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March 2023

February 2023

  • Melissa Petro's nonfiction book Shame On You: How to Be a Woman in the Age of Mortification will be published this fall by Putnam.

  • LatineLit magazine published María Alejandra Barrios's short story "Julieta." 

  • Lisa Namdar Kaufman's poem "Spring" will appear in the anthology SMEOP: Hot, forthcoming from Black Sunflowers Poetry Press.

  • Mara Reinstein interviewed the actor John Larroquette for Parade magazine, asking him about the weirdness of reprising a role 35 years later, working with ghosts, and whether there's any truth to the rumor he was paid for his work on the classic film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre with a joint. 

  • Rita Chang-Eppig's forthcoming novel Deep as the Sky, Red as the Sea made several most-anticipated in 2023 lists, including from the Washington Post, the Rumpus, LitHub, and Electric Literature

  • Wild Rose Press released Angela Lam's novel Never-Ending Promises

  • James Preller's graphic novel The Whispering Pines, the first book in a new middle-grade suspense series, comes out from Scholastic on February 7th. 

  • Tor published Robert Repino's essay "Six More Bizarro Made-for-TV Movies That Actually Exist." 

  • "The problem with those who do deny the reality [of nepotism in Hollywood] is that it’s not only self-deception, but a harmful distortion for everyone else out there," writes Rachel Simon in her op-ed "Why Allison Williams Has the Best 'Nepo Baby' Comeback" for NBCThink

  • Union Square Books unveiled the cover of Lev AC Rosen's forthcoming YA adventure novel Lion's Legacy and announced it will release on May 2nd.  

  • Stanchion magazine published Arlaina Tibensky's short story "50 Free." 

  • American Theatre magazine published Edward Einhorn's essay "Hath Not a Jew Roles? A Case for Authentic Jewish Casting." 

  • Michael Montlack's poem "Biding" is up now at Ran Off With The Star Bassoon

  • Woodhall Press released its anthology Nonwhite and Woman: 131 Micro Essays on Being in the World, featuring "The First Time It Happened" by Blaise Allysen Kearsley.

  • Fran McNulty's poem "Tiasquam" was featured in the Poet's Corner section of the Martha's Vineyard Times

January 2023

  • Scary Mommy published Janine Annett's essay "Chrismukkah is Double the Work but Also Double the Fun." 

  • "All those small chunks of writing time add up fast to a completed draft," writes Christine Meade in "A Day in the Life of an Author (and Mother)," for Hasty Book List. 

  • Rachel Simon rounded up "18 Things You Never Knew about Titanic," for the 25th anniversary of the film's release, for Shondaland.

  • Catapult published Blaise Allysen Kearsley's essay "The Story of My Father's Hands." 

  • Strings Attached, the play written by Carole Buggé, is nominated for two Broadway World Off-Broadway Awards: Best New Play—Off-Broadway, and Best Production of a Play—Off-Broadway.  

  • Fran McNulty's poem "Bloody Red Peppers" is up now at The Inquisitive Eater

  • The Sandy River Review published Adela Brito's flash story "Waiting for Sunday."

  • LitReactor included Jon Gingerich's new novel The Appetite Factory in its roundup "2022: The Year of Intrusive Thought as High Literature."

  • Susan Breen wrote "Five Newsletter Tips" for the Miss Demeanors blog.

  • The Offing published María Alejandra Barrios's flash story "Día de las Velitas."

  • Alanna Schubach is the guest editor at A Personal Anthology, recommending 12 short stories that "contain an element of mystery that keeps them in the reader’s mind, always offering up more for excavation, never exhausted."

  • The Latin American Cultural Center published Laura Yeager's essay "Tierra:  How Does a Boy Connect with his Guatemalan Heritage?"

  • Love, Loosha: The Letters of Lucia Berlin and Kenward Elmslie, edited by Chip Livingston, is out now from High Road Books/University of New Mexico Press

  • Fractured Lit published María Alejandra Barrios's short story "Pimiento Season." 

December 2022

November 2022

  • "These little enclaves, where there was no dancing and no kissing and sirens blared outside, but where nonetheless there was hope," writes Lev AC Rosen about gay bars, film noir, and the fight for LGBTQ+ equality, in his essay "The Big Sleep and the Black Cat" for Crime Reads.

