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Christine Reilly

Faculty Profile

Meet Christine Reilly

“I carry the compulsion to record every original thought that occurs to me,” says Gotham teacher Christine Reilly.

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Mike Dunphy

Faculty Profile

Meet Mike Dunphy

Here’s a good one:

How did the Cliff Notes-reading teen who chose his higher education destination based on a good-looking woman behind the table at a college fair transform into a professional writer?

The answer: He literally had to travel the world.

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Try to imagine the Lord of the Rings trilogy without Gandalf. That's what my life was like before I met my instructor.

Rois Beal, housewife

Faculty Excerpts

<i>100 Days of Cake</i>

100 Days of Cake

Shari Goldhagen
Day 12, Cherry Berry Bundt CakeIt’s been summer break for four hours, and Alex McDermott and I are already on our third Golden Girls rerun and our second container of house special lo mein. Sitting cross-legged on the counter at...
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<em>The Other One</em>

The Other One

Hasanthika Sirisena
When Anura first encountered the aquarium, emerald green patches of algae streaked its glass. The last TCN in charge of it had left a few days before and no one had yet been assigned to tank duty. Anura cleaned the...
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Faculty Articles

Melissa Petro

Writing My Way to Sobriety

Melissa Petro
They say a recovering alcoholic’s primary purpose is to stay sober and help another alcoholic. I’m in a unique position to do this every day since I teach memoir writing to adults at a continuing education writing school in New...
Margaret Meacham

Five Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Mistakes in Children’s Books

Margaret Meacham
Most writers I know, in fact, most people I know, think about writing a children’s book at some point in their careers. Sometimes they remember how much they loved books from childhood. Sometimes they see how books can open doors...