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Heady, exciting, and extremely beneficial. Our classes always had a perfect balance of critique, praise, and instruction.
Fiction Writing
Chad Brinkman
guest teaching artist, NYU
A community of intelligent, supportive writers with the best interest of the story at heart.
Fiction Writing
Erin Kidd
indie publisher
I feel like I can now confidently send a query to a major publication, and have a strong chance of getting a positive response.
Article Writing
Kathleen Barlow
internet marketing manager
A fantastic overview into the world of freelancing that goes beyond simply writing query letters; it deals with the actual process of making contact as well as business considerations.
Hit Send: Publishing Short Nonfiction
Shari Romar
technical writer
I feel as though my goals of being a professional writer are much more attainable now!
Fiction Writing
Caitlin Carroll
PR professional
The course was one of the most memorable journeys that I have taken.
Travel Writing
Rebecca Eder
developmental psychologist
This course will open your eyes to the difficulty of writing good poetry, which is the first step to actually writing good poetry.
Poetry Writing
Robert Hahn
This was a wonderful experience and I have already signed up for my second class.
Fiction Writing
Rebecca Perkins
wealth management
A Gotham class will introduce you to a highly-motivated group of writers, led by a perceptive instructor, all of whom will help you look at your work in a new light.
Fiction Writing
Daniel Brody
broadcast engineer
As a reader, you're familiar with the many forms of nonfiction, from reviews to essays. This course takes you "inside" them to learn and practice the characteristics of each.
Creative Nonfiction 101
Lynn Fantom
ad agency CEO
A must-take course if you are interested in scriptwriting.
Ron Hervey
library supervisor
I just elevated my craft in poetry to a new level.
Poetry Writing
Leah Odze Epstein
This class pushes you to just sit down and write, which is what you need during the first-draft stage.
Novel Writing
Mary Madigan
This was a fantastic course for anyone starting out in their career and/or for someone who needs a little boost in their business communications. I've already seen an improvement in my business writing.
Business Writing
Cassie Wachowiak
content strategist
A soul searching, cathartic, life changing, validating experience that was way more than just a writing course.
Memoir Writing
Chantal Hewitt
Super practical, a fantastic introduction, and very very useful. Plus, fun!
TV Writing
Lindsey Lewis
life coach
I learned a lot about article writing and freelance journalism.
Article Writing
Bessie Taliaferro
The perfect community to refine your talent, fill in the spaces, give you confidence, renew your imagination and give you the knowledge and tools to set you firmly on the road to become a successful writer.
Fiction Writing
Beth Hegy
massage therapist
The course material was outstanding and progressed in a helpful sequence from week to week.
Creative Writing 101
Kathy Ayers
If you're at all interested in playwriting, even if you have no idea what you want to write about, you must take this course.
Kevin Hopps
TV animation writer
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