  • America's Next Great Author, a forthcoming reality show hosted by Kwame Alexander, selected Scott Alexander Hess as a semi-finalist contestant

  • Summou published Stephanie Nieves's essay "Therapy Diaries."

  • Shondaland published Rachel Simon's article "With Abbott Elementary, Writer Brittani Nichols Has Finally Found a Place for Her Voice." 

  • Book Riot included Alanna Schubach and her recently novel The Nobodies on its list of "Exciting Contemporary Books Looking at Jewish Life." 

  • Anni Irish covered the contract negotiations, worker strike, and union ratification by employees of the Philadelphia Museum of Art for the Art Newspaper

  • "There is no quick answer to how to be an artist. There is only being an artist," writes Angie Chatman in her essay "The Apprenticeship Model" for the Brevity Blog

  • December magazine published Michael Montlack's poems "Post Break-Up Saudade" and "Who Taught Casanova How to Flirt?" 

  • Brendan Halpin's YA horror novel Black Diamond is available now on Gumdrop

  • John Kachuba's middle-grade paranormal novel, "Haycorn Smith and the Castle Ghost," will be published in 2023 by Paper Angel Press.

  • Bloomsbury announced it will publish Rita Chang-Eppig's novel Deep as the Sky, Red as the Sea in June 2023. 

  • The Horn Book reviewed Erin Entrada Kelly's recently-released middle-grade novel Surely, Surely Marisol Rainey, calling it a "lively, realistic, and emotionally honest story."

  • Jon Reiner reviewed Tom Stoppard's latest Broadway play Leopoldstadt in "Vienna Waits for You." 

  • Josh Sippie's short story "Wingspan" will be included in the forthcoming anthology Negative Space Comics 2022

  • Scott Alexander Hess curated a list of "risk-taking, gorgeous LGBTQ novels" for Shepherd

  • Rachel Simon has advice for wedding guests who have no idea what to wear in her article "Decoding the Dress Code" for the New York Times.  

  • Cheap Pop published María Alejandra Barrios's flash fiction story "Adenium."

  • Little, Brown Books for Young Readers announced it will publish Lev AC Rosen's young adult novel Emmett, inspired by Jane Austen's Emma, in fall 2023. 

  • Carole Buggé and her latest novel Cleopatra's Dagger were the subject of a feature article in The Big Thrill.

October 2022

  • The Citron Review published María Alejandra Barrios's short story "Cotton." 

  • Literary Matters reviewed Carmen Bugan's essay collection Poetry and the Language of Oppression, calling it a "beautiful and intensely scrupulous book." 

  • "We never realized how successful the show was." Alan Alda talks to Mara Reinstein about M*A*S*H, its legacy, and where he was when the record-breaking final episode aired, for Parade magazine. 

  • Lev AC Rosen's forthcoming novel Lavender House (Forge Books, October 18th) has been named to several must-read lists for the fall, including BuzzFeed's "35 New Books You Won't Be Able to Put Down," Library Reads's "Top Ten New Books That Library Staff Love," Cosmopolitan's "Best Fall Books," and "October Top Ten Picks" at Loan Stars, which means it's a favorite of Canadian Librarians.

  • N. West Moss's essay "Goodbye, Columbus" is up now at Dorothy Parker's Ashes

  • Inside Edition interviewed Rachel Simon about her new nonfiction book Pickleball for All, (released August 30th by Harper Collins), how the sport got its name, and why, 50 years after its invention, it's surging in popularity now

  • Full Stop magazine interviewed Alanna Schubach about her new novel The Nobodies, and "magic, Long Island, and the hazy boundaries of the self.

  • The House of Mystery Radio on NBC podcast featured Scott Alexander Hess talking about the creative process that informed the mystery at the center of his novel Skyscraper

  • Irene Zabytko reviewed Love in Defiance of Pain: Ukrainian Stories, calling it an "outstanding and significant collection of fiction...not about the current war but that nevertheless exhibits Ukrainians confronting life and death, love and betrayal, war and peace" for World Literature Today

  • Andrew Collins recommended "Five Scenic Road Trips to Take in North America This Fall" for Forbes magazine. 

  • Dollar Store magazine published Josh Sippie's "Keanu Reeves, Living the Dream," an erasure poem from the song "Keanu Reeves" by Logic. 

