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The feeback will give you a new perspective on your writing.
Business Writing
Juliana Caporali
marketing communications lead
I didn't know I would get so much out of a course, much less an online one. This was not only my first writing class, but my first online class in general, and I'd recommend this to any of my friends and acquaintances who show an interest.
Fiction Writing
Heather Gadol
I'd like to thank you for getting me writing again. I've been staring at blank pages and blank screens for about two years.
Creative Writing 101
Faith Airey
This class taught me so much about the craft of writing children's books. It grew my love of books even more!
Children’s Book Writing
Maria Hanley
early childhood dance educator
I had no knowledge of this subject before taking this class...I now know how to format a scipt correctly and what is needed to produce an effective TV script.
TV Writing
AnneMarie Jones
trademark administrator
This course helped me sculpt and polish my work so that others might enjoy it, in print. Wish me luck!
Children’s Book Writing
Kathy Nieber-Lathrop
retired school counselor
I learned the nuts and bolts of memoir. Specifically, I got connected to the process of writing, and the course took it out of the theoretical and made it real for me.
Memoir Writing
Drew Hastings
performing artist/writer
Gotham Writers' Workshop has proved a priceless resource for our members, and writers around the world. Their skilled instruction, convenient class schedules, and student-faculty exchange are without equal.
John Johnson
executive director
It's such a rewarding way to step out of your comfort zone and feel like you've truly accomplished something, to perform stand-up.
Stand-Up Comedy Writing
Heather Akers
A great way to force yourself to work on songs to help you grow while meeting wonderful like-minded people who are nothing but supportive and kind.
Amy Grossman-Galarza
I feel ignited by what I now know, and more hopeful that I will continue to write and learn.
Fiction Writing
Helen Merino
dog handler
The instructor had an almost uncanny ability to spot the key elements necessary to make a good story great.
Robert Watson
environmental advocate
It was an absolute thrill and quite inspirational.
Fiction Writing
Elise Brancheau
opera singer
This course was more than a writing class--it was a writing circle--a place where writers who care deeply about their craft come together to practice and refine it.
Article Writing
Bonnie Walker
I loved the online experience. The convenience of being able to study in my own home, and connect with people thousands of miles away. I think it's better than an actual classroom. It allows a more flexible schedule—if you get interrupted, you can just stop and catch up later.…
Fiction Writing
Brenda Sorrels
A great way to learn the craft of playwriting from those involved in the business and creative process of writing plays.
Joseph Williams
corporate Mmanagement
If it weren't for online classes, I would still be picking up those Gotham course bulletins and not finding a time when I could take a live class. It's almost 4am now, and I am getting a lot of work done. PLUS, we had classmates in Tokyo, California, Israel, Ontario, Oregon, etc. Priceless mix of people.
Fiction Writing
Theresa Barry
This is a great course for anyone wishing to create some unique and promising humor pieces.
Humor Writing
Donna Lucas
high school english teacher
Even my editor, a former senior editor at Oxford University Press was taken aback by my satisfaction with the course. So, she's looking into herself.
Fiction Writing
Mia Hankins
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