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I was able to look at humor writing from several different angles that I had not thought of previously.
Humor Writing
Alexandra Hartley-Leonard
A "must" to boost your confidence in writing.
Creative Writing 101
Francis Alberto
urban planning consultant
An excellent primer for writing speculative fiction.
Science Fiction & Fantasy Writing
Lily Idle
You will leave a much more confident writer than when you began.
Fiction Writing
Edward McNamara
I took the course because I hadn't written anything but a journal for 20 years. I wondered if I had skill and what kinds of writing I would enjoy, and now I have answers to those questions. It's a terrific course for anyone who wants to explore the basics of nonfiction writing.
Creative Nonfiction 101
Margaret Hamilton
For an introductory course on writing, the content was perfect.
Creative Writing 101
Lana Potocnjak
registered nurse
Effective and helpful like you can't imagine.
Children’s Book Writing
Cristine Richmond
theatrical/tv wardrobe asst.
A must-take course if you are interested in scriptwriting.
Ron Hervey
library supervisor
The instructor has gone through the process herself and was able to explain things from "the front lines."
Nonfiction Book Proposal
Suzanne Steinbaum
If you want inspiration for writing your novel, go for it.
Novel Writing
Agne Narusyte
art critic
I rode the train home scribbling ideas in a notebook. The next morning I got up and wrote another chapter of an easy-reader book I'm experimenting with. As I wrote, I thought about all I'd learned in class about character development, believable dialogue, confict and resolution, and making the whole thing interesting to a youngster. I can't think of a better investment of my time than to spend a Saturday in this class!
Children’s Book Writing
Linda Post
corporate communications
This has been the most stimulating and worthwhile educational experience of my adult life.
Romance Writing
L. Sauda Underwood-Smith
college administrator
It's a course everyone should take even if it's just to refresh their fundamental writing skills.
Business Writing
Gina Tovar
fashion marketing
I entered this course having no idea how to write a children's book, or what was involved with the process. This class gave me the knowledge I was looking for, and pointed me in the right direction.
Children’s Book Writing
Kelley Diekman
What you're paying for is so much more than the course. You are getting inside knowledge from seasoned writers, and unbiased, constructive feedback from your teachers and peers (something friends and family might not have the heart to provide).
Max Voice
A great first step to developing a plan for your blog.
Blog Basics
Emily Cantres Marshall
grant writer/consultant
This course brought me to an entirely new level of writing and interpreting plays
Kimberly Kenna
You'll learn, you'll laugh, you'll grow...and best of all, you'll get to put your newly acquired wit to the test when you perform on two of New York's infamous comedy stages!
Stand-Up Comedy Writing
Jody Young
The Gotham Fiction II class provides a precise distillation of the mechanics of craft, drilling down into concepts taught in Fiction I.
Fiction Writing
Gina Kim
The Instructor is a joyful and energetic raconteur who entertains, educates and always encourages. He is the Big Bang of ideas.
Creative Writing 101
Michael Bennett
michael bennett, rehabilitation physician
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