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This course lets you play with magic.
Creative Writing 101
Sandie Cheng
marketing manager
I have always enjoyed writing, but I never had any focus. Now I feel like I am starting to find some direction.
Fiction Writing
Arnold Rothenberg
police officer
A really interesting way to get at your own personal history.
Memoir Writing
Joanna Patton
ad agency owner, retired
I found it helped my writing perhaps even more that a Fiction class.
Reading Fiction
Peter Klein
hedge fund manager
This one-day intensive was nothing short of a most incredible experience.
The Writer’s Mind
Lori Cohen
A fine overview of what speculative fiction is all about.
Science Fiction & Fantasy Writing
Wana Perry
retired executive
A down-to-earth class that will improve your written communication in any professional workspace. The laid-back language, pop culture references, and focus on the basics build a strong professional writing foundation that can be applied to limitless format: emails, memos, reports, etc.
Business Writing
Ivy Chamness
military officer
I would liken this class to an oasis for a weary desert nomad, a place that feeds, nourishes, and strengthens a writer's soul.
Children’s Book Writing
Judy Wang
I'd like to thank you for getting me writing again. I've been staring at blank pages and blank screens for about two years.
Creative Writing 101
Faith Airey
I have taken many writing courses over the past few years, but this is the first that has ever inspired me to write every single day. This course helped me to stretch my writing muscles beyond anywhere they'd ever been before.
Children’s Book Writing
Lisa Benwitz
owner, court reporting firm
It's awe-inspiring how much we can grow when we're surrounded by other writers and avid readers who lift each other up with encouragement and constructive critism.
Fiction Writing
Isabelle Felix
psychology research assistant
I tell my friends (and anyone who will listen) that Gotham is such a powerful way to improve and deepen writing skills.
Fiction Writing
Laura Cook
video editor
If you want to learn basic tv show structure and how to write a spec script, this class is for you.
TV Writing
Susannah Bohlke
Gotham Writers Workshop has rocked my world and transformed my life. I no longer blush when I tell people I am a writer.
Novel Writing
Michelle Wells
An amazing learning environment.
Jeff Vande Zande
community college professor
A fun and intriguing introductory course to children's writing that forces you to realize the amount of creativity and hard work that was poured into some of your favorite childhood stories.
Children’s Book Writing
Kera Morgan
public relations executive
The class flowed in such a way you could not help but write well.
Creative Writing 101
Colleen Dougherty Bronstein
The course was very well organized and constantly stimulating. It will keep my creative juices flowing for another six months at least.
Creative Writing 101
Judith Bair
I loved taking the online class! Having taken Gotham classes both online and in person, I can honestly say I didn't miss the personal experience at all. In fact, the interaction among the students may have been more extensive because everyone had time to ruminate about their critiques and to say what they might not be willing to say in person.
Wendy Ouellette
stage manager
Great way to improve your writing because of the personalized feedback and the writing techniques taught.
Unbound: Teen Creative Writing
Yash Menon
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