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Learn how to write a script in 10 weeks and also how to market yourself and your script for the industry.
TV Writing
Dan Noble
I've gone so often to the threshhold and yet never stepped over. This teacher enabled me to take that 'giant leap,' for which I'm very grateful.
Hit Send: Publishing Short Nonfiction
Joan Pyke
Valuable crash course in the nuts and bolts of getting your book published.
How To Get Published
Pearl Chen
communications instructor
A soul searching, cathartic, life changing, validating experience that was way more than just a writing course.
Memoir Writing
Chantal Hewitt
While most online courses out there seem to be pretty ineffective, I was very surprised by the quality of the instructor and the amount of positive and realistic criticism I received in the course. Worth every penny.
Poetry Writing
Richard Cheatham
law case assistant
You learn a lot about fiction, the writing process...and yourself.
Fiction Writing
Tom Poldre
public relations executive
There is no pressure, and keeping that in mind allows you to be expressive without worrying about your grade or what others are going to think.
Creative Writing 101
Lori Martucci
sales coordinator
Great information about writing, wonderful thought-provoking exercises, and no pressure to produce a great work.
Creative Writing 101
Lisa Marie Smith
I learned valuable lessons that will help me achieve my goal of furthering my career.
Business Writing
Nada Polanco
grant writer
Loved every minute of the six weeks and cannot believe it is over.
Creative Writing 101
Cathy Rossano
sales manager
This is less of a course, more of a life experience: an opportunity to perform in a real stand-up comedy show.
Stand-Up Comedy Writing
Kerry Weinstein
Truly inspirational!
Creative Writing 101
Alexis Foxx
lab tech
I've taken a few other online writing classes, and this one stands out as the best by far. This course was worth every penny. Bravo!
Laura Curvin
web editor
This is the best writing class I’ve taken. The quality of instruction was superb, and the small class size allowed a lot of feedback.
Creative Nonfiction 101
David Marino
I learned more in this course than I could possibly write here. The instructor was amazing online. The best I've ever had and I have taken 7 online courses at various places. My understanding of the issues related to writing a novel is light years ahead of where it was prior to the class.
Novel Writing
Barbara Seith
managing director
This course is for writers who want to be authors and realize that to do that they need to dedicate themselves to regularly writing, regular honest critiquing, and continuous learning about their writing process.
Children’s Book Writing
Wendy LeBolt
exercise physiologist
I tell my friends (and anyone who will listen) that Gotham is such a powerful way to improve and deepen writing skills.
Fiction Writing
Laura Cook
video editor
This class gives you an excellent foundation in stand-up comedy writing, plus great performance tips so you will be killing audiences in no time.
Stand-Up Comedy Writing
Alejandro Borrero
I have grown more in these 10 weeks with Gotham than in an entire year on my own.
Fiction Writing
Will Pharis
theater teacher
Great way to learn how to become a songwriter, and taught by a successful, professional, well-respected songwriter.
John Newman
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