Songwriting II — Syllabus

This course focuses on both individual and collaborative songwriting with an emphasis on the creative process from multiple angles to assist the student in developing a variety of skills and approaches.

Refresher of Songwriting Basics I: Nuts and bolts. Historical overview.

Refresher of Songwriting Basics II: Form. Structures. Templates.

The Art of Collaboration I: Team songwriting. Plot/character/storytelling. Musical thinking

The Art of Collaboration II: Song as an imperative in the music industry. Strategies for making a living as a songwriter. Finding the right team. Setting music to lyrics/lyrics to music.

Integrating Music Technology: Rundown on music technology. Music-making tools (programs and programming). Crafting strong demos.

Techniques: Structural aspects—“hearing” rhythm, rhyme, and form. Making smart compositional decisions. Hooks.

Sharpening Your Collaborative Craft I: Co-writing models—lyricist/composer, Nashville, production-driven

Sharpening Your Collaborative Craft II: In-class co-writing and partner projects.

Song Sharing: In-class performances. In-class lyric readings.

The Business of Songwriting: Royalty streams. Performing rights organizations. Overview of publishing, master, and synch rights. Songwriters associations.

Note: Content may vary among individual classes.