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It's a great course to get you up and writing. The exercises are short enough so you can get them done if you're busy, and deep enough for you to learn the principle being taught.
Creative Writing 101
Brenda Noonan
technical writer
I have no idea if I will ever publish anything, but I did learn that writing is fun and interacting with other writers is fun.
Creative Writing 101
Forrest Zell
bar manager
A great gateway to begin my writing journey.
Fiction Writing
Andrew King
I learned several key techniques that have completely altered my approach to character development.
Jessica Groenendijk
I think taking an online class is brilliant because you can access the class 24/7. I love the break down of the lecture, the notebook, the class discussion, and the booth. Most of all, this class got me writing for 10 weeks straight! With interactivity, you feel you want to write. You have a purpose and a goal so you prioritize it. And you feel like you're getting somewhere. I've taken Gotham's classes before and I will take them again—they're awesome.
Marilyn Miller
The perfect introduction to the mechanics of writing fiction and story telling.
Fiction Writing
Cristine Brooks
museum fundraiser
There is so much to learn about the publishing process and this course is a necessity.
Nonfiction Book Proposal
Greg Bredemeier
This was an excellent introduction to speculative fiction writing and a great course for someone who has never read a book on writing craft or attempted to write before.
Science Fiction & Fantasy Writing
Steven Howel
us army officer
In this course, you get an MFA quality instructor and a very talented peer cohort.
Fiction Writing
Gregory Rizzolo
I had no knowledge of this subject before taking this class...I now know how to format a scipt correctly and what is needed to produce an effective TV script.
TV Writing
AnneMarie Jones
trademark administrator
Magical! Beyond expectations. I wished it wouldn’t end.
Memoir Writing
Sarina Prabasi
nonprofit CEO
A fine overview of what speculative fiction is all about.
Science Fiction & Fantasy Writing
Wana Perry
retired executive
The combination of writing exercises and group feedback gave me the direction I never experienced in any other writing class. This class and instructor inspired me to finally do what I’d dreamed about doing for years.
Fiction Writing
Gabriella Contestabile
training director
If you've ever wondered whether you've got a poet hiding inside you, this course most surely will bring this voice forth.
Poetry Writing
Benjamin Field
business development manager
The knowledge I gained regarding plotting in a mere three weeks was incredible!
Tracy Begland
The instructor sparked my creativity and helped me focus on what my work as a writer should be. His advice guides much of what I write.
Feature Article Writing
Nicholas Troilo
newspaper columnist
The teacher's advice and suggestions for improvements were spot on and eagerly awaited.
Creative Nonfiction 101
Tina Silverman
A great introduction to writing crime and mystery novels.
Mystery Writing
Christina Paschyn
This is, by far, the most exciting course I have ever taken!
Fiction Writing
Lucie Tanguay
marketing consultant
This is an incredibly motivating class that focuses both on the tactics of getting a novel onto paper and the process of keeping those ideas flowing.
Novel Writing
John Adams
communications manager
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