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I was able to look at humor writing from several different angles that I had not thought of previously.
Humor Writing
Alexandra Hartley-Leonard
A fantastic journey into yourself.
Memoir Writing
Jennifer French
An in-depth overview of the different types of dramatic writing and the differences between genres. A great starting point for someone who doesnt know where to begin.
Writing Scripts 101
Yasmine Bajwa
I didn't know I would get so much out of a course, much less an online one. This was not only my first writing class, but my first online class in general, and I'd recommend this to any of my friends and acquaintances who show an interest.
Fiction Writing
Heather Gadol
If you want to feel encouraged to write, put yourself out there and sign up for a Gotham class.
Fiction Writing
Colleen Dougherty Bronstein
A great course in writing, far better that any creative writing course that I have taken at a University.
Fiction Writing
Laurence Tapper
clinical laboratory scientist
If you want to learn what makes a character exciting and interesting, take this course!
George Pantazis
city planner
I walked away a much better writer and reader, ready to jump into my first novel!
Fiction Writing
Stefany Samp
audit manager
It pushed me to get over some of my fears associated with submitting essay-style pieces and think through ways to improve. my writing.
Essay & Opinion Writing
Blakeley Decktor
human rights attorney
The instructor sparked my creativity and helped me focus on what my work as a writer should be. His advice guides much of what I write.
Article Writing
Nicholas Troilo
newspaper columnist
The instructor was incredibly helpful and made sense of what writing for video games entails. Until now, I had no understanding of this process and it seemed very ambiguous, but the feedback I've received has truly changed my perspective.
Video Game Writing
Rhiannon Stanetzki
customer support technician
An incredibly helpful course to get yourself writing and thinking about important concepts that you will explore for the rest of your writing life.
Creative Writing 101
Deenah Shutzer
It's invaluable to get feedback from someone who is actually in the industry.
How To Get Published
Kathryn Paterson
freelance writer/editor
A soul searching, cathartic, life changing, validating experience that was way more than just a writing course.
Memoir Writing
Chantal Hewitt
An emotional rollercoaster that everyone should ride.
Memoir Writing
Jonathan Stark
An imaginative and informative romp through the immense possibilities of speculative fiction with personalized guidance from a published author.
Science Fiction & Fantasy Writing
Andrew Sippie
learning specialist
I didn't know much going in and now I feel ready to tackle the daunting task of writing a screenplay.
Michele Weber
You may think you are writing correctly, but this class will help you write better.
Business Writing
Ingrid Isaac
executive assistant
I left class every day feeling inspired and by the end of the 10 week course I had already started playing open mic nights.
Adam Ramsey
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