Songwriting I — Syllabus

This course concentrates on the study of lyrics and includes an introduction to melody, harmony, rhythm, and music production.

Introduction to Songwriting Structure: Four basic song structures and templates. Creating “listing” lyrics. Titles and opening lines.

The Classic Form: Standard AABA form. Types of rhyme. Literary devices. Stresses.

Contemporary Songwriting Styles: Verse/Chorus form and variations. Crafting memorable verses, choruses, and bridges. Generating stronger themes and ideas. Set and setting.

Blues and Ballad/AAA Forms: Classic types. In a contemporary setting.

Sharpening Your Craft: Creating strong memorable, melodies. Exploring rhythm and harmony.

Scaffolding Strategies: Combining lyrics and music effectively. Pre-choruses, choruses, and bridges.

The Art of Collaboration: Team songwriting. Plot, character, and storytelling. Musical thinking.

Beyond Radio: Writing for film, TV, theater, and advertising. Developing a unique personal style.

Song Demo Tech: Overview of music production. Creating an effective song demo.

The Business of Music: Royalty streams, performing rights organizations, Publishing—master and synch rights. Songwriters associations.

Note: Content may vary among individual classes.