  • "In any story, there is a center of moral good," writes Carole Buggé (under her author's name Carole Lawrence) in her article "The Moral Universe" for Writer's Digest.

September 2022

  • Edward Einhorn's The Neurology of the Soul is the Featured Play of the Day at the National New Play Exchange.

  • Angie Chatman's essay about love, grief, and Frango mints, "The Bitter and the Sweet," is up now at Taint Taint Taint Magazine

  • Hardie Grant Books published Andrew Collins's travel guide Ultimate Road Trips: USA & Canada

  • Turner Publishing released Jon Gingerich's debut novel The Appetite Factory on August 23rd. 

  • "Sometimes I think if I wasn't a writer, I'd be a travel agent." Kristin Rockaway writes for Fresh Fiction about  sending her characters all over the world in her novels, and why she sent the protagonist of her latest novel Smart Girl Summer on a six-week cruise around the Mediterranean.

  • The Saturday Evening Post published N. West Moss's essay "The Era of Zonker." 

  • Erin Entrada Kelly wrote "A Message to My Younger Self" for School Library Journal

  • Alta published Rita Chang-Eppig's essay "Arrivals and Departures: Exploring a Replica Junk Ship Connects Past to Present." 

  • "You can learn a lot from slang," write Josh Sippie in his essay "The Very Proper Reason the British Library Has a Vulgar Dictionary" for Atlas Obscura

  • "I really tried to keep things lively—move forward, go a little back, go for a little swim, maul a cake." Arlaina Tibensky talks about writing her short story "The Pelican," and flash fiction in general, with Smokelong Quarterly.

  • McSweeney's published Teresa Wong's comic "Safety Net."

  • Susan Breen wrote "The Best Books About Second Chances, From an Author Who's on Her Fifth Chance (and Teetering on Her Sixth)" for Shepherd

  • Business Insider published Melissa Petro's essay "I Was Skeptical About My Son's Waldorf School. Turns Out, We Both Love It."

  • Carole Buggé (using her author name Carole Lawrence) wrote "Books to Understand Gilded-Age New York City" for Crime Reads.

August 2022

  • Pulse Ensemble Theatre will stage Carole Bugge's physics play Strings Attached, opening August 28th through October 1st, on NYC's Theatre Row.  

  • Rachel Simon's nonfiction book Pickleball for All: Everything But the "Kitchen" Sink will be released on August 29th by Harper Collins/Dey Street Books. 

  • Flux published Robert Repino's op-ed "The January 6th Hearings Demonstrate How to Move Forward When Dialogue Is Impossible." 

  • DX Varos Publishing released Jessica Sticklor's novel The Rise of Runes and Shields, the first book in a new fantasy young-adult series, the Seidr Sagas, (published under her author name J.M. Stephen). 

  • Cure Today published Laura Yeager's "I Feel Empathy for Those Who Are Abandoned During Cancer."

  • Fran McNulty's collection Weight took first-runner up in the Jonathan Holden Poetry Chapbook Contest and has been published by Choeofpleirn Press

  • For magazine, Rachel Simon interviewed Olivia Newman, director of the film Where the Crawdads Sing, about adapting the lyricism of the novel to the screen.

  • Opera America staged a workshop of The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, with libretto by Edward Einhorn. 

  • Amina Akhtar's novel Kismet, released by Thomas + Mercer on August 1st, is an Amazon's First Reads

  • The Millions interviewed Alanna Schubach about female friendships, magic realism, and her new novel The Nobodies

  • Melissa Petro's essay "(Sex) Work" is included in the anthology Women Talk Money: Breaking the Taboo, out now from Simon & Schuster

  • The Rumpus published Amanda Oliver's essay "Honey."

  • "It's perfect summer reading," says Publishers Weekly in its review of Kristin Rockaway's novel Smart Girl Summer, to be published this month by Montlake. 

  • Pidgeonholes published María Alejandra Barrios's short story "Periquito." 

  • Fran McNulty's poem "The Exterminator" appears in Coneflower Cafe.

July 2022

  • Smokelong Quarterly published Arlaina Tibensky's flash story "The Pelican."

  • María Alejandra Barrios's story "Things Never Stay Warm," originally published in Fractured Lit, made the 2022 Wigleaf Top 50 Very Short Fictions list.

