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A great place to begin if you've ever asked yourself the question, "What kind of writer do I want to be?"
Creative Writing 101
Zarak Jan
united nations staff member
I would certainly repeat this exact course from the same instructor because his level of instruction was that good.
Mystery Writing
Kelly Horn
freelance researcher
A wonderful opportunity to mine the creative ore buried deep down inside of you. It's there, I know, because I found it in me!
Creative Writing 101
Naomi Miller
A very in-depth, intellectually stimulating and mind-opening experience with a lot of good psychology lessons.
Lori Cohen
If you want to pursue your dream of being a science-fiction writer, this course will open your imagination.
Science Fiction & Fantasy Writing
Pamela Henderson
This class taught me so much about the craft of writing children's books. It grew my love of books even more!
Children’s Book Writing
Maria Hanley
early childhood dance educator
Magazines and books about writing are fine, but this course provides vital contact with the real world of fiction writing.
Fiction Writing
Tom Mooney
I am writing more now than I have in years and I look forward to taking another class soon.
Memoir Writing
Lisa Goris
production manager
A great introduction to reading, writing and understanding poetry!
Poetry Writing
Genevieve Heritier
retired teacher
This course was a superb resource for concise how-to knowledge with a practical punch. I especially enjoyed how the class material is spiced with personal tips and insider perspectives.
How To Get Published
Erin Brown Conroy
univ. prof./writer/speaker/mom of 13
The teacher is extremely smart and insightful and has given me terrific help with my writing.
Fiction Writing
Frances Howard-Snyder
philosophy professor
I felt I stepped into a magical world inhabited by inspiring characters, ideas, writers and a very well-versed and supportive instructor.
Children’s Book Writing
Ioana Cristina Serban
ESL teacher
Supportive and incredibly instructive, with enough backup material for a year of study.
Fiction Writing
Gary Boyd
nuclear engineer
Gotham Writers is an essential part of the New York experience.
Creative Nonfiction 101
Wayne Taylor
It's amazing and fun.
Unbound: Teen Creative Writing
Makena Fox
Excellent. Inspiring. Motivating.
Children’s Book Writing
Faiza Ambah
The course swiftly awakened my literary instincts.
Creative Writing 101
Licelle Cobrador
immigration attorney
The best part was how the instructor brought it to life. He provided a safe environment to stretch and try things. His encouragement, constructive criticism and suggestions provided the basis for a complete and fun learning experience.
Children’s Book Writing
Denise Flannery
strategic Consultant
This course gave me more insight into game writing. Even though I've been studying it for two years, I had a billion questions with no solid answer. The instructor and the lessons cleared up a lot for me.
Video Game Writing
Tiffani Martin
receptionist at Wargaming
The best way to get readers and critiques from your peers before submitting your work to agents and publishers.
Novel Writing
Norma-Jean Callahan
real estate development
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