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The online format is very accommodating for those of us who struggle to 'find the time'. You will find yourself getting addicted to the course, anticipating the next assignment and critique every week.
Fiction Writing
Lisa Jones
director of controlling
An eye-opener.
Creative Writing 101
Lydia Hoffman
freelance journalist
Really effective at bumping up my own knowledge about the genre of Creative Nonfiction.
Creative Nonfiction 101
Andrea Johnston
reading/writing teacher
A fantastic learning experience. I've never had so many sharp minds helping me discover my writing style, improve my craft, while having a fun time every Tuesday evening.
Fiction Writing
George Thacker
chief marketing officer
I learned how to think like a mystery writer.
Mystery Writing
Fiona Kirk
I have received my writing kick start and I am off to further writing adventures.
Creative Writing 101
Ray Richard
contract administrator
Everything in this class was organized and structured to perfection.
Novel Writing
Lilia Todd
The most fun three hours of my week, every week. In just a couple of months, I learned an incredible amount about the craft of fiction, and laughed heartily while doing it.
Fiction Writing
Dodd Ellsworth
software developer
A very in-depth, intellectually stimulating and mind-opening experience with a lot of good psychology lessons.
Character Development
Lori Cohen
This course enabled me to take a quantum leap in the quality of my nonfiction writing.
Creative Nonfiction 101
Freddi Steele
stained glass artist
A fantastic introductory course on writing fiction.
Fiction Writing
Celia Anderson
respiratory therapist
I loved taking the online class! Having taken Gotham classes both online and in person, I can honestly say I didn't miss the personal experience at all. In fact, the interaction among the students may have been more extensive because everyone had time to ruminate about their critiques and to say what they might not be willing to say in person.
Wendy Ouellette
stage manager
Engaging, fun, appropriately demanding, enlightening, well-planned, and a must for anyone interested in writing humor!
Humor Writing
Jacquelyn Arsenuk
crime victims specialist
You don't need to know anything going into the course and you can still come out feeling like you're ready to try performing at some open mics.
Stand-Up Comedy Writing
Tiffany Peon
project manager
The instructor gave a complete and thorough class that hit upon the entire process of memoir writing. With almost every point she had an example that clearly illustrated the topic. The writing exercises were perfect and helped communicate the points even more.
Memoir Writing
Britta Larsen
The class takes place in a virtual classroom. All components of the website are very user friendly. I really felt like I was attending a class each week, even though it was online.
Food Writing
Tracy McGeehan
I loved the online experience. The convenience of being able to study in my own home, and connect with people thousands of miles away. I think it's better than an actual classroom. It allows a more flexible schedule—if you get interrupted, you can just stop and catch up later.…
Fiction Writing
Brenda Sorrels
Great introduction to how to publish nonfiction articles.
Hit Send: Publishing Short Nonfiction
Michael Benavides
finance program manager
The best investment I've made as a writer thus far.
Tiffany Baugh
bank teller
If you want to learn how to write better, if you want to gain insight into the poetry scene and where your writing might fit in, this course is a fantastic place to start.
Poetry Writing
Tom Davidson
venue manager
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