Stand-Up Comedy Writing — Syllabus

What is a Joke?: Joke analysis. Subject/point of view/twist. Information part/funny part.

Point of View 1: Understanding point of view. Working on material for established comics to practice point of view.

Ways to Improve a Joke 1: Editing. Repetition. Shock. Choosing the best words.

Ways to Improve a Joke 2: Joke dissection. Adapting to circumstance. Adding relevance.

The Audience: Knowing your audience. How to appeal to a particular audience.

The Performer: Discovering your persona. Communicating your persona. Timing.

Point of View 2: Find out what others think is funny about you. Refine your persona.

Prepare for Show 1: Assemble your act. Microphone and stage technique. Working on delivery. Rehearsal.

Prepare for Show 2: Continuation of above.

Note: Content may vary among individual classes.