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I had many epiphanies. Thank you.
Fiction Writing
Jennifer Daugherty
middle school English teacher
A great overview of nonfiction writing genres and a chance to try your hand at all of them and see what you might like to delve deeper into.
Creative Nonfiction 101
Celeste Gventer
A must for anyone seeking to publish a book! I really don't know how I would have managed without it.
How To Get Published
Rana Hanna
freelance writer
The course offers sound fundamental instruction for any poet, from the beginner to the poet seeking to refine his or her voice and skills.
Poetry Writing
Renee DeHoll
The instructor was incredibly helpful and made sense of what writing for video games entails. Until now, I had no understanding of this process and it seemed very ambiguous, but the feedback I've received has truly changed my perspective.
Video Game Writing
Rhiannon Stanetzki
customer support technician
This course was absolutely wonderful! Each lesson built on the one prior in helping develop a stronger writing style.
Business Writing
Amber McCoy
marketing manager
This course taught me how to structure my inspired rambling into a coherent, potent piece of writing. I got a lot of information and great inspiration to continue some past projects and begin new ones.
Fiction Writing
Mark Hayes
The best writing class I've ever taken. Sign up now, like right now, before it fills up and you get wait listed.
Fiction Writing
Edward McNamara
The most fun three hours of my week, every week. In just a couple of months, I learned an incredible amount about the craft of fiction, and laughed heartily while doing it.
Fiction Writing
Dodd Ellsworth
software developer
If you are ready to try your hand at getting a piece published, this could be the perfect intro.
Article Writing
Scott Barton
executive chef
Thank you! This has been a life-changing course.
Fiction Writing
Dianna Garrigan
This course helped me see past the joke and look at various styles of humor.
Humor Writing
Lisandra Ramos
This is the best course I have ever taken, and since I have a master's degree, I have taken hundreds of courses.
Fiction Writing
Heather Stone
VP of marketing and sales
An amazing experience that helps young writers transform themselves into the author they want to become.
Unbound: Teen Creative Writing
Lucas Van De Mosselaer
Magical! Beyond expectations. I wished it wouldn’t end.
Memoir Writing
Sarina Prabasi
nonprofit CEO
This Novel Writing course gave me many excellent ideas for revising my manuscript. I feel eager to dig in and make the recommended changes.
Novel Writing
Joanna Friedman
The best investment I've made as a writer thus far.
Tiffany Baugh
bank teller
Very helpful in making one's writing more colorful and interesting.
In(verse): Poetic Techniques for Non-Poets
David Paulson
IT manager
I feel ignited by what I now know, and more hopeful that I will continue to write and learn.
Fiction Writing
Helen Merino
dog handler
I was apprehensive at first about taking an online class since I am not a computer expert, and also because I wondered about a class with no face-to-face interaction. However, taking this class on the computer was so simple, I never felt intimidated. I also felt like I came to know both the instructor and the other students through their comments and class discussion.
Memoir Writing
Julia Gentile
retired attorney
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