Syllabus

Introduction to Romance Writing: What is a romance novel? Types of romance novels. How to choose a type. Studying romance novels.

The heroic couple. The heroine. The hero. Character descriptions. Creating characters. Bringing characters to life.

Romance plots. Problems and solutions. Planning a plot. Cause and effect.

The developing relationship. Lust vs. love. Pulling the couple together and keeping them apart. Love scenes. Sexual tension. Finding the right resolution.

Starting a story. Scenes and chapters. Story elements—narrative, flashback, suspense, pacing, foreshadowing, the switch.

Point of View: Point of view types—first person and various types of third person. Which POV to use. Choosing the POV character. The author's voice.

The benefit of dialogue. How dialogue is real but not real. Handling dialogue. Dialogue mechanics.

Setting: How to choose a setting. Political correctness. Research.

Reviewing your work. Tips for revision. Diagnosing romance novel “problems."

The Business:
The ins and outs of publishing. Self-publishing. The submission process. Agents and editors.

Note: Content may vary among individual classes.