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An inspirational experience, mind-expanding and unique.
Fiction Writing
Lori Cohen
A great introduction to the idea of memoir.
Memoir Writing
Erich Ball
united nations officer
A fantastic introductory course on writing fiction.
Fiction Writing
Celia Anderson
respiratory therapist
Science Fiction Writing I provided a wonderful step-by-step guide to the basics of writing compelling science fiction, covering everything from inventing a story line to plot and character development to the essentials of world-building. The class also propelled me into a community of writers, who bonded together in a supportive environment.
Science Fiction & Fantasy Writing
Laurie Pine
communications specialist
I rode the train home scribbling ideas in a notebook. The next morning I got up and wrote another chapter of an easy-reader book I'm experimenting with. As I wrote, I thought about all I'd learned in class about character development, believable dialogue, confict and resolution, and making the whole thing interesting to a youngster. I can't think of a better investment of my time than to spend a Saturday in this class!
Children’s Book Writing
Linda Post
corporate communications
Many people in this class had break-throughs and began to really write their life.
Memoir Writing
Anne Rudig
director of communication
A great how-to class for executing a book proposal. By the end of it, I had a clear guideline and was ready to roll.
Nonfiction Book Proposal
Elizabeth McCourt
I was intimidated by starting a mystery novel even though I really wanted to write one. Now I'm not afraid of it.
Mystery Writing
Wanda Craig
management consultant
A fantastic journey into yourself.
Memoir Writing
Jennifer French
This course was an effective, engaging, and energizing approach to writing dialogue.
Dialogue Writing
Tammy de Chabert
administrative assistant
A wonderful synthesis of budding writers, interesting topics, and a supportive atmosphere, all under the guidance of a knowledgeable and published writer.
Travel Writing
Elise Crane
public affairs specialist
This is an intensive, extremely smart four-week master plan for creating the perfect nonfiction proposal.
Nonfiction Book Proposal
Tim Hall
Learn how to write a script in 10 weeks and also how to market yourself and your script for the industry.
TV Writing
Dan Noble
All writers struggle in isolation so it's been buoying to connect with other writers in a non-competitive arena.
Mystery Writing
Nina Graci
After taking this course, I feel I have the tools necessary to write and publish an article from beginning to end.
Article Writing
Amy Yadron
pet sitter
This course re-introduced me to my writing self, so it was invaluable!
Food Writing
Melissa Alling
english professor
This is an excellent course to learn screenwriting basics and to discover if screenwriting is an activity you want to pursue.
Jerry Klein
A great overview of nonfiction writing genres and a chance to try your hand at all of them and see what you might like to delve deeper into.
Creative Nonfiction 101
Celeste Gventer
This class helped me to fall in love with writing. Before this class I had no experience with fiction writing and now I feel like I have a good set of skills to start writing on my own.
Fiction Writing
Atava Garcia Swiecicki
Learned a lot about writing while laughing very hard.
Humor Writing
Dodd Ellsworth
computer programmer
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