Die Hard

Written by Jeb Stuart and Steven de Souza (based on the novel Nothing Lasts Forever by Roderick Thorp )

Directed by John McTiernan

Starring Bruce Willis, Bonnie Bedalia, Alan Rickman, and Reginald VelJohnson
Die Hard is a classic action/adventure and a prime example of the big-budget Hollywood movie. A hero matches wits and fists and weapons against the villains, a story that’s been going since the days of ancient myth and is frequently echoed in the genres of action/adventure, science fiction, horror, and, of course, the western. Hollywood puts out plenty of popcorn movies but Die Hard towers above most of them in terms of excitement and execution. It’s a high-concept movie, though its concept has became so imitated that many a movie has been pitched as Die Hard on an airplane or Die Hard on a cruise ship or Die Hard at a writing school.  

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