Romance Writing II — Syllabus

Getting Started: The bones of a romance. Structuring a story. Scenes and chapters. Beginnings. Apt details. Narrative flow. Creative rule-breaking.

Planning & Outlining: Developing plot/conflict. Plotting techniques. Outlines.

Conflict & Plot: Conflict—problem, solution, tension. Strengthening the conflict. Backstory and hidden story. Subplots and secondary characters. Plausibility and coincidence. Cause and effect.

Things that Stump the Best of Us: Boring backstory. Ponderous pacing. Troublesome transitions.

Battle of the Sexes: Exploring a multitude of ways in which men and women are (generally) different.

Love Scenes: Sweet to spicy. How much sex? Satisfying love scenes. Things to avoid.

Writing a Series: Types of series. Building a world. Pros and cons of creating a series.

Writing the Synopsis: The importance of a synopsis. Synopsis vs. outline. Creating a great synopsis.

Traditional Publishing: Agents. Creating the perfect pitch. The submission process. Getting an offer. Contracts. The publishing process. The professional writer.

Independent Publishing: Types of independent publishing. Editing. Formatting. Cover design. E-books. Printed books. Marketing and promotion.

Note: Content may vary among individual classes.