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James Bosley

Faculty Profile

Meet James Bosley

“I was between ships,” James remembers. “A friend of mine who was a photographer said, hey, I got a gig for you. Come over, sit at a desk, and pretend you’re a writer.”

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Steph Spector

Faculty Profile

Meet Steph Spector

Steph Spector has always loved two things: words and animals.

In first grade, those two loves intersected after a field trip to a farm. Once back in the classroom her teacher had the class turn their experiences of the day into a story. Steph read hers aloud. “The final sentence of my story was something like, ‘and I think it was funny how the horse pooped.’ And everyone in class laughed. I was like wow, look, what I can do with writing. This is so cool.”

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The instructor was extraordinary. Funny, quick, positive, and very clear. She made the material live, in the sense that her exercises and lectures helped me experience firsthand the joys and challenges of screenwriting.

Barbara Morris, tour manager

Faculty Excerpts

<em>Edinburgh Twilight</em>

Edinburgh Twilight

Carole Bugge
Edinburgh, 1881 As he trudged up the steep incline to the top of Arthur’s Seat, Stephen Wycherly could not stop shivering. The sky was spitting rain, and a chill breeze blew in from the Firth of Forth, cutting through his...
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<em>South Pole Station</em>

South Pole Station

Ashley Shelby
There were many ways to make things disappear at South Pole Station. After all, there were twenty-three different categories of Waste. “Dormitory Biological Waste”—bloody bandages, used tampons, snot-soaked Kleenex—was stored in fifty-five-gallon open-top drums. Galley food waste—like onionskins, uneaten oatmeal,...
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Faculty Articles

Michaela Roessner

Advanced Degrees in Writing Genre Fiction

Michaela Roessner
In the Science Fiction & Fantasy courses I teach here at Gotham, I’ve experienced something I’m sure other genre faculty have too: Students mentioning in their bios that they have advanced degrees in Literature, English, or Creative Writing. I always...
Robert Repino

The Value of Both Showing and Telling

Robert Repino
“Show, don’t tell” is perhaps the most effective piece of advice a writer can follow—until it isn’t. (By “showing,” we typically mean action, sensory descriptions, and dialogue, usually. By “telling,” we mean exposition, summarization, and explanation—i.e. why someone is doing...