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I shopped around quite a bit on the Web before signing up, and this class has exceeded my expectations and given me the impetus and confidence to keep writing. The site is very well organized and made the whole process enjoyable. I think Gotham has set the standard for what an online fiction writing class should be. I will be back for more!
Fiction Writing
David Krohne
A really interesting way to get at your own personal history.
Memoir Writing
Joanna Patton
ad agency owner, retired
Provides new perspective, pushes you out of your comfort zone, creates confidence for future projects, and boosts creativity.
Creative Writing 101
Channing Gibb
One of the best decisions I've ever made. Improved my writing incredibly.
Fiction Writing
Linda Burgess
I took Fiction I, then Fiction II twice. The Fiction Master Class brought what I learned during those courses together and gave the whys and hows of writing in detail.
Fiction Writing
Eugene Galassini
This Novel Writing course gave me many excellent ideas for revising my manuscript. I feel eager to dig in and make the recommended changes.
Novel Writing
Joanna Friedman
It has everything you need to motivate you as a writer.
Children’s Book Writing
Suzanne Lituchy
elementary school teacher
I learned myriad of techniques to infuse humor into my writing.
Humor Writing
Keisha Barrow
law student
Gotham online courses provide surprisingly good opportunities for group interaction despite the absence of face-to-face contact.
Poetry Writing
Joan Countryman
retired teacher
An invaluable experience.
Fiction Writing
David Hines
municipal worker
Great experiential course that allows you to learn and practice while improving your writing.
Business Writing
Alana George
consumer insights
This was the best course I've ever done and I'm heartbroken that it has ended so quickly.
Fiction Writing
Fiona Shelton
This is, by far, the most exciting course I have ever taken!
Fiction Writing
Lucie Tanguay
marketing consultant
The amount of information I received about the publishing business is staggering. If I fail in my attempt to publish a book or magazine articles, it won't be for lack of knowledge of how to go about it.
How To Get Published
Dominique Caillat
What I liked most was how "real" the class and the instructor were--no cyberspace feeling. Communication was responsive, there was lots of interaction between instructor and students. I thought the whole thing was great.
Memoir Writing
Susan Jordan
attorney at law
The instructor sparked my creativity and helped me focus on what my work as a writer should be. His advice guides much of what I write.
Article Writing
Nicholas Troilo
newspaper columnist
I was intimidated by starting a mystery novel even though I really wanted to write one. Now I'm not afraid of it.
Mystery Writing
Wanda Craig
management consultant
This course has completely revitalized me as a writer, giving me tremendous new perspectives. I feel that I'm now equipped to do great things.
Fiction Writing
Roger Bonner
writer / English teacher
One of the best courses I've ever taken. A remarkable learning experience.
Science Fiction & Fantasy Writing
Gregg Brownell
retired professor
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