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Gotham has found the perfect balance of freedom, knowledge, insight, and support.
Fiction Writing
Mariana Frias Vega
audio engineer
This instructor is the best I have ever had, including all of my professors in both undergraduate and medical school.
Poetry Writing
Gigi Gabrielle
psychiatrist and painter
It helps you distinguish between the various types of nonfiction writing to determine where you are on the spectrum and what to study next.
Creative Nonfiction 101
Brian Shannon
The course helps you immerse yourself in the cogs and gears of what makes for great SF.
Science Fiction & Fantasy Writing
Ashley Jacobs
It's like learning from a best friend, that's how comfortable I was.
Jezebel Lizette Hernandez
I have tried before to get a handle on the children's book writing process. I have taken a course elsewhere, read books, visited websites, and have been frustrated. I started in this course a little unsure, but finished with renewed confidence and an almost complete children's chapter book.
Children’s Book Writing
Julie Gay
college professor
This course explores, quite successfully, the elements of craft one needs to acquire to elevate one's playwriting skills.
Asher Gelman
You'll be blogging by the end & learning how promote your blog. I highly recommend it.
Blog Basics
Holly Warah
I honestly loved the critiques of my instructor. She used praise but at the same time gave feedback, in a good way, on what to work on.
True Story: Teen Creative Nonfiction
Christine Alcordo
A course with great content and a great instructor, that makes us love writing even more than we already do.
Unbound: Teen Creative Writing
Maria Francisca Alegra Baptista
The feedback from our instructor as well as classmates was specific, insightful, encouraging, and essential in taking a project that had existed only in my head before the class and getting it onto paper with some degree of hope and confidence that it's actually worth pursuing.
Fiction Writing
Sara Shukla
A real-world look at the business of writing for television that gave me the tools and motivation to write my first spec script. I'm confident that I can use what I learned to break into the industry.
TV Writing
Chris Neyman
commercial music composer
I came out of the class with a short story that, after a few revisions, I will feel confident in submitting to a publication.
Fiction Writing
Mitch Herzog
A fun introduction to the elements that come together to make a successful screenplay.
Sarah Parvis
book editor
An absolute necessity if you wish to become a children's books author.
Children’s Book Writing
Dino Bianchinotti
This course made me a better writer, without a doubt.
Fiction Writing
Ari Loeb
circus performer
I feel like I've made my story so much better in just a few short months. Thank you!
Children’s Book Writing
Colleen Craig
marketing research director
For the firs time, in a long time, I got back into the habit of writing. My only regret is not being able to take the actual classes in New York and have ongoing in person dialogue. But my geographical location and sliding Canadian dollar is no fault of the workshop - unless of course, the workshop is neck-deep in some international financial conspiracy aimed at yours truly. You guys don't seem like the types to do that though - but that almost gives you the perfect alibi.
Creative Writing 101
Joel Brown
I understand now that to be taken seriously I must perfect all business communications and edit, edit, edit.
Business Writing
Colleen Steele
assistant corporate secretary
This course was exactly what I needed. Now I feel so inspired and motivated to keep writing, hopefully to the point where I'll eventually complete my first book. The instructor's down-to-earth, informative, and very encouraging style of teaching made all the difference. Was well worth it. Can't wait to do it again!
Fiction Writing
Franca DiMaso
sales coordinator
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