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Gotham Writers' Workshop

The largest and most comprehensive private creative writing school in New York City and online

Teaching more than 7,000 students a year, Gotham Writers' Workshop is the largest and most comprehensive private creative writing school in New York City and online.  Ten-week, six-week, and one-day workshops are offered in more than a dozen forms of writing including screenwriting, TV writing, fiction writing, nonfiction writing, and more. In addition, Gotham offers script analysis classes and seminars on how to sell your screenplay and how to get published that are taught by industry insiders.

In 2002, Forbes selected Gotham Writers' Workshop as "Best of the Web." More recently, MovieMaker magazine selected Gotham's as "Best Classes for Screenwriters."

The school also offers private instruction, script and book doctoring services, and workshops for teens. In addition, Gotham's expert faculty has created and presented custom workshops for such organizations as Barnes & Noble, Draft, Time Warner, and Planned Parenthood.

Gotham's first book, Writing Fiction was published by Bloomsbury USA in 2003. The book's critical accolades and success paved the way for the publication of Fiction Gallery, an anthology of exceptional short stories by masters of the craft, in August 2004. The school's third book, Writing Movies, will be published in September 2006. Click to learn about all the Gotham Books
Gotham Writers' Workshop launched its online division,, in June of 1997. The online campus offers interactive, craft-oriented classes and resources for writers. As virtual replicates of the NYC classes, the online courses are accessible 24 hours a day and are taught by the school's expert faculty.

Currently one-half of all of the school's students enroll in online workshops.  Many students live abroad, making these classes a truly global experience. To date, more than 12,000 students from 100+ countries have studied creative writing online with Gotham.

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