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I feel my writing skills have improved ten-fold and I am now armed with the knowledge I need to continue working on my craft.
Fiction Writing
Jennifer Wyman
A great and exciting introduction to the art and craft of poetry.
Poetry Writing
Kate Sparks
Try to imagine the Lord of the Rings trilogy without Gandalf. That's what my life was like before I met my instructor. I would say three words to anyone considering a Gotham course: Do it now!
Fiction Writing
Rois Beal
If you've ever had a voice somewhere inside you, urging you to give this a try, if for no other reason than to say you tried, this is a wonderful way to do it.
Fiction Writing
Stuart Hill
What a great way to get your arms around everything that goes into travel writing.
Travel Writing
Dave Ambrose
business analyst
Great and informative!
TV Writing
Mel Bedford
television director
One of the best decisions I've ever made. Improved my writing incredibly.
Fiction Writing
Linda Burgess
An excellent primer for writing speculative fiction.
Science Fiction & Fantasy Writing
Lily Idle
A liberating and positive introduction to creative writing.
Creative Writing 101
Nadia Wassef
I was intimidated by starting a mystery novel even though I really wanted to write one. Now I'm not afraid of it.
Mystery Writing
Wanda Craig
management consultant
If you want to know the subtle nuances of the industry as well as the work involved to story build for video games, this course is an awesome way to get started.
Video Game Writing
Angela Horst
stay-at-home mother
As a must-take if one is at all interested in fiction writing.
Fiction Writing
Barry Gold
scientist & consultant
The instructor brought his years of experience to us, and writers seldom get that without already having an agent.
How To Get Published
Deirdre Sinnott
writer & literary critic
This course simply took me further along on the endless journey of writing. It's the little things along the way—the images, the control, the fine-tuning: the artistry of the word—that demand mastery. That's what I am learning.
Fiction Writing
Glenys Loewen-Thomas
writing & literature instructor
A great introduction to reading, writing and understanding poetry!
Poetry Writing
Genevieve Heritier
retired teacher
The instructor gave a complete and thorough class that hit upon the entire process of memoir writing. With almost every point she had an example that clearly illustrated the topic. The writing exercises were perfect and helped communicate the points even more.
Memoir Writing
Britta Larsen
An excellent way to fall in love with writing again.
Fiction Writing
Chloe Sehr
freelance writer
I believe everyone has a writer inside of them, and this class is a great place to learn how to let him/her out.
Fiction Writing
David Black
advertising creative
This course is absolutely necessary to the beginning blogger.
Blog Basics
Fawn Hahnenberg
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