Free Events

We do free classes and other fun things around New York City—at bookstores, bars, Bryant Park, etc. It’s our way of showcasing what we do and getting to know you. Show up to get a little Gotham in your life.

We have concocted some super-cool Zoom events to offer during the challenging days of the Coronavirus.

And these are completely free.

A Zoom version of our NYC Friday Write-In. For 75 minutes, every Friday afternoon and evening, you write off the top of your head from writing prompts supplied by your instructor. Volunteers may share their work. We also do a little mingling, and you’re welcome to bring your own refreshments.

Inside Writing
Inside Writing is our new Zoom talk show! Every other Wednesday afternoon, we supply a peek into the world of writing and publishing, each show focusing on a particular genre—memoir, novel, YA, SFF, etc. Host Josh Sippie entertains a pair of guests each show, a writer and agent/editor specializing in the featured genre.

How to Sign Up
We open up registration for the next Write-In and Inside Writing every Thursday afternoon, which we announce via an email blast. The best way to be assured a spot is to get on our mailing list, so you’re notified as soon as these events are posted.

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We don't have any events scheduled at the moment. Please check back soon.