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The instructor was one of the most articulate teachers I've had on any subject. She was also perceptive and highly intuitive. She was able to illuminate strengths and weaknesses in my writing with precision. She obviously cares about writing and about giving others the tools that will enable them to experience the rewards of writing something well.
Fiction Writing
Lisa M. Maranto
tax attorney
An amazing experience that helps young writers transform themselves into the author they want to become.
Unbound: Teen Creative Writing
Lucas Van De Mosselaer
I loved the course. It was one of the best investments of time, money, effort I've made in a very long time.
Fiction Writing
Fernando Veranes
Writer's block ends during class!
Memoir Writing
Elizabeth Mauran
company president
Quite simply, this course and the instructor have changed my life. I went from wanting to write to actively, obsessively, constantly writing—and certainly better than I ever have before. My gratitude to GWW is infinite.
Fiction Writing
Mary Lynn Reed
This course has completely revitalized me as a writer, giving me tremendous new perspectives. I feel that I'm now equipped to do great things.
Fiction Writing
Roger Bonner
writer/ english teacher
The teacher was a guiding force of light and inspiration.
Kara Peters
drama teacher
I recommend the class for anyone even the slightest bit curious about what it's like to be a stand-up comedian.
Stand-Up Comedy Writing
Calvin Henderson
IT technician
The instructor had an almost uncanny ability to spot the key elements necessary to make a good story great.
Robert Watson
environmental advocate
It's a comprehensive, step-by-step course that teaches you how to write a TV Pilot and market it.
TV Writing
Juliana Beckett
This is now my third class at Gotham and every teacher has been top notch.
Children’s Book Writing
Paula Heaphy
illustrator/textile designer
I felt I was part of a group of people who care about creative writing and literature—a new experience for me.
Memoir Writing
Janelle Trees
Before the course, I had many ideas on screenwriting that I had acquired from reading books and attending lectures, but they remained more or less abstract notions. This course was invaluable in helping me attain a more concrete and illuminating understanding of the craft. It feels like someone has flipped the light switch on.
Script Analysis
Raj Mahtani
I heartily recommend Gotham Writers' Workshop screenwriting workshops. Their reputation for providing expert instruction, small class size, and extensive student-teacher interaction is unbeatable.
Frank Colin
vice president
An inspirational experience, mind-expanding and unique.
Fiction Writing
Lori Cohen
A to Z on mystery. I really liked the way this was organized, climaxing with the Business.
Mystery Writing
Lara Ruth
digital marketing
[The Instructor] is a joyful and energetic raconteur who entertains, educates and always encourages. He is the Big Bang of ideas.
Creative Writing 101
Michael Bennett
michael bennett, rehabilitation physician
The processes taught in the course serve as an invaluable framework for thinking about the story to be told.
Fiction Writing
Nicholas Hayes
business executive
This program will give you increased confidence in your business writing ability. You will learn how to craft your messages to cause your intended impact, and discover your own personal, yet professional, style.
Business Writing
Ellyn Stein
executive development trainer
This course has been fantastic for re-starting my poetic endeavors.
Poetry Writing
Justin Chapman
HS english teacher
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