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Arlaina Tibensky

Faculty Profile

Meet Arlaina Tibensky

Gotham teacher Arlaina Tibensky claims her inner voice is that of a teenager’s. “I really like teenagers,” she says. “They have a very pure energy, a very creative energy. It’s all possibility.”

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Erik Kraft

Faculty Profile

Meet Erik Kraft

By Britt Gambino

Gotham teacher Erik Kraft gets easily interested in things. He’s currently fixated on acting. Before that, it was improv. A couple years before that, it was haiku.
This past winter, Erik decided to vent his frustrations over Boston’s public transportation troubles by writing a haiku a day via Twitter and compiling them on his Tumblr.

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Try to imagine the Lord of the Rings trilogy without Gandalf. That's what my life was like before I met my instructor.

Rois Beal, housewife

Faculty Excerpts

<i>Into the Dangerous World</i>

Into the Dangerous World

Julie Chibbaro
Gotham teacher Julie Chibbaro has recently seen the release of her YA novel Into the Dangerous World (art by JM Superville Sovak). Ror, a New York teenager growing up in the 1970s/80s, has never attended a day of school. She...
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<i>Ruby on the Outside</i>

Ruby on the Outside

Nora Raleigh Baskin
Gotham teacher Nora Raleigh Baskin has just seen the release of her middle-grade book Ruby on the Outside. Eleven-year-old Ruby Danes is about to enter middle school with a big secret: she’s been living with her aunt for the past...
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Faculty Articles

David Ebenbach

Envy Jujitsu

David Ebenbach
You invite me to a banquet in your honor;I bring my own dinner: ash and vinegar. Stephen Dobyns, “Envy” Here’s the truth: Envy is such a consistent part of my writing life that it deserves to have a nameplate on...
Jennifer Keishin Armstrong

Please Pay Freelancers

Jennifer Keishin Armstrong
As a freelance writer, I get my share of sneaky requests for me to do stuff for free. Some of these make sense: appear on a podcast I admire to promote a recent piece I wrote and my upcoming book,...