Writing Movies gives tons of practical advice, but also acknowledges that writing screenplays is ultimately an artistic endeavor, not just a paint-by-number exercise.”

—Keith Gordon, screenwriter / director of A Midnight Clear and The Chocolate War

Table Of Contents

Writing Movies

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Table of Contents & Excerpts
     1. Screenwriting: Inventing a Myth   by Alexander Steele
     2. Plot: The Path of Action   by Daniel Noah
     3. Characters: The Lifeblood   by Paul Zimmerman
     4. The Page: Words That Move   by John Glenn
     5. Scenes: Exploring and Exploding Moments   by Tal McThenia
     6. Dialogue: Making More of Less   by Michael Eldridge
     7. Subplots: A Side of Story   by Helen Kaplan
     8. Plot II: Like a Roller Coaster   by Tommy Jenkins
     9. Tone and Theme: The Overlay & Underlay   by Jason Greiff
     10. Revision: From Rough to Ready   by Amy Fox
     11. Slipping Past the Velvet Rope   by Christopher Momenee

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