  • Abandoned Mine published Fran McNulty's poem "Firing Squad." 

  • Livina Press published N. West Moss's essay "The Rip Van Winkle Bridge." 

  • James Preller's novel Fairy House, a choose-your-own-adventure story, is out now from Chooseco

  • Carole Buggé appeared on the Author2Author podcast, hosted by Bill Kenower, to talk about her latest novel, and also about writing sketch comedy about her parents as a kid, befriending the guy on her college campus who refused to wear shoes in the winter, and learning about being an author by writing literary criticism.

  • The How Writers Write podcast featured Carole Buggé (under her author's name Carole Lawrence) talking about the creative process and why she makes her novel-writing students try their hands at poetry.  

  • Gizmodo included Alanna Schubach's new novel The Nobodies on its list of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Books for Your Summer Reading Pleasure

  • Amina Akhtar talked about her writing practice, her forthcoming novel Kismet, and V.C. Andrews with Advice To Writers

  • Kristin Rockaway's forthcoming novel Smart Girl Summer is included on Fortune's list of Page-Turning Books You Should Read This Summer

  • Fifty-Word Stories published N. West Moss's "Murmurings."

  • Teresa Wong's essay "Screaming and Watercolours" is included in the anthology Good Mom on Paper, released last month by Book*hug Press.

  • Contrary magazine published three of Fran McNulty's poems: "Mania," "On Memorizing Ode on a Grecian Urn," and "Departure." 

June 2022

  • For Salon, Julie Powell recapped The Julia Child Challenge, a show she called "very silly and goodhearted that made me roll my eyes and spring tears in roughly equal measure." Her final installments included "I Can Hear Julia Child's Voice in my Head Again" and "Omelets Are Hard to Master."

  • Rachel Simon's essay "I'm an Abortion Clinic Escort. Here's How Things Have Changed Since the Roe Leak" is up now at NBC Think. 

  • Parade magazine published Mara Reinstein's article "21 Things You Might Not Know About E.T. to Celebrate the Movie's 40th Anniversary."

  • Them published Stephanie Nieves's article "The Ultimate Guide on How to Sext.

  • Roller skates, gardening time, self-care indulgences, and noodles — Melissa Petro asked moms what they really want for Mother's Day, for Insider.

  • Roundfire Books will release David Berner's novel Sandman: A Golf Tale on July 22nd. 

  • "If you don't think Nature is sexually charged, stand next to my pear tree. You can hear the white blossoms open themselves wide and whisper throatily to each fat bee that zig-zags past, 'Pick me, pick me.' " N. West Moss wrote about "Chaos in the Garden," for the Saturday Evening Post

  • Lara Ewen wrote about public libraries fighting to improve menstrual equity for American Libraries magazine, in her article "Period. End of Story." 

  • Edward Einhorn adapted the classic Greek tragedy Iphigenia into a new graphic novel Iphigenia in Aulis, just released by Image Comics.

  • Best Small Fictions selected not one but two flash stories by María Alejandra Barrios for its 2022 anthology:  "Pimento Season" and "Things Never Stay Warm." 

  • "Memento Mori" by Fran McNulty won the Martha's Vineyard Poet Laureate's 2022 Poetry Competition.

  • The Walrus published Teresa Wong's essay "Screaming and Watercolours: I Turned My Toddler's Tantrums Into Art." 

  • Arlaina Tibensky wrote about her late mother's frog problem for the New York Times

  • Tor.com published Robert Repino's essay "Six Made-For-TV SFF Films That Actually Exist."

  • Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine published Susan Breen's short story "A Tourist Dies in the Tower." 

  • Rachel Simon made her debut as a crossword constructor for the New York Times, which may or may not feature clues about Rick Astley. 

  • Now and Forever,  the second novel in Angela Lam's Women of the Crush trilogy, will be released August 17th by The Wild Rose Press.

  • "Advice to copy editors at the Boston Globe: Never write 'the person died unexpectedly.' Everyone dies unexpectedly," writes Fran McNulty in her poem "Everyone Dies," for the Jewish Literary Journal.

  • Women on Writing published Laura Yeager's "On Being a Cancer Blogger" on their blog, The Muffin.

May 2022

April 2022