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The course helped to re-ignite my passion for my book. I'm excited enough to register early for Memoir II.
Memoir Writing
Tracey Hughes
public relations
Creative Writing 101 is a great way to dive into your creative side, even if you don't think you have much of one!
Creative Writing 101
Christina Haviland
environmental scientist
The course was like a mouthwatering piece of chocolate cake, each bite better than the last and when it's all gone, you cant help but miss it.
Fiction Writing
Noverlee Howell
college counselor
I learned everything there is to know concerning TV writing.
TV Writing
Erica Lake
Engaging, fun, appropriately demanding, enlightening, well-planned, and a must for anyone interested in writing humor!
Humor Writing
Jacquelyn Arsenuk
crime victims specialist
You are introduced to the basic tenents of fiction writing, but are allowed to attack them one at a time so that you aren't overwhelmed and can just let your ideas flow.
Fiction Writing
Jennifer Feuerbach
freelance writer
This course was amazing.
Unbound: Teen Creative Writing
Lucas Van De Mosselaer
The course was one of the most memorable journeys that I have taken.
Travel Writing
Rebecca Eder
developmental psychologist
This is an extremely important foundational course to put you on the right track.
Fiction Writing
Mirette Bahgat
humanitarian worker
I walked away a much better writer and reader, ready to jump into my first novel!
Fiction Writing
Stefany Samp
audit manager
The teacher offered great critical feedback on my short story. He understood what I was trying to achieve and challenged me to develop it in ways that made it a much stronger piece.
Fiction Writing
Greg Rizzolo
I was wary of signing up blindly to something on the Internet, but this is a real class that was far better than most I took in college and grad school. It was the creative writing class I always wanted to take but was too scared to show up for in person!
Fiction Writing
Lisa Bloom
broadcast journalist
Packed with dialogue tips applicable to all types of writing.
Dialogue Writing
Diane Casavant
retired RN
This class taught me so much about the craft of writing children's books. It grew my love of books even more!
Children’s Book Writing
Maria Hanley
early childhood dance educator
I've already seen an improvement in my communications.
Business Writing
Cassie Wachowiak
content strategist
This course is a great introduction to what it takes to represent your work to the outside world.
Nonfiction Book Proposal
Julie Underdahl
regulatory affairs consultant
You may think you are writing correctly, but this class will help you write better.
Business Writing
Ingrid Isaac
executive assistant
I love it! I didn't think that an online class could be comparable to a real class; I never would have imagined it to be superior! Your online classes are the paradigm for all future online schools to emulate. Thanks to your class, I have already written the first 10 pages of my screenplay, and it's only the third week! You've made a lifelong Gotham student out of me.
Monroe Mann
The best thing you could do for yourself to upgrade your professional communication.
Business Writing
Nina Mirhabibi
production manager
It's all about discussing the craft and workshopping a piece that you want to see in stellar form.
Fiction Writing
Kimberly Kreines
creative writing tutor
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