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This course was a huge help in driving my confidence as a writer.
Creative Nonfiction 101
Maria Vitale
public relations coordinator
What I liked most was how "real" the class and the instructor were--no cyberspace feeling. Communication was responsive, there was lots of interaction between instructor and students. I thought the whole thing was great.
Memoir Writing
Susan Jordan
attorney at law
A very eye-opening experience that has allowed me to realize that there are other ways of looking at the world and in-turn taking those perceptions and writing something about them.
Creative Writing 101
Stephanie Eilebrecht
data entry specialist
I would definitely recommend Gotham as a way to start a writing journey, recommit yourself to writing, or to simply let your creative juices flow and imagination fly.
Children’s Book Writing
Samantha Lizzio
editorial assistant
This course provided the support I needed to get working on a romance novel. I am already looking forward to taking the next course.
Romance Writing
Sara Frost
aviation program manager
This definitely is a good starting point for anyone interested in diving more into writing for stage, movies, or TV.
Writing Scripts 101
Briant Happ
marine surveyor
I feel like I've made my story so much better in just a few short months. Thank you!
Children’s Book Writing
Colleen Craig
marketing research director
This class was a wonderful mix of lecture, assignments, exchanges, and critiques. I've learned so much. My technique has improved, and I will continue to refer to the lectures as I write my memoir.
Memoir Writing
Deborah Lehman
freelance journalist
You might feel weird about an online class, in the sense that you may not get the same benefits as being in a classroom, BUT you get so much. Printable lectures, feedback, teacher accessibility and even a weekly lounge for touching base and meeting the others.
Children’s Book Writing
Suzanne Cerreta
The course and the instructor have awakened in me a passion for writing I didn’t know I had.
Creative Writing 101
Sandra Feria
office assistant
The most practical and useful writing class I've ever taken, and that from someone who never liked school.
Fiction Writing
Andrew Glasser
tax accountant
Phrases I would use are "achievable deadlines for working people", "constructive critiques from an eagle-eyed instructor" and "bloody good course". Am I allowed to swear?
Fiction Writing
Rebecca Reader
English language teacher
i didn't feel intimidated, having never written poetry before.
Poetry Writing
Marie Moss
I felt as though we had a real mentor who genuinely cared about making our writing better and seeing us get it out into the world.
Article Writing
Erica Jackey
account manager
This is an intensive, extremely smart four-week master plan for creating the perfect nonfiction proposal.
Nonfiction Book Proposal
Tim Hall
I left this course better equipped to pursue my publishing goals.
How To Get Published
Maureen Dolbeare
I completed the course feeling that I was a better songwriter.
Neil OHagan
I was apprehensive at first about taking an online class since I am not a computer expert, and also because I wondered about a class with no face-to-face interaction. However, taking this class on the computer was so simple, I never felt intimidated. I also felt like I came to know both the instructor and the other students through their comments and class discussion.
Memoir Writing
Julia Gentile
retired attorney
Very good intensive on setting up a blog.
Blog Basics
Catherine Vitale
If you're at all interested in playwriting, even if you have no idea what you want to write about, you must take this course.
Kevin Hopps
TV animation writer
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