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Richard Caliban

Faculty Profile

Meet Richard Caliban

Before Gotham teacher Richard Caliban was known as the Obie Award-winning, prolific director of the Cucaracha Theatre, he was pretty much a “hippie.”

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Sarah McColl

Faculty Profile

Meet Sarah McColl

“I don’t really remember a beginning to writing,” says Gotham Nonfiction and Article Writing teacher Sarah McColl. When she was young—aside from participating in the normal kid stuff like running around with her siblings, riding bikes, building forts, and watching fine television (programs like Hey Dude and Murder She Wrote)—Sarah also loved school. Sarah is the kind of person who can say simply “I’ve always really loved school,” and make it sound, well, cool.

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The instructor was very personable and gave intellectually stimulating lectures. He is one of the most exceptionally talented instructors I have ever encountered and that includes my college experience.

Gaye McKenney, retailer

Faculty Excerpts

<em>Love Is No Small Thing</em>

Love Is No Small Thing

Meghan Kenny
Man Is The Measure Of All Things The Vandermies invited Russell to their house for dinner. He drove on a dirt road that wound through the base of mountains that looked so smooth of sand they might slide down like...
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<em>Bird Light</em>

Bird Light

Elizabeth Cohen
Last Bird of the Day It has to do with the way
 it flings, madly,

a shot punctuation mark. It has to do with the way it leaps branches and telephone wires 
to ride the air to an invisible height....
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Faculty Articles

Robert Repino

The Value of Both Showing and Telling

Robert Repino
“Show, don’t tell” is perhaps the most effective piece of advice a writer can follow—until it isn’t. (By “showing,” we typically mean action, sensory descriptions, and dialogue, usually. By “telling,” we mean exposition, summarization, and explanation—i.e. why someone is doing...
Alexander Steele

Tone in Business Writing

Alexander Steele
Whenever you put words together, a tone is sounded, much like a note of music carries a tone. So what exactly is tone? Tone conveys the writer’s attitude toward the audience, which often comes through whether you intend it or...