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"Reading Fiction Gallery is like taking a seminar from the masters of short story writing. Inspiring and instructive for all writers!"
-Elfrieda Abbe
 Editor, The Writer
"The stories in this terrific collection can be read both for enjoyment and for literary merit... the tales' brevity and cutting-edge themes will appeal to busy students. Each story is captivating. The selections are great examples of how writers use words to craft great literature."

 School Library Journal
"The editors of this wonderful short story collection seek to get the genre...into the hands of a broader readership by cherry-picking more accessible works from masters of the craft. ...If you don't often read short stories, give Gotham a chance; you won't be disappointed!"
-Steve Turnbull
 Fiction Buyer/Manager
Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Lexington, KY
"If you find yourself on a long journey, Fiction Gallery is the perfect companion. And even if you're not traveling anywhere, these stories will transport you."
-Tamara Straus
 Editor in Chief, Zoetrope: All-Story magazine
"A stellar collection of 25 stories Fiction Gallery offers both avid readers and those looking for a smorgasbord a hearty repast. Highly recommended."

 Library Journal
"Fiction Gallery is a wonderful selection for the general reader and writing student alike. The editors have chosen stories with great range of period, style, form, and subject, stories that brilliantly convey the possibilities of the genre."
-Thomas C. Foster
 author of How To Read Literature Like a Professor
"The stories here offer wonderful, attention-grabbing plots, characters, themes, landscapes, and voices--all elements of great literary fiction...certainly anyone who enjoys a good story will love the stories that Gotham has assembled."

 The Bloomsbury Review
 May/June 2005
Fiction Gallery: Exceptional Short Stories
About Fiction Gallery: Exceptional Short Stories
Table of Contents & Excerpts
Interview with Authors and Editor
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About Fiction Gallery: Exceptional Short Stories

Introducing Exceptional Short Stories Selected by New York’s Acclaimed Writing School.

Fiction Gallery features works by 25 authors, including such acknowledged masters of short fiction as Anton Chekhov, Dorothy Parker, John Cheever, Raymond Carver, and such acclaimed contemporary writers as Edwidge Danticat, Pam Houston, Ethan Canin, T. C. Boyle, Jhumpa Lahiri, and ZZ Packer.

The stories in Fiction Gallery have been chosen to appeal to all readers, not just the fiction connoisseur. Every work will hold the reader spellbound from first to last page, while also exemplifying the very best in literary fiction.

Aspiring writers who enjoyed Gotham Writers Workshop’s Writing Fiction will find this anthology an invaluable source of inspiration and insight. This gallery of stories presents diverse examples of all the elements of fiction craft and demonstrates how writers seamlessly sew these elements into unforgettable tales. As a bonus, the anthology includes original interviews with T. C. Boyle, Jhumpa Lahiri, and Hannah Tinti, in which they illuminate the process of creating a short story.

This book pairs very well with Writing Fiction.

Table of Contents & Excerpts
     Starting Out: Stories About Youth
          “A Trifle from Life”   by Anton Chekhov
          “First Confession”   by Frank O’Connor
          “Brownies”   by ZZ Packer
          “What the River Told Us to Do”   by Peter Markus
          “Going For the Orange Julius”   by Myla Goldberg
     Longings: Stories About Romance
          “Labors of the Heart”   by Claire Davis
          “Crazy Life”   by Lou Mathews
          “Sometimes You Talk About Idaho”   by Pam Houston
          “After the Plague”   by T.C. Boyle
     Those We Know: Stories About Family
          “Here We Are”   by Dorothy Parker
          “Whoever Was Using this Bed”   by Raymond Carver
          “For a Long Time This Was Griselda’s Story”   by Anthony Doerr
          “Home Sweet Home”   by Hannah Tinti
     The Job: Stories About Work
          “Orientation”   by Daniel Orozco
          “Walking Into the Wind”   by John O’Farrell
          “Night Women”   by Edwidge Danticat
          “The Palace Thief”   by Ethan Canin
     Strangeness: Stories About Strange Happenings
          “The Book of Sand”   by Jorge Luis Borges
          “The Next Building I Plan to Bomb”   by Charles Baxter
          “The Secrets of Bats”   by Jess Row
          “The Third and Final Continent”   by Jhumpa Lahiri
     Sunset: Stories About Life's End
          “The Swimmer”   by John Cheever
          “The Story of an Hour”   by Kate Chopin
          “I Want to Live!”   by Thom Jones
          “Dr. Heidegger's Experiment”   by Nathaniel Hawthorne
     Interview with T.C. Boyle
     Interview with Jhumpa Lahiri
     Interview with Hannah Tinti

Interview with Authors and Editor
     Interview with Editor Alexander Steele
     Interview with "The Secret of Bats" Author Jess Row
     Interview with "Home Sweet Home" Author Hanna Tinti
     Interview with "What the River Told Us To Do" Author Peter Markus

     The Bloomsbury Review, May/June 2005   by Keith Lin
     Library Journal, August 2004   by Eleanor Bader
     School Library Journal, November 2004   by Pat Bender

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