Faculty Bios

We proudly offer the bios of our accomplished teachers.

Jessica Gregory served as editor in chief of Barnard Bite Blog, and as a graphic designer and editor for the blog on KDMcMillan.com, and maintains her own blog at ChocolateQuill.com. She holds a BA from Barnard College.

Josh Sippie is the site expert of Time Inc’s Pain in the Arsenal and has also been site expert at We Are Hooligans and Call to the Pen. He has been a regular contributor to CBS’s ManCave Daily, App Trigger and FourFourTwo US. He has written and published numerous articles across various platforms such as Fox Sports, Ranker and Watson Adventures. He holds a BA from the University of Central Missouri.

Steph Spector is Gotham’s director of contests and conferences, as well as a Gotham teacher. She is the founder of the Karuna Writer's Residency on Animal Care Sanctuary in East Smithfield and Wellsboro, PA. She has served as managing editor of the Roanoke Review, worked with the O, Miami Poetry Festival and the New York City Poetry Festival, and led workshops at Harbor House and Trust House. She holds a BA from Roanoke College.